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Talent Search road show opens in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Pool league

The search is on for future gymnasts

Chinese caravan makes a whistle-stop in Chiang Mai

Farangutans are back on form

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Talent Search road show opens in Chiang Mai

Stefan Effenberg Asian Football Academy 999

Marion Vogt
Photos Michael Vogt

The Future of World Football is in Thailand. This is one of the slogans of Stefan Effenberg, former captain of Bayern Munich FC, one time Champions League winner and three times German Championship winner. And he strongly believes in it! That’s why he has decided to establish the first Asian Football Academy in Thailand.

Under Stefan’s close supervision, those two completed the 50 meter dash.

Despite being a very busy man himself, Stefan came from Doha, to supervise the start of the 31-city road show, searching for future football talents. It was not how you would expect the opening of a major project like this to be. There were no officials from the city, no officials from the government; there was only one VIP (other than Stefan) that being Hagen Dirksen, the honorary consul for Germany in Chiang Mai, a person believing in charity as much as in sports. Time was too precious to be wasted with speeches and photo shootings. Time was used to be with the children, to oversee, to supervise and to look for the ones who will be the future of Asian Football.

Medical check-ups were required, and every applicant was weighed, measured, and had their blood pressure taken.

On the long awaited Saturday, children from all over the north were lining up outside the 700 Year Anniversary complex. Stefan Effenberg counseled, saying, “Successes are not achieved easily. They have to be earned through hard work, sprinting endurance, bounce and throwing power. A good throw-in is almost as good as a corner cross! But on top of all is health, and that’s the reason why we have nurses here today to do a first check, which will later be continued by in-depth medicals. For us it is an integral part of being accepted in the Stefan Effenberg AFA 999.”

Looks like he has done this before...

Only one official photo was taken with the first kids through the registration process, marking the opening of the road show that will go to seven cities in the north and will end May 1st next year in Chiang Rai. But for Stefan Effenberg, it was only the children who mattered. He walked around, explained, checked, gave personal comments and was surprised with the positive behavior and attitude the young footballers showed.

This young man, Timothy, a 4th grader from Grace International School, was eager to match Stefan!

At the end of the test, everybody received his personally signed Stefan Effenberg ‘AFA 999’ certificate and as we could see, there will be hundreds of hopefuls waiting for results which will come from Bangkok if their performance was good enough to take them one step further. These ‘Best of the Best’, will be personally trained by Stefan Effenberg and renowned international coaches.

2 out of 3 headers towards the goal went in - a great achievement from this little sportsman.

One of the required tests was football juggling; this little chap, Pasakorn from Lamphun, made 68 kicks, a number which even impressed Stefan.

Chiang Mai Pool league

The search is on for future gymnasts

Jiraphat Warasin

The search is on for fresh young talent in gymnastics to replace older members of the current national team who are close to retiring from the sport.

The young girl gymnasts aged under 7 years from Chachoengsao province.

With this in mind, the Chiang Mai Physical Education College hosted a national primary gymnastic competition for children on April 24.

The competition took place in the gymnasium at Chiang Mai Physical Education College. Its acting director, Chaiyasith Suriyachan, presided over events.

Floor exercises for Ek-kong Charassuthikamol, 10, from Chor Chaba team.

The competition was divided into four classes: girls under 7, boys under 7, girls under 12 and boys under 13. There were four different styles of gymnastics: floor exercises, balancing bar, jumping bench, and pommel horse. Every child received a certificate and a shield was presented to the team which accumulated the highest score in each class of the competition.

Nine teams participated, from the provinces of Roi-et, Chachoengsao and Phatthalung; Suphanburi Sport School, the Gymnasium Training Center of the Suphanburi Physical Education College, the team from the Gymnastics Training Center of Chiang Mai Physical Education College, the Gymnastics Training Center of Sukhothai Physical Education College, the Gymnastics Training Center of Samut Sakhon Physical Education College and the Chor Chaba Team from Bangkok.

Winning teams in the different classes were: girls under 7 - Phatthalung; boys under 7 - Phatthalung; girls under 12 - Gymnastics Training Center from Chiang Mai Physical Education College; and boys under 13 - Gymnastics Training Center from Suphanburi Physical Education College.

All the young athletes enjoyed a dinner party at 5 p.m. as a final event!

Chinese caravan makes a whistle-stop in Chiang Mai

Aims to promote trade, investment and tourism

Nopniwat Krailerg

A caravan from China, with 60 cars and more than 200 people, is traveling through Thailand to promote business, investment and tourism between China and other Asian countries.

The rally caravan arrives at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai.

Sathorn Vanitsthian, president of the Asia Pacific Economic & Trade Association (APETA) said in Chiang Mai that APETA had previously organized a 54 car caravan from Thailand to visit southern China’s Yunnan province. “It was the great success and we received a good reception from the Chinese government and their people. The governor of Yunnan province especially attached great importance to the venture. We then asked the Beijing government for approval to organize another caravan as a return trip. It is the first time in history that the Chinese government has allowed Yunnan province to become involved in a caravan trip to visit Thailand,” he said.

The group consists of representatives from the government sector, leading businessmen from Yunnan province with their families and journalists. About 50 media representatives from Yunnan province, nearby provinces, Hong Kong and Macao are covering the event.

The caravan will cover 10,000 kilometers over 18 days. It will be in Thailand for 10 days. It set out from Kunming in Yunnan province to Talua on the Myanmar-Chinese border, then continued to Chiang Tung, Tachilek in Myanmar and entered Thailand at Mae Sai district in Chiang Rai province.

According to the program, there was a one night stopover in Chiang Rai and a day in Chiang Mai the following day. The caravan would then proceed to Kamphaeng Phet province before it reached Bangkok.

It would continue traveling southwards to Chumphon, Phuket, Hat Yai, passing by Sadao district to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and on to Singapore. It would return via Surat Thani province.

“Another point of the trip is to present to the world the view that Thailand could be the center of land communication in Asia,” Sathorn said. The stopover in Chiang Mai was “A tactic to show that Chiang Mai is a city where one can do business and it could be the center of investment in the Upper North of Thailand. It provides the opportunity to those businessmen who joined the trip to consider investing in Chiang Mai province.”

Farangutans are back on form

By Colin Hinshelwood

On 24th April the Farangutans winning streak came to a crashing halt after losing to a team who had previously only scored one goal in 10 games. The 2–0 defeat was a humbling blow to the foreign legionnaires who had been enjoying an Arsenalesque run of victories.

The Arsenalesque Farangutans FC

And so it was back to hard nights of physical training, sexual abstinence and sobriety for the lads. Wives and girlfriends were left unsated and the U.N. Irish Pub coffers echoed of a dusty, eerie silence.

But on Saturday the farangs were back with a vengeance and celebrated May Day with a hard-working performance.

The Chiang Mai Senior League committee had recently expressed concern that the average age of the farang team might be too low for this “35-ish” league of gentlemen. Surprisingly the team’s average age turns out to be 32. Committee secretary Khun Daeng was suitably impressed by this finding and insisted upon hearing the secrets of the Farangutans’ boyish good looks and seemingly eternal youth. “Vitamin C, yoga and lots of sleep” confided 40-year old Amarildo, when quizzed about his Dorian Grey visage. “Star Trek and Porn” winked goalie Mark, a baby-faced 33-year old who is frequently asked for ID at Loy Kroh.

Anyway … ‘twas a 4 pm kick-off at Hang Dong and the sun was searing. The capacity crowd of 26 jostled for shade; police tore down security barriers fearing any surge might cause a Hillsborough scenario.

Coach Hinsh was back from training camp in Koh Phangan to add weight to the midfield. Bryan “Shaggy” Haggerty assumed sweeping duty and Chico and Mick formed a two-pronged attack up front.

A disciplined and hard-fought first half ended goalless although there is speculation that a Shawn Kelly shot that crashed down off the bar and onto the line, actually – believe it or not – bounced off the line, into the roof of the net and then burst through the net and landed on top of it! The referee didn’t see it and it seemed to defy all laws of physics so in the end no goal was given.

In the second half the Farangutans fitness and teamwork overwhelmed poor Jamjuli (who had previously beaten us 4–1). Three goals came in quick succession. The first, a jinking run by Chico Panno and a chip into the middle was headed home by Hinsh. Minutes later, Masao’s corner was met perfectly by Shaggy Haggarty who headed home a beauty. And never to be outdone, Chico himself casually rifled home a 20-yard effort with 15 minutes still to play.

Final score: Farangutans 3 – 0 Jamjuli.

The Farangutans now have 19 points from 11 games and are hot on the heels of Fawng Keaw, Mae Rim and the Police.

All information about the league, the teams, the fixtures, etc., for any poor lonely soul out there who is interested can be found on our website:

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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