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What are the police doing about the vendors?

Who’s Next?

What are the police doing about the vendors?

I was surprised to see support from the Chiangmai Mail for the crackdown on 50cc scooters, now considered to be illegal. You reported that riders are subject to a fine of four times the value or even five years in jail and applauded that decision!

Please spare a thought for those unsuspecting consumers who, like me, purchased a scooter from a prominent bike shop just two weeks before they were declared illegal. I gave it as a gift to someone who equally had no idea about the impending ban. The shop owner certainly didn’t raise the matter!

These scooters were selling at 17-22,000 baht each, displayed prominently at several shops around Chiang Mai and they could be seen everywhere.

There must be many hundreds of people who now cannot use their only means of transport and since they cannot sell them, have no money to buy a substitute. Please spare a thought for these people.

I would suggest that instead of applauding this draconian new law enforcement, the Chiangmai Mail launch a campaign to protect innocent people, like me, who were mislead by unscrupulous vendors. Surely if import duties were unpaid by the importers and the scooter vendors, it is they who should who should face punishment and be forced to pay compensation to their victims. I have a receipt and other documents from the vendor, who can be found quite easily. What are the police doing about the vendors? Are there any consumer associations who may help the victims?

Henry Quick

Who’s Next?

Dear Mott,
At last, you’ve reviewed a CD that I’m familiar with, Who’s Next. It’s one of my all-time top ten favorites.

At one time, I owned an eclectic collection of 1,100 CDs, which I winnowed down to an outstanding 800 before coming to Thailand. I decided to travel light and send for the CDs later, but tragically, they perished in last year’s California wildfires.

Did you know that at one time, Who’s Next was the biggest-selling rock album of all time? But artistry counts more for Mott than sales, and rightly so.

You might have mentioned that unlike in other bands, bassist Entwhistle kept the time for the Who, because Moon had other fish to fry. You obviously recognize voices - I don’t - so it would help if you specified who sang which song.

While I’m at it, let me mention a great biography, Behind Blue Eyes, which tells a lot about Peter Townshend and his tempestuous life. That gave me an insight into the meaning of: “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes; and no one knows what it’s like to be hated, to be fated, to telling only lies.” The author claims that Townshend’s demo tapes were better than the Who’s versions - hard to believe.

Thanks again for a great review.
Jim Shea