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Even the aliens didn’t want to know

Even the aliens didn’t want to know

Have you ever wondered why there are so many sightings of ‘spaceships’ - and yet no one has seen an alien. Well, in all honesty would you look down on this planet and see a place of peace, tranquility and a ‘love thy neighbor ‘attitude from the inhabitants? I don’t think so!

I recently gave a lecture at the World Congress of Holistic Medicine in Chiang Mai. The world was examined holistically by members of the ‘Universe’ (Congress delegates). This was an extremely serious subject put over in a lighthearted way to get a reaction.

The ‘Universe’ decided that as the human race was going to destroy itself anyway, let that happen, then give it a million years or so and let a new life form appear that would be pure in mind and body. Drastic measures. Wouldn’t it be better if we just started looking at our own lives to see if we can improve our day-to-day situation? It has a ‘knock on’ effect in so much as family and friends start asking, “What’s different about you?”

At the present time I am holding Self-Belief and Neuro-linguistic Programming seminars, making delegates acknowledge that all behavior stems from our neurological processes of sight-hearing-smell-taste-touch.

If you feel that you would like to start making a difference in your own life, and perhaps influence other peoples’ lives, please contact me today. I will be happy to discuss this N.L.P. course in more detail. Email: [email protected]

Perhaps in the future even the aliens will look upon Earth as a reasonable place to live!

Ray Twine MA

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