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Honours shared in weekend tournament

Press and police fight it out

Bon voyage to a gentleman

Charity super bowl fundraiser at CMU

CH4: an extra choice for happy runners

Chiang Mai press goes down 3-2 to Chantaburi/Rayong

School children compete in day of sporting fun

Olympic Marathon to strengthen ties between Thais and Burmese

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Honours shared in weekend tournament

Text: Linda Buck
Photos: Eric Little

This weekend the Chiang Mai Under 13 Squad hosted Khon Kaen at a two-day tournament of both indoor and outdoor cricket. This return visit by Khon Kaen began on Saturday with a 35 over cricket match held at the Gymkhana Club. Khon Kaen batted first. The decision to bowl first seemed to backfire on Chiang Mai as the bowlers found it difficult to control the wet ball (due to overnight rain), and Khon Kaen got off to a good start, and by the tenth over were 46 runs without loss.

Size counts

Chiang Mai then fought back with a steady spell of bowling and Kurt Penny broke through by taking the important wicket of Noot who had scored a very creditable 32.

Khon Kaen continued to bat sensibly and by the end of their 35 overs had scored 129 for 4. Bank having taken two wickets for Chiang Mai. In reply Chiang Mai had a disastrous start by having a run out in the first over, and losing the other opening batsman in the second.

Gun and Poon recovered the situation and by the tenth over had pushed Chiang Mai to 52 for 2. Shortly after the drinks interval another mini-collapse saw the loss of 3 quick wickets to put Khon Kaen in a very strong position. Bank then joined Gun (who was still there) and together they put on 42 runs to bring Chiang Mai back in with a chance. Just as Chiang Mai were easing towards the target, Bank was brilliantly caught, and shortly afterwards the very impressive Gun played on for 28.

The Man of the Match award went to a Khon Kaen player, Pook.

With tension mounting both on and off the pitch, you could hear a pin drop as Chiang Mai needed six runs to win in two overs. Fuk was then caught with four runs to win, and it was left to Nai and number 11 batsman Noon to score four runs to win the match in the last over. By the fifth ball of the last over Chiang Mai had scampered quick runs to bring the score to a tie at 129.

The Khon Kaen Cobras Winning Team

With one run needed off the last ball Noon was brilliantly caught by Noot, who was later awarded Man of the Match. Although the scores were tied Khon Kaen was rightfully declared the winners as they had lost fewer wickets than Chiang Mai.

After overnight at the superb facilities at Prem Tinsulanonda International, both teams met up again to play the first indoor tournament every held in Thailand.

This was played on a round-robin basis of four sides of seven players each. Although Khon Kaen had never played indoors before, they showed tremendous ability and skill in adapting to the indoor game. Throughout the day the scores ebbed and flowed resulting in the Chiang Mai Tigers winning the tournament with Khon Kaen Cobras second, Chiang Mai Lions third.

The Man of the Match award went to a Khon Kaen player, Pook.

This weekend formed great friendships between boys from contrasting environments and backgrounds. The games were played in the true spirit of competition, and both sides were a credit to the game of cricket both on and off the field.

For further information on Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance please contact Linda Buck on thaibucks2003 @

Press and police fight it out

A draw called after 90 minute slugfest

Saksit Meesubkwang

Journalists and law enforcement officers from Chiang Mai clashed at the 700 Year Anniversary Stadium on May 26 - but it was a friendly encounter.

The football match between the Chiang Mai Press team and officers from the Immigration Checkpoint Office, Chiang Mai Tourist Police and Highway Police Station was instituted to strengthen ties between the different groups and media.

The press team (right) shakes hands with the police team (left) before the start of the friendly match.

The two teams proved equally strong, with the final score being 2 all. Pol Col Shinapat Tansrisakul, superintendent of the Chiang Mai Immigration Checkpoint Office, said that he saw the importance of the relationship between the police and the press as they had to interact with one another as part of their duty.

“We do not have much chance to talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore I thought the two parties taking part in a mutual activity such as football would help strengthen relations and help coordination between them,” he said. After the football match, the two teams went to dinner at Rim Nam Restaurant, hosted by the police team.

It is planned that similar friendly soccer games will be held every three months to strengthen cooperation and communication between them. Rumor that a certain northern Thailand businessman wishes to buy 30 percent of the teams is without foundation.

Bon voyage to a gentleman

Text: Linda Buck
Photo: Eric Little

Bill Beasley came to Chiang Mai, accompanying his wife, who was appointed director of library at Prem Tinsulanonda International School. They arrived from Bendigo, Australia where Bill had worked as an artist/musician. He had trained as a portrait painter, and taught adults art, as well as illustrating books and drawing cartoons for newspapers. Bill’s other great love was the trombone and he played in traditional jazz bands and brass bands.

Bill with Nai, one of the Under-13 squad, who is sponsored by Bill and Marg.

At Prem, Bill became involved with the Art Department, the Jazz Band and the Choir. As if that wasn’t enough he volunteered to take children for cricket practice as an after school activity!

Bill will be remembered by cricket fans for his hat-trick in the 2003 Sixes Tournament. He hadn’t played for 18 years but was persuaded by Eric Little to play for the Gymkhana Cavaliers in the Spoon competition - they beat the Irish Pub in the final.

Bill was hooked back on the game and joined the C.M.S.C.A. coaching panel visiting local schools, and he eventually teamed up with David Buck when Prem became the venue for specialized indoor hard ball cricket.

Speaking to David Buck (as I do, living with him), he said that Bill would never really appreciate how much he would be missed, he had become David’s ‘right hand man’ with the indoor coaching, and the children related so well to him.

Bill and Marg’s very generous support of sponsoring Nai, one of the Under-13 squad, ensures that we will have constant contact with them when they return to Bendigo - perhaps twinning their junior cricket with Chiang Mai?

C.M.S.C.A sends you both our very best wishes for your return to Bendigo.

Charity super bowl fundraiser at CMU

Welfare the big winner, literally and metaphorically

Jiraphat Warasin

A charity bowls contest was held to raise money for the “40 Years Chiang Mai University Fund”. It was organized by the University Academic Service Center of Chiang Mai University (Uniserve) and the Golf Club of Chiang Mai University, and held at Chiang Mai Bowl on May 22.

The CMU’s Welfare Division team scored 1,375 points and was presented the winner’s trophy by Assistant Professor Niphon Tuwanon, CMU’s president.

The Office of the President Team 1 garnered 1,361 points and received the first runner-up trophy from Prof Pongsak Anggasit, the university’s vice-president.

The Faung Fah 3 team, combined with officers from CMU Office of the President, managed 1,349 points and was awarded the second runner-up trophy from Prof Suphot Wuttigarn, dean of CMU’s faculty of medicine.

Other team winners included the men’s CMU Student Affairs Division team, and the women’s top scorers were the Manud Ruam Jai Team. They received the their trophies from Dusit Siriwan, a board member of the CMU Council.

The highest scoring individual was Chagard Suaouam from the Faung Fah Team with 248 pins in a single game.

CH4: an extra choice for happy runners

Saturday May 22nd was the inaugural run for a new Hash House Harriers chapter in Chiang Mai.

What are the hash house harriers? A running group with extraordinary runs in beautiful areas set by experienced members with a paper trail. Afterwards there is time for enjoyment and fun.

30 people turned up for the inaugural run - a good turnout for a new hash that was not advertised much.

We asked one of the founding members what was so different about this new chapter: “Well, everyone is welcome and must FEEL welcome”! At least that was a clear answer. “There are also a few other variations on this hash, where the emphasis is on socializing.”

Those changes turned out to be that there are runs set from hashers’ own property so that BBQ parties and relaxing can be part of a special day out. The inaugural run was a great success: 30 people turned up for the run even though it wasn’t really advertised. According to one of the founders, 30 is a good number so that everyone gets some attention. “It’s also a great way to mingle with the expat community of Chiang Mai, most are businessmen or retired and have lived here for years.”

This first run had an excellent atmosphere, was very relaxed and with a great sense of camaraderie. There are a few other changes to normal “hashing”: The circles (the joke part) are done sitting down if possible, the runs are not very hard but still about 40 minutes and no drinks are obligatory. A normal run will cost 100 B for non-alcoholic drinkers and 200 B for beer drinkers. Prices for members and non-members are the same, except for special runs where there is BBQ or other food involved.

“This hash is not trying to specifically attract hashers away from the other chapters (unless, of course they want to themselves) but should be an addition to what’s already here,” says one of the founders.

This inaugural run was held at the Bungee Jump center in Mae Rim, as one of the hashers is the owner (a New Zealander of course!).

Asked if some of the runners would come back again one of them said, “Wow, I didn’t know that running could be so much fun!”

The party went on until the last people left at about 9.30 in the evening, all in all a successful event and an addition to Chiang Mai hashing, now available for all who want to join a friendly hash.

CH4 stands for Chiang Mai Happy Hash House Harriers. The meeting point is every Saturday at the fish and chips shop (opposite the Irish Pub).

This coming Saturday the CH4 run/ride no. 3 will be at Huay Tung Tao Park near the entrance of the park. Bus leaves from Fish ‘n Chips at 16.30; run starts at 17.30. Hope to see you again at the CH4! It will be a special one with bicycles.

CH4: Don’t worry be happy!

Chiang Mai press goes down 3-2 to Chantaburi/Rayong

Perhaps too tired after the trip?

A press team, which included representation from the Chiangmai Mail, traveled to Rayong on the Eastern Seaboard to compete in the annual friendly soccer tournament against a press team from Chantaburi/Rayong.

The local team was led by Pol Lt Suchai Kengkarnkha of Kad Suan Kaew Journal, and at half time things were not looking too good for the northerners, down 3-0. However, a spirited rally by the Chiang Mai team saw two quick goals, but this was not enough to topple the Eastern Seaboard press who held on to win 3-2.

Chiang Mai team’s Suchai Kengkarnkha (left), exchanging flags with Suchin Kwanchai (right), the president of Chantaburi Press Club before the friendly match.

School children compete in day of sporting fun

Saksit Meesubkwang

The Sport Authority of Thailand in Chiang Mai province arranged a “Sport for the Chiang Mai Masses 2004” event at the 700 Year Anniversary Stadium on May 26.

Students from Wattanotai Payap, Regina Coeli, Dara Academic, Suksa Sonkkroh Chiang Mai, Toong Siaw Sanpatong, Weruwarn, Suksa Song Kraoh Mae Jam, Settha Wittaya and Baan Na Huek schools participated.

The children competed in various challenges that included tug-of-war, three-legged race, sack relay race, and novelty events.

Aerobics at the 700 Year Anniversary Stadium.

Ready to cheer on their friends.

Olympic Marathon to strengthen ties between Thais and Burmese

Free T-shirts if you are interested

Samphan Changthong

Over 5,000 Thai and Burmese joggers have been invited to join the Olympic Day Run to Strengthen Relationships 2004 at Mae Sai district in Chiang Rai this month.

Maj Gen Jaroek Areeratchakarun, secretary of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, met with the Olympic Committee of Myanmar, including Oo-Ton Sauw, its deputy secretary, and Lt Col Sormo-ae, governor of Tachilek province, to prepare for the event which will be held on June 20.

The Olympic Day Run 2004 consists of a mini-marathon, which requires 3,000 Thai runners and 2,000 Burmese. It will begin in front of the Mae Sai district police station and cross the Thai-Burma Friendship Bridge to enter Tachilek province in Myanmar.

All runners will return to Thailand over the second Sai River Bridge and San Phak Hee Road and reach the finish line in front of the Tambon Mae Sai Municipality Office in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district. The run will cover about 11.5 kilometers.

Free T-shirts will be given to the runners at the starting point. Thai participants will wear blue while Burmese runners will wear white.

Those interested in taking part in the marathon should call Tambon Mae Sai Municipality and Sports Authority of Thailand on 0-5371-1004 during office hours.