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Kids' Corner

Windies University comes to Chiang Mai to promote further studies abroad

Piano school takes local student to KL competition

Still time to sign up for Dulwich International College summer camp

Upcoming educational events in June

Local youngsters steal the show

Graduation Festivities of Lanna International School

End of the year activities at Grace

Kids' Corner

Last week Marvin wanted to go swimming but it was raining and there was loud thunder. I told him that we could not go swimming in the storm. He told me that he didn’t mind if he got wet in the rain because he would get wet in the water anyway. I had to explain to Marvin that it is very dangerous to go swimming during a storm because if there is thunder there is also often lightening which is electricity that comes down from the sky. It might look pretty but it is very dangerous especially if the lightening lands in the water. So Marvin and I will go swimming another day. Do you like to go swimming? Write to Marvin and tell him where you like to go. You can send your letters to:

Marg and Marvin
Chiangmai Mail
156-158 Im-boon Housing Estate
Muangsamut Road
T. Changmoi, A. Muang,
Chiang Mai 50300
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 053 234 145
1) Why is a fruitcake like the ocean?
2) What did the frog say when he saw the book?
3) What do sea monsters eat?
4) What do you call a rabbit that tells jokes?
1) It has currants (currents)
2) Read it, read it
3) Fish and ships
4) A funny bunny.
This week we have a picture by Daniel.

Bye from Marg and Marvin

Windies University comes to Chiang Mai to promote further studies abroad

Cricket probably compulsory

Jiraphat Warasin

Margaret A. Lambert, dean of enrolment planning and university registrar of St. George’s University in Grenada in the West Indies, and Keith B. Taylor, vice-chancellor emeritus, hosted an expo in Chiang Mai to promote further studies at their university.

(From left) Margaret A. Lambert, dean of enrolment planning and university registrar of St. George’s University and Keith B. Taylor, vice-chancellor emeritus of St. George’s University.

The expo was held on June 9 at the Sheraton Hotel, and was aimed at promoting study abroad, particularly at St. George’s University, which has been offering courses in medicine and veterinary medicine for more than 26 years.

They provided consultations, brochures, CDs, books, and information on the medicine summer camp program as well as training courses at the clinical centers and affiliated hospitals in the USA and UK to all those interested.

For more information, contact Ms. Laurie Hinrichs, director of international admissions by email [email protected] or [email protected] or mlambert or visit the website:

Piano school takes local student to KL competition

Gerard Krebs

Khun Santi, owner of Santi’s Piano Studio, Chiang Mai, arranged for his young student, Hunter (third from right) to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to participate in the Young Musicians’ Festival organized at the Summit Hotel.

Hunter (third from right) with other young musicians at the Paul Harris ‘Young Musicians’ Festival 2004 in Kuala Lumpur. (Photo courtesy of Santi Studio)

Paul Harris, known for his music books, his teaching methods and his brilliant technique which teaches students to recognize the notes and to play scales and arpeggios with real confidence, was there to watch the young talents and advise on ‘finger fitness’ exercises, how to improve their scales or even on simple improvisations.

Hunter enjoyed himself at the festival and liked to meet the other young musicians and listen to their music. He was as energized and thrilled as youngsters can be. It was an unforgettable experience for him. He was also very thankful that Khun. Santi gave him the chance to extend his knowledge abroad.

Still time to sign up for Dulwich International College summer camp

Don’t panic! There is still time to enroll in Dulwich International College’s Sports & Adventure Camp or their English Summer School running for four weeks between July 4 and July 31. The Sports & Adventure Camp is also available in weekly units.

Open to 8-15 year olds, both these summer camps offer a great mix of fun, challenge and adventure in a beautiful, healthy and safe setting, and attract children and young people from all over the world. Everything from snorkeling to golf, from basketball to sea canoeing, from ATV biking to surfing ... You should sign up for the holiday of a lifetime!

Contact the college for more details: tel. 076 238 711, 02 512 0466; email [email protected] or register through the website

Upcoming educational events in June

Mike Hock, International Center, CMU

The North American educational counseling unit of The International Center, Chiang Mai University (CMU-IC) announces several upcoming June events.

1. Saturday, June 26, 1-2.30 p.m. at the CMU-IC (Nimmanhaemin Road): The IC-ACE Distinguished Speaker Series will resume with “Cost, Time and Quality: How to Choose the Right MBA Program”, a seminar by Malcolm Watson and Harvey Hopson, Directors of the International MBA Program, Baldwin-Wallace College, USA. Free admission, register for souvenirs.

2. Monday, June 28, 9.30-11.30 a.m. at the CMU-IC: Dr Elena Garate, Dean of International Education, Santa Monica College (Los Angeles), will conduct an Interactive Talk with 11th and 12th Graders of local and international schools on “Concept 2+2 for A Cost-Effective US University Education”. Seats are limited.

3. Monday, June 28, 9.30-11.30 a.m. at CMU-IC: In cooperation with IC-ACE, an officer from the US Consulate General will conduct a Pre-Departure Briefing for Chiangmai residents planning to study in US high schools or colleges. Speakers (in Thai) will include students recently returned from Graduate Studies and Exchange Programs. Seats limited - register now to receive an official souvenir.

4. Monday, June 28, 11 a.m.-12.30 p.m. at CMU-IC: An IC-ACE MBA Seminar “MBA Programs for a Global Economy: Innovations and Developments”. Free admission, pre-registration is possible.

5. Events 2, 3, 4 are actually “extension programs” for the main event: “GO USA 2004!” the 19th General Orientation Sessions organized by the Coalition of Non-Profit Educational Advisory Services. The Coalition comprises the US Embassy, Institute of International Education, Bangkok Bank and Office of Civil Service Commission (Thai Government scholarships). This year, they will organize the event in Bangkok on June 24-25. On June 27-28, The IC-ACE are co-hosting the event in Chiangmai, and expanding the schedule to include the three “extension programs”. The Main Program will comprise four specialized Speakers Panels by US Alumni (for Health Sciences; Engineering and Computer Science; Business and Accounting; Design, Arts and Humanities in Thai) who will share their experience for success in US universities.

In addition, they will have workshops on “Financial Aid”, “US Student Visa Applications”, “GMAT Prep”, “GRE Prep”, “TOEFL Prep and Preview TOEFL 2005”, plus an Info Display for information related to US education.

The Official Ceremony will be on Monday, June 28. Eric Rubin, US Consul General will hand out awards for the Qualifying Round of the Brainflex Plus! Olympiad 2004. This round will determine which of the 14 invited schools (premier high schools in CM area) will proceed to the Grand Finals later this year. The schools are competing for the US Consul General’s Challenge Trophy.

6. Wednesday, June 30, 6-7.30 p.m. at AUA Auditorium: IC-ACE & Santa Monica College (Los Angeles) invites parents and high school students to attend an Open Briefing on “Concept 2+2 for Quality, Value and Success in US Universities” by Dr Elena Garate, Dean of International Education. Seats are limited, pre-register for souvenirs. Contact 053.942896 or [email protected]

Local youngsters steal the show

Sara, Pun-Pun, Tan, Champ and Nan - amazing local children

Aaron Bennett

The crowd was waiting in anticipation. The heat rising as a group of young performers assumed center stage; their eyes sparkling like sequins. Their job was to ‘warm up’ the audience before the main item, a Singaporean magic-musical show The Magic of Love begins.

The hosts of ‘Kids Only’ are reaching out to their community, and eventually the world.

It is this writer’s opinion that Champ, Nan, Sara, Tan, and Pun-Pun from CBN Siam’s Kids Only TV program stole the show with their fast-paced, crowd pleasing songs. Adults and children alike rose to their feet when the ‘Kids Only’ crew invited the audience to join in the fun. The audience was spellbound. Senior Producer of ‘Kids Only’ Somporn Moolsan says, “These are local kids that all of Chiang Mai can be proud of, because soon we will be seeing them everywhere.”

Soloist ten year old Pun-Pun.

‘Kids Only’ hit the Thai airways five months ago. Since then these hosts, with ages ranging from ten to nineteen, are fast becoming some of the most recognized faces in children’s programming today. Although many other children’s programs are now emulating ‘Kids Only’, it remains unique by selecting hosts based on their qualities seen both on and off camera.

‘Kids Only’ is more than just a television show. The creators and hosts of this program wish to make a positive impact in their community and their country. After their live performance at “The Magic of Love,” the ‘Kids Only’ hosts are now venturing into the schools of Chiang Mai to meet kids face to face to motivate Thai children to learn English.

Pun-Pun, Tan, Champ, Sara, and Nan are on TV every Wednesday at 5.30 p.m. on Channel 11.

The television show tackles a broad spectrum of issues including culture, technology, heroism, and citizenship. Similar themes will influence the live school performances, which are filled with a musical energy that stimulates the minds and hearts of young children.

The ‘Kids Only’ hosts engaged the entire audience when they opened for the Magic of Love last Friday night. (From left) Sara, Champ, Pun-Pun, Tan and Nan.

Despite forthcoming stardom, each host retains a level-headed approach to the future. Pun-Pun, age 10, is an acclaimed singer who speaks four languages and has won a national academic award. She wants to study medicine. Sara, age 15, has signed a recording contract with RS Promotions. Currently Sara is the only host who is considering a career in the media. Tan, age 17, is an accomplished violinist, who hopes to share his passion for music with the next generation by becoming a teacher. Champ is also a gifted musician with aspirations of becoming a composer. This 17 year old host is currently writing songs for a music demo. Nan, the oldest host at age 19, is in her first year at Payap University. Nan loves children and is studying to become a kindergarten teacher.

Their talents are diverse. Their interests vary. Their futures may guide them in different directions one day, but right now, these five kids are a part of something special. They are creating a place on television where children can turn to for uplifting programs that fully display the power of positive examples. Whether or not these five extraordinary hosts realize the impact they are making, a million children across Thailand are watching and they are learning.

‘Kids Only’ can be viewed every Wednesday at 5.30 on channel 11.

Graduation Festivities of Lanna International School

LIST celebrated that they are “Moving On”

Michael Vogt

Some very excited youngsters as well as three more mature students celebrated their ‘Moving On’ ceremony at the CMU Art Convention Hall last week. The little ones did not really know what those funny green hats were supposed to mean, but they knew it was something special, as 52 of them moved up from Grades KG-3, Grade 5, 8 and 12 respectively.

(From left) Roy Lewis, Head of School; Graduates Thanyaluk Athiwandee and Wasinee Penpanussak, US Consul General Eric Rubin, Graduate Prapan Taweeapiradeeviroj, MC and Homeroom teacher David Brown, and Rawee Art Phoewhawm, the British Councils’ Training and Development Coordinator.

After the Thai Singing and Dancing Groups entertainment, all were called personally to receive their individual certificates from their homeroom teachers. They bowed to their parents, and were glad that they could run back to their seats.

Mmmmm - and now, what?

MC David B. Brown, the homeroom teacher of the three graduating students Thanyaluck, Wasinee and Prapan, introduced the Guest Speaker, US Consul General Eric Rubin. Eric emphasized that a good life does not have to be a boring life, and that the graduates, now becoming young adults, should believe in what they want to do. Anything the graduates will undertake from now on will make a difference in our world, as much as in their own lives. He challenged the graduates to do the right thing, no matter how difficult, expensive, or unpleasant it may be. The concept of the day was that glasses are half-full, rather than half-empty, encouraging students to look at life and its challenges in a positive way.

The Graduates thanked the school, their teachers and friends, and foremost their parents, for paving the way for them, so they could enjoy the education they received over the years. They now felt well prepared for all the challenges the world has to offer.

End of the year activities at Grace

Tessa Shockey

The greatly anticipated end to the school year has finally arrived. Students at Grace International School have begun their summer break, but not before a whirlwind of events to end the 2003-2004 school year.

Grace High School and Middle School band and choir students showcased their talents in the end of the year concert. Under the direction of Gene Fisher, the high school, middle school, sixth grade, and middle school choir and jazz band preformed. Jazz classics such as “Mood Indigo” and “In the Mood” had the older generation reminiscing. In addition to these, “The Mission Impossible Theme” and “The Pink Panther” had the audience tapping their feet to the beat.

The sixth grade tyro band showed great improvement and promise for the future. Some of their songs included “Majestic March” and “Hymn Tune”. The Middle School choir, directed by Connie Eckerle, blended beautifully on everything from Baroque to an Afro-American Spiritual.

Grace’s first ever Talent Quest gave students a chance to display their prowess. The acts included several bands, vocal performances, break dancing, piano performances, and comedy acts. First place went to a drum and bass guitar solo written and performed by Jay Franzen and Leif Baur, second place went to the Kiersten Jacobson band’s “Taking Care of Business”, and third place went to Annie Hsieh’s fast paced piano performance of “Czerny”.

Sports Award night, hosted by the GIS Sports Booster Club, was held at Holiday Garden Hotel and honored the secondary athletes. The categories for the awards were: Most Improved Player, Most Valuable player, and the Timothy award. Luke Nakatsukasa and Julie Holden were voted the two Outstanding Christian Athletes of the year. Participants in all secondary sports teams received a certificate and recognition by the coaches of each sport.

The weekend of 27-29 was the GIS production of Oklahoma! The young student actors gave rousing performances as they portrayed farmers and cowboys struggling to get along in a new territory, which was about to become the state of Oklahoma. Outstanding vocal and acting talent were noticeable from many of the stand out performers, such as Kara Scheuerman’s lovely, light soprano as Laurie complimented by six-foot six crooner, Shawn Murry, as the cowboy Curly. A hysterically funny portrayal of Ali Hakim and Ado-Annie by Drew Persons and Mykal Inglis, were highlights of the evening. Matt Kramm gave a gripping performance of the tragic villain Jud Fry.

Melancholy for some students and relief for others was felt when the school year ended but as we all know, the holiday time passes much faster than the school year and we will soon see each other again.