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Thank you for good eating tip

Thank you for good eating tip

Dear Mailbag,
Thank you for the review of the House of Palm restaurant. I had the opportunity to try the restaurant with the encouragement of my doctor and Miss Terry Diner. It was every bit as good as you wrote. I ordered the scallops as you suggested but they were out of them, although there were some in the tom kha tallay that was very good. My friend ordered a shrimp dish that was marvelous but I canít remember the name. The service and ambiance was great also.

I read the Chiangmai Mail religiously every week and I love the paper. When I lived in Sriracha I read the Pattaya Mail weekly.

On your restaurant reviews the only complaint I have is that you never say anything negative about a restaurant. I know this is Thailand but...

Paul Schoenkopf