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CDSC football thriller matches Euro 2004

Soccer game results in local premier league

Almost one dozen farangs beaten by police

Dreams and Teams for youth in over 20 countries

Cricket coach looking for likely lads up-country

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Chiang Mai Pool League

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CDSC football thriller matches Euro 2004

Underdog parents rise to the occasion

Gerard J. P. Krebs (CDSC student)

On Thursday, July 1, there was a last soccer tournament at the Christian German School in Chiang Mai (CDSC) before it closed for the long summer break. It was ‘the last’ for many, including teachers, parents and students.

The action was fast and furious, but most of all Fun during the last football match of the year at CDSC.

In a scene reminiscent of the Euro 2004 shocks and surprises, the four teams from the younger students, the older students, the parents and the teachers took to the field, hoping to win the trophy that has been the property of the older students for the past few years.

After much action, the finalists were the students and the parents! After a thrilling match which the parents won 2:1, the students realized that their parents weren’t that un-athletic and that old. (Or was it that the students realized that if their parents did not win this, it might be to their disadvantage with holidays coming up and report cards to be shown?)

The cheerful parents team received the cup, but have been already warned that their kids are waiting for the next match to get it back. Everyone (even the students, who lost their cup) enjoyed this day and for everybody it was a pleasant change in school routine and a great ending to a great school year.

Soccer game results in local premier league

Lamphun and Isaan dominant in 18th round

Chiang Mai Senior Premier League came to the 18th round last Saturday, June 26, when Lamphun F.C. beat Ruamjai Khru (Teachers Union) 4-1, and the Isaan team beat Sua Mon Chon (Chiang Mai mass media) 4-3 at the Thai-Japan football field in Hang Dong district, Chiang Mai.

A yellow card for one of the Lamphun players, while the Ruamjai Khru (Teachers Union) player has a ‘rest’.

The first match of the day was the Lamphun and Ruamjai Khru (Chiang Mai Teachers’ Union) battle, with the score 0-1 at half-time. But in the second half the Lamphun team managed to equalize in the 55th minute, then coming on with a rout to score three more goals to finish 4-1.

The second match was between Suan Mon Chon and the Isaan team. During the first half, the 10 man mass media team battled against the Isaan team. At half time, Isaan led 2-1 but in the second half the media team, boosted by an extra player to make a full team, managed to score from a penalty off the boot of radio announcer Poramat.

Five minutes later, the Isaan team scored again, leading the media team 3-2. However, ten minutes later, Poramat again showed his form, bringing the ball up for a beautiful cross allowing Phitsanu Thepthong of Chiangmai Mail to score the equalizer.

The Isaan defence was then impenetrable, and they scored another goal from a corner kick, making the final score 4-3 in their favor.

Almost one dozen farangs beaten by police

Farangs claim they were robbed by a man on the sideline

Colin Hinshelwood

Farangutans nil, Police four. Those were the scores to emphasize that Newton’s Law still reigns supreme - what goes up must come down. After reaching dizzying heights of ecstasy and glory, our beloved soccer stars, the Farangutans F.C. finally fell back to earth with a bang.

It’s been a great season for the foreign gents; despite having started slowly and erratically, the team has come together into a tight workmanlike unit of great sportsmanship and unwavering tenacity.

However, last week, faced with the might of the league leaders, the Police F.C., the luck of the Irish finally ran out. The fearless farang had already beaten the Police once this season and were all psyched up for inflicting another humiliation against the proverbial Man U. of the Chiang Mai Premier League - the team that everyone wants to beat - the cops.

Not that we are bringing forth excuses (we came second in the match), in fact, it could all have been so different if a first minute goal for the Farangutans had not been disallowed. From the kick-off the farangs lobbed the ball straight up-field towards their attacking Brazilian duo of Chico and Leandro. Suddenly the ball broke to the right and Leandro charged into the box. The Police keeper dived for the ball but it ricocheted off his chest and Leandro slid it gracefully into the net. 1-0. Or so we thought.

The Western coalition has become well versed in the politics of Chiang Mai league football over the last few months and in many ways has resigned itself to the challenge of what we feel is constantly playing against an opposition of 11 players plus the three officials. However, there is one linesman who truly has become our nemesis. And on Sunday June 27 he was there again in Hang Dong to strike another blow in his solo campaign to thwart the nasty farangs. (Don’t get me wrong: he’s probably a nice guy in real life. I don’t doubt he has a lovely wife and adorable children. It’s just at the weekends when he transforms into this Western-weary werewolf and plays out his own vendetta against his perceived enemy from the touchline.)

And so with the Police holding their heads in their hands and the Farangutans running to celebrate, our linesman proudly raised his little flag, stood like a martyr to attention and commanded that the goal be disallowed. “Why?” cried the crowd. “Just because,” he muttered in response. And like a woman, he didn’t need a reason!

Anyway. All that said, there can be no complaints about the quality of the Police team’s finish. In that grueling first half they managed to break through three times and each of those times they found a striker who gave our stand-in goalie, Chris no chance with three clinical finishes.

In the second half, the assistant referee, Fred Nemesis, enjoyed yet another opportunity to do some ball-busting. When the ball was crossed towards the back post, both Farang defender and Police striker slid in and the ball bobbled into the goal. Perfectly positioned at the sideline, the linesman raised his flag for offside. It was only a few seconds later when he remembered that we had changed ends at half-time that he shook himself back to reality and quickly pulled his flag down. You could see him shaking his head and reprimanding himself for slipping up. Thankfully for him and us, the referee let the goal stand.

So, in the end, much huffing and puffing later, the hapless farangs were a well-beaten team. Despite the score-line it was a tight, hard-fought, well-disciplined game and the better team won. The Farangutans accepted defeat with grace and retreated to the Irish Pub to drown their sorrows and Fred Nemesis if they could have found him.

All Chiang Mai Senior League information can be found on website: www.

Dreams and Teams for youth in over 20 countries

Sport as a tool for developing leadership skills

Pavinee Chommuang (British Council,
Chiang Mai)

On Tuesday June 29, the first Dreams and Teams sports festival, organized entirely by secondary school students in the north, took place at the Chakkham Kanathon School in Lumphun.

Learning with Fun...

The opening was presided over by Dr Srisamorn Poomsa-ard, director of the Bureau of Innovative Education of the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Srisamorn Poomsa-ard, director of the Ministry of Education’s Bureau of Innovative Education, opens the Dreams and Teams event.

Dreams and Teams is a British Council project run in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust in the UK and the Ministry of Education in Thailand. The aim is to develop young leaders and global citizens through sport. The project supports Thai educational reform by showcasing UK experience in the use of sport as a tool for developing leadership skills and creative teaching.

80 primary students were involved in the first event, and at least 800 spectators were there to watch.

Young people in more than 20 countries are currently taking part in Dreams and Teams. The program differs from many sports leadership programs because of its internal linking and cross-cultural dimension.

Chakkham Kanathon School in Lumphun listens to Dr. Srisamorn Poomsa-ard’s opening address.

Chakkham Kanathon School has already begun to establish links with two schools in the UK. Following a demonstration sports day organized by the original group of Young Leaders from Bangkok and UK and Thai tutors in February, which formed part of the 2004 Education Festival, training for the Lamphun tutors and students took place at Thammasart University Rangsit Campus June 21-24.

On their return to Lamphun, the newly trained Young Leaders spent several days at the 700 Year Anniversary Stadium making preparations for their own event, which was an opportunity for them to organize every aspect of the planning and execution of the sports festival itself, which involved 80 primary students.

With the backing of the Ministry of Education, it is expected that Dreams and Teams will extend to other schools in the north and throughout Thailand in the coming years.

Cricket coach looking for likely lads up-country

Linda Buck

David Buck, director of coaching for the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance, has spent the last week visiting schools outside of the city, looking for possible new talents for the expanding Chiang Mai junior teams.

The boys at Rong Or School practicing hard.

David visited Rong Or (San Pee Sua) and Sahagon (Mae On). Out of the two schools, 24 youngsters, both boys and girls, were picked to take cricket a stage further. This week David will visit Chol Prathan Phateak (Doi Saket).

David commented that the potential is incredible. When the Thai children start playing they have a real aptitude for the game.

David puts the success down to the hard work that has been undertaken with Sawasdee (soft-ball) cricket in the schools over the last three years by Eric Little, Peter Dawson and Chris Simmonds.

On Sunday July 11 at 10 a.m. the senior Chiang Mai sides are very kindly turning out again to play against the Under 13 squad. We think maybe they are looking for players for their side a few years down the road!

For more information on junior cricket contact Linda Buck on [email protected]

CH4 Misdirections

Directions to this week’s (July 10) run no 8: Run time 17.00 pick up at Fish n chips 16.00: Take the Canal Road, keep going along the Canal Road from the Samoeng junction for about 2.8 km, there will be HHHH signs pointing right. It’s at Bonehur and Bonecollector’s house.

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