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Standard Chartered shares its award-winning ‘Living with HIV’ programme with Thai companies

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Standard Chartered shares its award-winning ‘Living with HIV’ programme with Thai companies

Safina Komoltamaetee
Senior VP Corporate Affairs, Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered continues its dynamic leadership role in the fight against HIV/AIDS with the launch of a train-the-trainer programme for employees of its business partners and corporate customers. Last year Standard Chartered trained all of its 30,000 employees worldwide using its award-winning “Living with HIV” staff peer education programme, aimed at informing employees about the facts of HIV/AIDS, how it spreads, how it can be prevented and how to care for those infected and affected. Local employee champions who are culturally sensitive implement the programme. The programme is simple, adapts well to various communities and is successful in passing on the intended concept.

This year in Thailand, Standard Chartered will be working with at least seven key Thai organizations including Asian Seafood Coldstorage, BMW (Thailand) Co. Ltd, Boots Retail (Thailand) Ltd., Central Group of Companies, Royal Garden Resort PCL., Thai Textile Industry Group, and Unocal Thailand, Ltd. with the aim of covering over 25,000 additional people in this innovative programme. A lack of knowledge about HIV is one of the main reasons why the transmission rate has been so severe in Africa and some parts of Asia. Cultural sensitivities often prevent an open discussion on the subject.

Annemarie Durbin, CEO of Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank said: “Standard Chartered wants to bring discussions about HIV/AIDS into the workplace to give employees the best information available. As one of the world’s leading international banks with a footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, HIV/AIDS touches us nearly everyday. I am delighted we have the opportunity to integrate best practice and share our knowledge with leading companies in Thailand.” As part of its ongoing campaign to encourage dialogue at the workplace on HIV /AIDS, Standard Chartered hosted the inaugural “Meet the Leader Session” at the XV International AIDS Conference that was held in Bangkok on Wednesday, July, 14 2004. Standard Chartered shared its views and perspectives on the role of business in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Speakers from the bank were Kate James, Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility & Government Affairs, based in London and Annemarie Durbin, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank.

Standard Chartered has received worldwide recognition for its employee education on HIV/ AIDS. The Bank received the Edelman Health AIDS and Employment Award from the European Union in 2000 and a Commonwealth Award in 2001 for “outstanding work on advocacy and education” regarding HIV and AIDS. In 2003 the Bank received the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS Award for Business Excellence in the Workplace. In 2003, Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank received the Outstanding Company Award from the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center. Standard Chartered employs 30,000 people in over 500 locations in more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Americas. It is one of the world’s most international banks, with a management team comprising 70 nationalities.

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