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Fashion ‘n Concert at the Empress Hotel

Kenneth Loynes -late Chiang Mai Artist

Marcel you will be missed!

New outlet for people with digital lifestyles

Condoms sniffing, barking dogs to promote safe sex

Fashion ‘n Concert at the Empress Hotel

Tananan Willson’s highly acclaimed new collection

Text by Vincent Leutwiler
Photos courtesy of the Empress Hotel

The Empress hotel was the venue for the fashion show to display the creative talents of a young Chiang Mai designer, Tananan Willson. This designer has already had an overseas salon show where the leading products were fashion shawls.

From left: Tananan Willson, Antoine Garth, and David Wilson at the show.

Tananan began fashion design just for fun when he enrolled at the Polytechnic College Chiang Mai two years ago, only to find out he was very quickly top of the class.

With the help of his teacher, Ajarn Pornthip Sawatasuk, he was able to get to advanced design and found he could launch his own creations at a professional level.

Kenneth Loynes -late Chiang Mai Artist

Robert Tilley

Works by a former English artist in residence at Chiang Mai University can again be seen in a posthumous exhibition at the Writers Club and Wine Bar. Kenneth Loynes painted and exhibited at Chiang Mai University in 1996. He died two years ago, at the age of 77.

(Left to right) Francois Villaret, Robert Blair-Porter (famous Chiang Rai artist), Nonglug Porter, Gay Hammamouche and Paul Herman were fascinated by the work of English Painter Kenneth Loynes which can here be seen in the background.

Loynes was a friend of Philip Moysey, an exhibition of whose works has just closed at the Writers Club, and for a time the two worked closely together. Moysey was a pupil of the great Austrian expressionist painter, Oskar Kokoschka, and a trace of Kokoschka’s bold, uncompromising style can be found in Loynes’ own work. Unlike Moysey, though, Loynes was entirely self-educated in art.

He returned home from World War II with impressions of violence and horror that were to occupy him in more than a half century of artistic endeavor. He witnessed and reacted to other conflicts, in Europe and Africa, and they also colored his art.

Art, he once said, “remains among the few, free ways in which a society can, through the power of imagination, recognize and recreate itself”.

The Kenneth Loynes exhibition runs until August 31 at the Writers Club and Wine Bar, 141/3 Rachadamnoen Road (between Tapei Gate and Wat Pra Singh).

Marcel you will be missed!

Death due to very unfortunate circumstances

Vincent Leutwiler and Gerard Krebs

In the early morning hours of July 16 Marcel Giese, a former student of the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) was found dead in a ditch after being involved in a motorcycle accident involving a large truck in Doi Saket district. He was only 14 years old.

The boy was not wearing a helmet and the driver of the truck fled after colliding with the teenager’s motorbike, so there are no eye-witnesses.

One of the last pictures with Marcel was a class photo of Grade 7 and 8: Starting in back row, from left to right: Marcel Giese, Paul Tandetzki, Denny Wagger, homeroom teacher Ulrich Ziehms, Thomas Dobrowolny, Jonas Dorn, Jan Schmidt, Vincent Leutwiler, Siggi Eckert, Clemens Meurer, Victor Wachholz, Leah Sommerfeld, Jael Sommerfeld and Muankhian Lekkamon.

There are many factors in this unfortunate and sad occurrence. Marcel was a troubled boy. His parents had divorced. Was this the reason he was out late at night? He was riding a friend’s motorcycle and he had no license. Should his friend have refused to lend the motorcycle?

There are so many questions left unanswered. What was he doing away from his home at one in the morning? Had he been drinking? Was alcohol a factor in the truck driver’s fleeing the scene? Whose driving was at fault. Marcel’s or the truck drivers?

Unfortunately ‘hit and run’ offences are all too prevalent in this country, on top of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and flagrant disregard of traffic laws. A disregard of the laws that has been highlighted by this newspaper on more than one occasion.

Marcel had been attending Grade 7 of the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC), but had been there for only a month. We believe he had experienced several personal difficulties in his family, resulting in his leaving of the school and he never returned.

His former classmates regret the circumstances leading to the premature death of their friend. With a little understanding it could have been avoided. Marcel, you will be missed.

New outlet for people with digital lifestyles

Jiraphat Warasin

Sony Thai Co., Ltd. and Chi Chang Computer (Thailand) Co., Ltd. celebrated the grand opening of Chi Chang’s second branch with the theme “My Sony by Chi Chang Digital Lifestyle” at Panthip Computer Plaza this month.

Everyone is relieved after the successful presentation during the grand opening spectacular.

Pinyo Sa-nguansethakul, division manager of the IT Product Sales Division of Sony; Chakrit Keeratichokchaikul, general manager of Sony’s Consumer Products Division; and Ajarn Chaithawat Saowaphon of Chiang Mai University joined in the ceremony with over 300 guests who enjoyed watching a fashion show.

Sumalee Lukuan, marketing manager of Chi Chang Computer, said the new branch served everyone “who has a digital lifestyle”.

Chi Chang showcased new products and offered a free Sony training course at Chi Chang worth 3,000 baht for its customers.

Its new branch has professional technical staff to help its customers. It is located on the 1st floor of Panthip Computer Plaza and is open Mondays to Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Fridays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Condoms sniffing, barking dogs to promote safe sex

Best to place condoms in easy sight

A leading Thai politician and personality has proposed using dogs to sniff out people who fail to carry condoms on them.

The idea is to help promote “safe sex”, according to Meechai Viravaidya. He was responsible for an earlier campaign in Thailand’s promoting the use of condoms and family planning.

The condom-sniffing dogs project could be launched without waiting for government support and funding, said Meechai.

It could begin with the selection of a few dogs which could easily be taught to sniff for condoms, and bark when a person does not have a pack of condoms on them. Meechai appealed to anyone who wanted to, to donate dogs to the project.

Meechai made his suggestion at the 15th International AIDS Conference in Muang Thong Thani on the outskirts of Bangkok on Friday. He saw police dogs sniffing for drugs at AIDS conference. This, he said, gave him the idea of using dogs to sniff for condoms.

The idea, he said, struck him as an interesting way to keep people interested in AIDS prevention campaign activities, especially promoting the use of condoms among today’s sexually liberal youths.

Meechai is an internationally renowned AIDS prevention advocate, who is widely known as “Mr. Condom” in Thailand. (TNA)