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Stefan Effenberg Football Road Show

Chiang Mai Pool League

High drama in Hang Dong

An afternoon at the Inter Minigolf Park

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Stefan Effenberg Football Road Show

Young hopefuls showing much talent

Text by Marion Vogt
Photos by Daniel Koeppel

The Stefan Effenberg Football Clinic, running a ‘One Year Football Talent Search’ is now two months and seven road shows into the quest.

The governor’s representative giving the opening address in Lampang while Harald Wywijas is ready to start.

Stefan Effenberg, a long-time admirer of Thailand initiated a foundation in 1999 (Help Me Foundation-Baan Effe at Doi Wawi Mountain). During his many travels in regards to this project he also observed how many talented boys were playing football at every possible location.

Piphat Wongsaroj, governor of Phitsanulok at the opening ceremony for the Stefan Effenberg Talent Search in Phitsanulok.

This inspired him to start this new project with a main focus on professional football education for the youth of Thailand. However, since Stefan Effenberg believes in the phrase “mens sana in corpore sano” (a strong mind in a strong body), the Stefan Effenberg AFA 999 Asian Football Academy will also have a competitive academic curriculum for its students, which should be finalized by May 2005.

Despite water, many enthusiasts joined the quest.

So far 22 promising talents are already lined up for the next round. From 413 tested kids at the 700 Year Anniversary Complex in Chiang Mai, five will receive a second chance, but looking at the table from the AFA Football Academy Talent Search, the best football potential seems so far to be coming from Nakon Sawan where 10 of 236 will be tested again.

Daniel Kopeppel, the operations manager of AFA, said that no matter what happened, and despite sometimes not the best weather conditions, including heavy rain and scorching sun, the boys turned up and enjoyed themselves.

The biggest event so far will be on July 24-25 in Bangkok where Stefan will fly in again, after playing with Michael Schumacher in his UNESCO Charity Football game ‘Game of the Heart’.

The academy has a new website under construction: for people who want to check out the news.

Chiang Mai Pool League

High drama in Hang Dong

Wayne Johnson

Boosted by the 7-2 rout over Teachers Union the previous week, the Farangutans took to the Hang Dong field in buoyant mood. Unfortunately success does not seem to be driving recruitment. In our dark days of adversity we often had twenty players turning up, all eager to show off their Zidane-like skills, but now, with a Champions League spot beckoning, we are reduced to press-ganging supporters into donning the infamous bright green kit. The latest unsuspecting player to pull on the ever so flattering strip was John Routledge, teacher and questionable video aficionado, who managed to last one half before he collapsed on the sidelines muttering “I used to be a contender”.

However, he did manage to be part of an eventful half during which the foreign boys in green had the indignity of receiving their first red card of the campaign. Family man, Dave ‘Hands of God’ Percy, leapt like a salmon in a lineout to catch the ball two handed near Mae Raming’s goal and was instantly given his marching orders. Confusion reigned as he complained he was pushed in the back when he jumped, but the referee was having none of it. The tragedy was compounded when the dastardly Ramings scored from a corner after a rare defensive error. The new keeper, Kiwi Chris, was left with no chance as the ball bobbled over the line.

The shocked and stunned Farangutans became more determined than ever to avenge the injustice, although James ‘public enemy number one’ Farrell, caused a few hearts to flutter when he was involved in a running battle which saw him and his adversary yellow carded. But then, lady luck beamed down on the perspiring foreigners when a Mae Raming player received a second yellow for hacking down the Latin Lothario, Chico and another red card swiftly followed when one of their players attempted a kung-fu lunge at Farangutan golden boy, Shawn.

The half ended at 1-0 but there was a renewed sense of purpose in the expat ranks as Tim, fresh from addressing the HIV conference in Bangkok, combed his flick on the sidelines and young gun Bryan poised to join the fray.

With an emphasis on attack the boys in green pressed forward determined to avenge their defeat at the feet of Mae Raming earlier in the season. Their nine man opponents were visibly shaken at the onslaught and a goal swiftly followed. In an all too familiar story of this season, the goal came from Bryan’s head after a free kick from Rick. Such is their understanding they have been called the Simon and Garfunkel of the team, although suspicions remain that this is because of Bryan’s Art Garfunkel hairstyle rather than any telepathic partnership.

However, the game was far from won and it looked as if any score would be invalid when in the middle of the half the referee decided he had had enough. Following a verbal lashing from Mae Raming’s number nine, the beleaguered referee declared that he was going home. And it was only after much cajoling and soothing arms around the shoulder that he agreed to carry on. Chris’s goal was not to be violated a second time however, as Warren ‘Bully Baxter’ Howe and Brazilian beefcake Leandro out-muscled their opposing forwards time after time. A colossal struggle was nearly decided at the death though, when the normally deadly Chico raced through on goal, but their keeper made a dramatic double save to ensure the points were shared at 1-1.

The previous week was an altogether different story as the Farangutans ran out easy 7-2 winners against a depleted Teachers Union team. The game marked fans favourite Simon’s long awaited return from injury but he lasted only three minutes before being replaced by Big Jim, the oldest player in green at 48. But his silky skills belied his advancing years and the youthful legs of Chico and Bryan benefited from his pin-point passes. Speedy Gonzalez Chico was in top form as he scored a superb hat-trick, including a curled shot into the top corner from the edge of the area and a cheeky chip over the keeper near the finish. However, he was upstaged by Mick ‘Julius Caesar’ Davies who turned up for the second half and managed to score three goals despite chants from the crowd about being a part-time player. The other goal was scored by blonde, Gazza look-a-like, James, who kept his teenage fan club happy with a well taken strike.

The next few weeks see the Farangutans hosting a German team from Bangkok and welcoming back Mark Defleur from his European expedition.

For all the latest news and gossip visit www.geocities .com/farangutans

An afternoon at the Inter Minigolf Park

Gerard Krebs and Vincent Leutwiler

As many students know, summer holidays can sometimes be boring if all your friends are at the beach, abroad or elsewhere. So everyone needs to know about some alternatives in Chiang Mai. One of them is an afternoon at Inter Minigolf Chiang Mai.

The mini-golf park is about seven kilometers outside of Chiang Mai city and lies on a two rai area in Tonpao district near Bo Sang and the Sankamphaeng hot spring.

Beautiful scenery in the golf park.

The park offers 18 holes and each has its own trap or challenge. The course starts off easy but after each successful (or unsuccessful) completion of a hole, it gets more difficult to putt the ball where you want. Some of the holes include putting the ball on top of a small hill, launching it off a ramp over a pool of water, driving it across a ten meter long patch of grass into a hole in a downward curved cement segment and other creative situations.

Oops, kind of missed the ramp - now, where IS that ball?

The Swiss owner, Andre Savare, came to Thailand three years ago and had the idea to build a mini-golf course in Chiang Mai, which opened on February 20, this year.

The golf course is open from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. and the ‘green fees’ for one game is 60 baht for adults and 40 baht for children under 12 years of age. Group and multiple game discounts are also available.

The goal is to putt the ball into the opening on top of the ramp.

The facility also offers a restaurant which serves Thai and European cuisine. There is also a shop that sells ice cream and soft drinks.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai is picked up from the Fish & Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road (opp. Irish Pub) at 16.00 once every 2 weeks. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CSH3 is a mixed Saturday hash which is picked up from the H3 Pub on Moon Mueng Road every Saturday at 15.30. Pick up can be arranged from Fish and Chips shop as well.

CUMH3 is a male hash which runs from the Fish & Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road (opp. Irish Pub) every consecutive (from CH3) Tuesday. Pick up is at 16.00.

BH3 is a female hash (Harriettes) that runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

All information either from Fish and Chips, H3 or “ONON” Pub. Or look at the websites at:

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!