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The Battle of the Farangs

Big Smiles at O’Malley’s Pub

Sunisa Sailomyen wins Queen’s Cup Marathon 2004

Archery in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiangmai SportRoundup

The Battle of the Farangs

Colin Hinshelwood

In response to Sepp Blatter’s call for European stars to help promote football in Asia, the Farangutans of Chiang Mai once again set the standard for the rest of the weary world to follow.

No sooner had the FIFA secretary-general announced the rewards and dividends that awaited aging aces such as Zidane, del Piero and Luis Figo in the East, then several celebrated soccer stars quickly signalled their intention to jump on the bandwagon.

The match between the titans turned out to be a very balanced and fair 1-1 draw between the German All Stars (in dark red) and the Farangutans (blue). (Photo by Phitsanu Thepthong)

Following in the footsteps of Zico and Linekar in the 90s, players began arriving in Chiang Mai last weekend for a much anticipated Clash of the Titans - two hastily assembled European Dream Teams, made up of stars from the English Premier League, Serie A and the Bundeslige.

A Farangutan makes a stealthy move on a German All Star. (Photo by Phitsanu Thepthong)

Thousands of frantic teenage fans had gathered at Chiang Mai International Airport just to catch a glimpse of the players, most of whom are household names in Thailand. Stars such as Mick Davis, accompanied by his celebrity wife, May ‘Siam Spice’ Davis, rubbing shoulders alongside Brazilian idol, Chico Panno and Wayne ‘Magic’ Johnson.

Chiang Mai’s chief of police described the scene as: “Mayhem, maybe something like Beatlemania,” when Yorkshire legend, James Austin Farrell emerged through customs. Smiling broadly and signing autographs, Farrell’s arrival almost descended into chaos when hundreds of teenage girls began stampeding the barriers in vain attempts to touch the blond locks of the cherubic midfielder.

The match was dubbed the ‘Battle of the Farangs’ by an equally enthusiastic media. Hosts for the day were the Farangutans of Chiang Mai, who featured a kaleidoscope of European and South American icons, against the German All-Stars of Bangkok, led by Torbjorn ‘Kaiser’ Beckenbaur.

The match itself was an exhibition of silky skills and awe inspiring technique which will hopefully go a long way in promoting the ‘Beautiful Game’ not only here in Thailand, but throughout Asia.

Although billed as a ‘Friendly’, the sell-out crowd of 43 was treated to an impassioned display of such majesty, many were left breathless. The Germans exuded class and confidence, stroking the ball around effortlessly and breaking with venom. It was no surprise when they took the lead after a long ball was chipped over De La Fleur’s head for the opening goal.

Led by the tireless Farrell in midfield the Farangutans fought back, but it wasn’t until the second half that an equalizer came. Again it was that man, Chico Panno who dealt the killer blow after a well worked move from the left to right of midfield was squared into his path.

Both teams battled for a winner but in the end of the day, a 1-1 draw was an equitable score which kept all players and aficionados happy. Referee Kumar Collini said afterwards, “There was only one winner today - World Peace. Perhaps this game can serve as a shining light of hope for people in countries like Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.”

Post-match festivities were served up courtesy of ex-Socceroo, Sandy Cullen of U.N. Irish Pub. Boosted by beer and testosterone, the night almost ended in tears when Simon ‘Crazylegs’ Purnell snatched the microphone, boldly promising a one hour a cappella medley of Sex Pistols hits in honour of the German visitors. Fortunately the victims had fled the scene.

Further information on the motley crew at www. geo

Big Smiles at O’Malley’s Pub

First ESC-O’Malley’s joint Golf Tournament

Text by Marion Vogt
Photos by Saksit Meesubkwang

Nearly 30 golfers gathered at Green Valley Golf Course last Sunday for the first joint ESC and O’Malley’s Golf tournament. The weather gods were smiling at the start and even the wet course underfoot did not spoil the good mood of the golfers.

The runners up from the team event (from left) Eric George, David Johnson (Sponsor ESC), Steve Polaski (Individual Low Gross), Steve Spital and Scott Stairs (O’Malley’s Irish Pub).

The second half of the tournament, however, was ‘kind of’ wet with drizzling rain, and some golfers returned rather ‘damp’.

(L to R) Les Harvey, John Haid, David Johnson (ESC), Richie Tiereney, Ron Tyre and Scott Stairs (O’Malley’s Irish Pub) proudly show off their winnings.

The Sunday night party was organized by the professional staff of O’Malley’s Irish Pub, and was a place where many dried out, but only on the outside.

ESC’s David Johnson (left) presents the trophy to Kieran Savage, who scored 39 individual net Stableford points, finishing second overall after a count back.

David Johnson, general manager of Chiang Mai ESC (European Safety Concepts) gave away the trophies and all were unanimously in favour of the entire event.
Results as follows:

It was all about fun, just ask Richie Tiereney (center).
Individual Low Gross

1st: Steve Polaski, 75
2nd: Shaun Stewart, 80
3rd: Dave Hird, 82

Individual Net Stableford Points

1st: Paul van den Bovenkamp, 42 points
2nd: Kieran Savage, 39 (wins on count back)
3rd: Garry Walker, 39

Team Event

1st: Steve Polaski, Ed Paige, Garry Walker, 114 points
2nd: Mark Johnston, Eric George, Steve Spital, 112 points
3rd: Richie Tiereney, John Haid, Ron Tyre, 102 points

The two sponsors David (left) and Scott (right) with Steve Polaski, who carded the lowest round, a solid 75.

Sunisa Sailomyen wins Queen’s Cup Marathon 2004

Chiang Mai woman shows a clean pair of heels to the rest

Staff Reporters

Kenya’s John Kelar and Thailand’s Sunisa Sailomyen from Doi Omkroi, Chiang Mai, won the men and women’s open divisions respectively in the Pattaya Queen’s Cup Marathon 2004, held in the wee hours on Sunday morning, July 18.

Thailand’s favorite female marathon runner, Sunisa Sailomyen from Doi Omkroi, Chiang Mai, raised her well-earned trophy. Next to her is the male winner John Kelar from Kenya.

Thailand’s favorite female marathon runner, Sunisa Sailomyen from Doi Omkroi, Chiang Mai won her 3rd Pattaya Marathon in the past four years, finishing the grueling 42.195 kilometer course in 3.04.48. Her efforts were doubly rewarded, as she not only won the trophy and 100,000 baht first prize for the women’s open category, but she also won an additional 50,000 for being the first Thai woman to complete the marathon.

More than 10,000 runners took part in the 10th Pattaya marathon event, which was renamed the Pattaya Queen’s Cup Marathon in honor of HM the Queen’s 72nd Birthday celebrations.

Among the runners who took part in the full 42.195km marathon, which started at 3.50 a.m. on Sunday amid Pattaya style fanfare, were 457 from over 10 countries, including Kenya, England, Belarus, the United States of America, Japan as well as Thailand. Sontaya Khunplome, tourism and sports minister fired the starter’s pistol, setting the marathon runners on their way.

Next year’s Pattaya Queen’s Cup Marathon will be held on Sunday July 17, and Sunisa is very much looking forward to grabbing the trophy for the 4th time.

Archery in Chiang Mai

Forget William Tell, safety is a must!

Gerard Krebs and Vincent Leutwiler

If you wish to learn archery then Chiang Mai Bow in Mae Rim District, Tambon Maesa is waiting. Owner John Moore instructs his visitors on safety and the techniques required to master the art of archery. He promises you will be aiming for gold within an hour.

Owner John Moore’s primary goals are safety and fun.

Chiang Mai Bow offers three courses. The first is a two hour course with target shooting where you practice your archery skills followed by speed shoot where you have to hit several targets against the clock and a 24 arrow competition. This course costs 300 baht.

The second course is an extension of the first one and has an additional activities. This course lasts three hours and costs 450 baht.

Shooting at balloons.

The One Day Fun Day course is the longest and includes much fun and additional practice and competitions. This 900 baht course includes return transportation to Chiang Mai Bow from anywhere in the city plus lunch.

This is a great opportunity to learn archery and to have some fun at the same time.

Chiang Mai Pool League