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NESDB aiming for Thailand’s quality brands


NESDB aiming for Thailand’s quality brands

Promoting ‘clusters’ to accelerate growth potential

Nopniwat Krailerg

Thailand wants to build on its high potential in competing with the world markets in agriculture, industry, tourism, and fashion, said Wilaiporn Liwgasemsan, the deputy secretary-general, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB).

Wilaiporn Liwgasemsan, the deputy secretary-general, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board

The NESDB has been charged by the government to do this, by fostering the concept of cluster networks, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Thailand Industrial Federation, as well as from both public and private sectors, she said.

Speaking at a seminar in Chiang Mai, she said that Thailand could export, but not high volumes, and it is a must for Thailand to upgrade the quality of Thai products for export as well as create the most outstanding Thai brand names in the global markets.

The NESDB believes the private sector would have to build up the clusters to stimulate interest in group members, while the government sector would be the team manager, to advise the private sector.

Cluster networking will proceed as per the policy, subject of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed among the 11 working agencies on March 10 at government house.

The joint working group members are the NESDB, Government Budgeting Bureau, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science, and Technology, and Ministry of Education, Thailand Industrial Federation, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand, the Handicraft Exporters Manufacturers and Producers association, ISCT and Kenan Institute of Asia, and the Ministry of Commerce.

“These organizations would be working as our allies, in helping develop the cluster works,” she said.

Wilaiporn said that the northern region’s image has changed from being just a tourist destination, to also being a production and services base. The most lasting items would be cultural products, especially 700-year-old Lanna arts and culture.

She noted that entrepreneurs could not upgrade product quality alone, and there is a need to work in cooperation with universities, research institutes, and other similar organizations.

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