Vol. III No. 32 - Saturday August 7 - August 13 2004
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Looking for badminton

Thanks for the memories

The best mode of public transport

Looking for badminton


Iím surprised that in the sports pages there is no mention of any badminton clubs or meetings. If any readers know of any social badminton clubs that meet regularly then I would really appreciate knowing. My email address is [email protected]
Many thanks,
Chris Smith, Mooban Naifan, Chiangmai

(Editorís note: And when you find them, Chris, we would be happy to publish regular small features in our Sports section.)

Thanks for the memories

The Editor,
To all our friends - Nicole and I would like to thank all of our dear friends for the support and friendship you have given us in the past three years. We will miss you all, and northern Thailand, very much, but we know that we will be back to visit soon.

Warmest regards,
Eric Rubin
U.S. Consul General, Chiang Mai

The best mode of public transport

As I read everybodyís complaints regarding the red minibuses, let me also add something, but for a change something positive.

Iím really happy with the number 10 bus line which runs from Kwan Wiang Village to the city and back again and Iím really thankful that this option of mass transport is available.

Itís much better than those red taxis. Iím 15 years old and I really depend on public transportation to get around the city. It really helps me to get around town or to friendsí houses.

I can easily get to Central Airport Plaza, Worarot Market and the Night Bazaar. With its rate of 10 baht for wherever youíd like to go, itís very cheap for me as I donít get much money to spend on those tuk-tuks which sometimes completely overcharge foreigners.

It is also very comfortable to ride in the bus because of the big seats and the air conditioning. The only downside is that I sometimes have to wait over half an hour to actually be able to get on one.

But other than that itís the best mode of public transport. It really helps me.

Felix, Bus loving Teen