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Immigration officers given the King’s message

Immigration officers given the King’s message

Training in human development

Alastair Connon, Police Monitoring Committee

Chiangmai Immigration hosted a weeklong seminar on personality development and human development in the work place. The seminar was opened by Pol. Col. Sayan Krasaesan, deputy commander of Immigration Division 3.

(From Left) Ajarn Somsak Keawkingkaew, Abbot Sopitpunyakom, Alastair Connon, Dean Narong Chawwasin, Ajarn Neeranaj Tajumpa, Ajarn Kannika Wichit, Pol. Lt. Col. Kanokpun Roobkajorn, Abbot Jarud Aruno.

35 immigration officers from the 10 northern provincial immigration checkpoints attended the training session held in the Pavilion room of the Tarin Hotel.

Ajarns from North-Chiangmai University, Hangdong, including the Dean Narong Chawwasin, and religious teachers from Chiang Mai and Lamphun lectured on various topics. These included enhancing ideas and attitudes whilst dealing with the public sector, morality, working within bureaucracy, appreciating the problems of culture clashes between the western and Asian cultures, team working and how to improve human relationships.

Ajarn Kannika Wichit lectured on how to follow in the King’s footsteps and presented a unique insight into life in the Royal Palace and gave a personal view of “How we should learn from His Majesty The King”.

The seminar closed with a surprise visit from Police Major General Somyot Poompanmuang, immigration bureau deputy commissioner.