A night to show the beauty of Thailand was recently held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thai Airways International, along with Prakaidao Hovatanakul, district sales manager, upper-northern Thailand (fifth from right) arranged for Miss Thailand to participate and Akadet Nakkabunlung (left) from Sbun-Nga and his show troupe to perform.

Amari Rincome general manager Wim Fagel (2nd left) with staff Suthathip Yapana (Tew) and Savitee Kantakalung (Kame), plus Chotika Khamtansombat (Poo) of Angkhang Nature Resort formed a welcoming committee to wish TAT’s new Northern Region director, Junnapong Saranak (3rd right) good luck in his new position.

A welcome dinner for Junnapong Saranak (fifth from left) the new director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Northern Office Region 1, was held at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel. A future profile presented by Pornchai Jitnawasatian (sixth from left), general secretary to Chiang Mai’s Mayor, and Junnapong Saranak (fifth from left) said that the TAT will do their utmost to make Chiang Mai even more attractive for residents and tourists.

Sunbelt Asia has moved into a new office. Northern office director Garwood Weatherhead was on hand to welcome Chiangmai Mai’s Marion Vogt, who took the opportunity to wish Sunbelt all the best for the future.

The Jaliang family was recently “seen” at Dalaabaa Restaurant talking to general manager Suchada Senasutiphan (right). Daughter Narissa (second right) will have a saxophone concert at Kad Theatre on September 18. Tickets can be purchased at Kad Suan Kaew information desk, or from Marion at the Chiangmai Mail office.

The Chiangmai Stage Club is now a little over one year old and recently chose a play which they will produce at the beginning of 2005. Auditions will be held shortly. Photo shows some active members of the Stage Club in Chiang Mai. For more information, check Community Happenings.

Miss Thailand 2003 Chalisa Boonkrongsap recently visited Chiang Mai, where she was fondly greeted by a representative from the consulate general of Japan (left); Mayor Boonlert Buranupakorn (2nd left); and Pornchai Jitnawasatian (right), the mayor’s general secretary.