Vol. III No. 36 - Saturday September 4 - September 10 2004
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Chicago Jazz Quartet plays to standing room only house

News from home

Re: what’s the drug war about?

Looking for Chiangmai Mail

Not a banner day for Chevy driver

Chicago Jazz Quartet plays to standing room only house

Dear Editor:
Wow! What a difference publicity from Chiangmai Mail makes. The Chicago Jazz Quartet played to a standing room only house in the studios of Channel 11 on Saturday afternoon. Last year’s fine musicians played to a partially filled room. How disappointing it must have been for them, and how great the Jazz Quartet must have felt this year when they looked out and saw all of the eager faces.

My thanks also to the U.S. State Department for sponsoring this program, which sends jazz musicians on concert tours around the world to highlight this indigenous American art form. Tours include workshops and masters classes in addition to concerts, and I understand that the workshop that preceded Saturday’s performance was so good that participants didn’t want it to end. What started out as a two hour event grew and grew and grew. Many thanks for your support of this program. I look forward to next year’s event.
Frank Weicks

News from home

The Editor,
I am so thrilled to be able to read a newspaper from my hometown! I am a fourth grade teacher living in San Antonio, Texas and discovered your website newspaper and have been reading it ever since. I get so homesick and this newspaper keeps me connected. I enjoy reading the “Who’s Who” section hoping to read up on anyone I know. So far, I did see one individual whose son I went to elementary school with at Chiang Mai International School.

Someday, in the near future, you could interview my father, Dorsey Traw, who has been a missionary in Chiang Mai for over 40 years. He is with the Chiang Mai Church of Christ on Hua Keao Road.

Most of all, I want to thank you for publishing your newspaper so that this Thai girl, who is a long way from home, will be able to keep up with happenings around her home town. I hope your newspaper continues to prosper.
Gloyjai Maxwell

Re: what’s the drug war about?

To the Editors of the Chiangmai Mail:

Thanks for publishing Eric Knudsen’s outstanding letter: “What’s The Drug War About” (Sat, Aug. 14th).

I’d like to add that the United States government is in no position to give any other nation advice on how to run an anti-drugs campaign. No other nation has wasted more resources in fighting drugs and no other nation has imprisoned more of its citizens for drug law violations than the U. S., yet no other nation has been less successful in solving its drug problem than the United States.

The American led war on drugs has been doomed from the very beginning. Regardless of the money put into the anti-drugs program, one cannot nullify the basic economic law of supply and demand. As long as people want to purchase recreational drugs and they are willing to pay a substantial price to purchase them, somebody will produce the drugs and somebody else will get the drugs to the willing buyers. This is guaranteed.

The war on drugs has transformed the United States into the most incarcerated nation in history. With less than five percent of the world’s population, the U. S. has more than one fourth of the world’s prisoners. In other words, one out of every four prisoners in the world is locked in an American jail or prison, thanks primarily to America’s counter-productive war on certain (politically selected) drugs.

My advice to Thailand and the rest of the world: Carefully observe U. S. drug policy and then do the opposite.

Don’t follow us—we’re lost.

Best regards,
Kirk Muse
Mesa, AZ
U. S. A.

Looking for Chiangmai Mail


We really enjoy reading your newspaper on the internet. We will be in Chiang Mai in October and would like to purchase current copies while we are there. Please tell us where to find them.

Best regards,
Ken and Gail Carter

(Many thanks for your kind words. You will find the current issues of the Chiangmai Mail at (almost) every newsstand in town, especially around Tapae Gate, plus at Central Airport Plaza, Kad Suan Kaew, Big C, and Lotus. We hope you enjoy your stay. Michael Vogt, Managing Director Chiangmai Mail Publishing.)

Not a banner day for Chevy driver

The Editor,

Just a couple of “Street Smart’s” I have experienced over the last couple of weeks besides the road works on every intersection and the relating chaos caused by impatient drivers.

During the preparation for the Queen’s Birthday, they made a real effort to transform every walkway over the roads by adding Lanna Style roofs; very nice. But on more than one occasion I witnessed the workers welding on the walkway beside the main Chiang mai prison resulting in a shower of sparks falling onto the cars stuck in the traffic below. No one seemed to notice it as I never saw any action. Good for the paintwork!

This week I was driving up Huay Kaew Road towards the zoo when there was a huge bang so I pulled over and what had happened was someone with little thought for anyone’s safety had put banners 2 meters long x 600mm wide tied to the poles on the middle median strip. The problem was they only tied the top and used a piece of wood with a point on each end to weight the bottom. So when the wind blew they flew into the near lane. The result: my new Chevrolet pickup now has 2 nice little dents in the driver’s door. God knows how many other people suffered the same fate to their car let alone those who may have got hit on motor bikes!

I took one banner for a souvenir and if anyone knows who is responsible or how to get in touch with them I would be grateful as I intend to take action. I suggest anyone else do the same as these people must have a public liability insurance?

The banner reads, in English; “Welcome All delegates, SSWM 2004”. In Thai: “Welcome to the International Seminar on Hillside Land and Water Management (rough translation) 5th - 9th September at the Chiangmai Hills Hotel.”

So if someone knows the contact details let me know or I will have to attend the meeting myself!

Regards Ian Rauner,
email: [email protected] .co.th