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New books at Prem Library

Professional Program in Fashion Marketing

Prem Plants Rice at Baan Kwai

Visiting Thai Educators observe the ‘CMIS Model’

‘The Look’ might be Lanna?

New books at Prem Library

David Michaels

Halloween, caterpillars, and the wonders of the Scottish Highlands - what could this seemingly unrelated array of topics possibly have in common? Actually, not much, other than the fact that they are all subjects of new books recently acquired by the Aran Telfer library at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School.

Prem’s head librarian, Triesha Hueneke, looks on as students enjoy two of the many new and exciting books.

The library has new books intended for students of all ages. In fact, this latest shipment also includes various teacher reference books to support the learning programs at Prem. Featured in this collection are several art books that explain techniques for drawing and painting with water colors. The library’s Junior Non-fiction collection now includes the wonderful series, “A Visit to...” Each book takes the reader on a tour of a different country, including Scotland, South Korea, and Israel. The “Don’t Forget” collection explores six special days of the year, such as Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Remembrance Day.

Head Librarian, Triesha Hueneke, is pleased at the arrival of all these books: “As the new librarian at the Prem Center, it is exciting for me to see the great new resources available to our students.”

The new books received by the Aran Telfer Library come as an addition to an already impressive collection. While these 8,282 books are mostly written in English, students in the library can also read works in Thai, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. Compact discs, audio cassettes, and videos are also available for a multimedia approach to learning.

Admittedly, one could grow tired exploring all that the library at Prem has to offer. So why not come by, relax on the couch, and read an article or two in the daily or weekly newspapers which are also there for people to read.

Professional Program in Fashion Marketing

Krerkrits Saiyao, Raffles LaSalle Chiangmai Admission Office

RafflesLaSalle International Design School, Bangkok is offering a special nine month part-time ‘Professional Program in Fashion Marketing’ for those who are interested in a career in the fashion industry. This is in concordance with the government’s initiative to promote Bangkok as a Fashion City. The course will commence on October 5, 2004.

The program is offered in response to the needs of the fashion and garment industry to train personnel in the field of fashion marketing and merchandising. To turn Bangkok into a fashion hub requires more human resources r than just Fashion Designers such as Fashion Merchandisers, Fashion Buyers, and Brand/Product Managers.

There is a total of nine modules covered over the nine month period. English will be used as the language of instruction as the teachers are expatriates. A Bachelor Degree or similar qualification with a TOEFL score of 500 or equivalent is needed to be eligible for admission.

The fees for this program total THB 120,000 which can be paid in three installments. Upon completion, students will be awarded a ‘Professional Program Certificate’ by Raffles LaSalle Institute, Singapore.

A brief course outline: during the first term the main objectives will be contemporary fashion, fashion merchandising and textiles. The second term will concentrate on line and colors, fashion advertising and consumer behavior. The third term which concludes the nine month course is based on fashion coordination and promotion, shapes and composition as well as styles and trend research.

More information can be obtained from the Chiangmai Admission Office on Nimmanhaemin Road, tel. 0 5389 5278.

Prem Plants Rice at Baan Kwai

Grade 10 learns the hard grind the hard way

Sally Williams

At Baan Kwai Buffalo Farm in Mae Rim, Prem Grade 10 students found out about the hard work that goes into growing rice. The students went through the different stages of the rice growing season from directing a buffalo to plough the land, to preparing the seedlings in the nursery for transplanting. The planting out of the young plants is an extremely muddy business but everyone got an opportunity for ‘hands on’ (or ‘hands in’) experience. The cutting and threshing were the final stages to complete the rice cycle.

Jason ploughs the paddy.

By seeing the stages, students could all remember the sequence and cycle of the growing season, as well as identify the inputs into such a farm system.

This proved a good contrast to the Royal Project hydroponics farm where the students later identified the mass of inputs into a cash crop system and observed the end products in the very busy packing house they visited.

Both visits, to Baan Kwai to view rice farming, and to Nong Hoi to study hydroponics, are part of the students’ Cambridge University International General Certificate of Secondary Education course on small scale intensive subsistence and cash crop farm systems.

Lena breaks the tops of the seedlings ready for transplanting.

Tatiana and Gluay check out the hydroponics farming project.

Job separates rice from the husks.

Visiting Thai Educators observe the ‘CMIS Model’

Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) welcomed a group of 18 doctoral students from Chiang Mai University (CMU) to their campus on Thursday, September 2. The students, all in the PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction at CMU, came to meet with CMIS administrators and observe elementary teachers in action as part of their training to become Thai school administrators.

PhD student from CMU visit Chiang Mai International School. Supaporn Yanasarn, CMIS director (front left); Terry Gamble, principal (back row second from right); Christina Jupo, elementary curriculum coordinator (second row right).

The PhD students were met by CMIS Director Supaporn Yanasarn, who briefed them on the school’s 51 year history of providing education in English in Chiang Mai. Principal Terry Gamble and Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Christina Jupo presented the CMIS’ approach to curriculum, including the ways in which the school integrates different subject areas using “themes.”

There was discussion on ways in which some of the approaches that CMIS uses might be introduced in Thai schools. Of particular interest to the visiting students was the concept of “student-centered learning,” with group work and individualized instruction that caters to the individual abilities and needs of each child.

Aware of the financial limitations that many educational institutions (including CMIS) are faced with, Principal Gamble encouraged the administration students to think of the teachers in their schools as their greatest resources. Reiterating Gamble, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Christina Jupo noted that encouraging teachers to interact with each other and bring their own experiences to the curriculum development process enriches a school more than any “package” of curriculum materials.

The visiting students spent an hour observing Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes. The students left the campus inspired and excited by a new perspective. One PhD student noted, “Before we came here, ‘student-centered’ was just a word, but now we’ve seen ‘student-centered’ in action.”

‘The Look’ might be Lanna?

Elite 2004 Model Search Thailand

Marion Vogt

Elite Model Management is on the lookout every year for ‘The Look’. Famous names like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Buendchen and Naomi Campbell were all discoveries through the Elite Model Search.

Round two of the competition with the final 30 being interviewed by the MCs.

In former years it helped to live in highly developed fashion center countries like the USA, France, Germany or Brazil to be discovered, but as the world enters globalization it is no surprise that Thailand is finally on the map for the search for The Look 2004.

The lucky ladies who will represent the northern region in the national final at the Bangkok Convention Center.

Last Sunday was the start of the Elite Model Search held at Central Airport Plaza with over 100 young women from Chiang Rai to Phitsanulok vying for a place in the final.

Chiang Mai was the first step to find 15 northern girls to compete in the national competition in Bangkok in October. It is not so much ‘beauty’ that is being looked for, but the main focus is character and style. Win the Thailand round and next it is the world, with our winner being sent to China as the Thai youth ambassador to compete against women from 65 nations and having the chance to win 12 million baht.

Smiling faces after hours of excitement and stress.

The northern competition started off on the catwalk, with the contestants wearing their own personal clothes, their own make up and no stylish hair-do, the ‘natural’ look.

For Round two, 30 young hopefuls paraded in a short skirt and an Elite top, with the finalists coming down to 15. These lucky ones will represent Chiang Mai and the northern region in the national contest at the Bangkok Convention Center on October 19. The face of 2004 could be the face of Chiang Mai.