Brownie Steak and Bakery

All you can eat for B. 59?

Yes, better believe the heading. The Dining Out Team discovered this incredible offer, right on the banks of the Ping River a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly, we received an email from one of the regular readers, suggesting we visit, one day after our official dining out was completed! (However, we are always pleased to hear from the readers, so if you do discover somewhere interesting, please let us know.)

Brownie Steak and Bakery (an interesting name for an establishment that does also bake the famous American dessert cakes called Brownies) is on Charoenrat Road and is on three distinct levels. As you come in from the street level car park, you go past the bakery and into a covered section with fairly ‘rustic’ table and chair settings. From there you can go down one level to a terrace overlooking the Ping River, or continue on down until you are dining at river bank level. Again the seating arrangements are very basic, with small tables and even smaller stools predominating. Along one side is a children’s play area with swings and ‘jungle gyms’ for the youngsters.

In the center of the covered section are stations with crockery and cutlery, with a request that each customer take only one cutlery set. Further down there is a salad bar section with sliced onion, beans, tomato, capsicum (bell peppers), cucumber, baby corn, Chinese cabbage, carrot and lettuce. Off to one side from the salad bar are some dressings and sauces for the steaks, including a spaghetti sauce and a mushroom sauce. Move further to the side and the BBQ section is going full strength, producing beef, chicken, pork and fish steaks, while next to it is a ‘chippery’ producing fries on a continuous basis. The BBQ is enclosed and behind glass, so you can see ‘your’ steak being cooked.

It is a busy restaurant, and the look could be described as ‘untidy’, but it was not ‘dirty’. However, do look out for the flooring bricks that can get a little slippery.

We had a good appetite and doing as we were bid, we took our cutlery and advanced upon the food. It was a busy Friday and the staff was fully occupied replenishing the salad items at the salad bar section. It was obvious that these were fresh vegetables, and the capsicum looked very inviting (which is a euphemism for the fact that I took plenty).

We were a party of three and so tried all of the BBQ items. And a goodly serving of chips, which by virtue of being freshly replenished, were still crisp. They were also flavorsome, showing the fact that the cooking oil was also replaced regularly.

My steak was excellent, so I backed up again for a second attack on the pork steak, the first one was so tender. Mention should also be made of the mushroom sauce. Beautiful!

When you pass judgment on a place such as this, you have to keep in mind that this is an all you can eat buffet costing B. 59. On offer are chicken, beef, pork and fish, as well as the ubiquitous chips (I try to avoid calling them French fries, as the Belgians invented the deep-fried chipped potato). With a good buffet covering many salad items, and then enough salad dressings and steak sauces, this then has to be good value for money, before you even begin to eat. To then find that the steaks (all types) are properly cooked, the sauces very flavorsome and the salad items are fresh, makes this restaurant not only exceptional value for money, but a damn good eat as well! We all enjoyed the food and at the price, there were no complaints at all. Our reader admitted to having gone there twice in two days, and we can all see why. Highly recommended (and if the stools were bigger I would have made it ‘very’ highly recommended)!

Brownie Steak and Bakery, 421 Charoenrat Road, Chiang Mai (200 m from Wat Faharn). Open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. for dinner. Secure off-street parking.