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CMIS receives sneak preview of Narisa’s upcoming saxophone concert

Juniors full of spirit at Sport World Dance Contest

Lucky girls for the World Cup

The opportunity to study in Hawaii?

Gardening globetrotter spices up Prem experience

FERC donates school equipment in Chiang Mai

CMIS receives sneak preview of Narisa’s upcoming saxophone concert

Students at Chiangmai International School (CMIS) were very lucky last week. They were treated to two incredible mini concerts performed by Narisa Cherdjareewatananun & her miracle saxophone, one for Elementary and one for the High School during their lunch hour breaks.

Young CMIS students are mesmerized by Narisa’s magical saxophone.

The mini-concerts were part of Narisa’s tour through local elementary and high schools to raise awareness of her September 18 concert at Kad Suan Kaew Theater.

Narisa, still only 19 years of age, started playing in a marching band in Grade 4 and still seems to be driven by the sheer love for music.

Students listen intently to Narisa’s saxophone during a promotion for her upcoming concert at the Kad Theater on September 18.

She outlined the upcoming concert for her young fans, which will be a feast for Latin music lovers and of course for anybody who enjoys the warm lyrical sounds of a saxophone. She also revealed that a number of famous Thai musicians, including P’ Koh (Saxman), will be part of the show on September 18, as well as dancers from Bangkok.

Juniors full of spirit at Sport World Dance Contest

The youngest team at the Sport World Dance Contest was the ‘Spirit Juniors’ from the Chiangmai Ballet Academy, taking home a well deserved second prize. Since the margin between the ‘Spirit Juniors’ and the winners was very small, Chiang Mai can look forward expectantly to what these talented youngsters will do next year.

Lucky girls for the World Cup

Nopniwat Krailerg

Eighty lucky girls have been selected from 153 applicants to advance to the final round to select football juniors to lead teams onto the pitch in the upcoming FIFA U-19 Women’s World Cup competition. The U-19 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Chiang Mai this November.

The girls wait for the competition.

The first round for the football juniors was held at the Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai on September 11-12, and the names of those chosen will be officially announced on September 20 at Central Airport Plaza and Bedtime Story Shop.

The girls are aged between 6-10 years. They have been selected for courage and self-confidence, not performing skills.

The opportunity to study in Hawaii?

Sutthichok Lin
Senior Counselor

The International Center of Chiang Mai University is providing free counseling services for US and Canadian education and visas.

Upcoming opportunities and dates for the public to meet directors from the different overseas universities are:

University of Hawaii-Leeward College, Monday, October 4.

Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, California, Monday-Tuesday October 11 and 12.

California State University - Hayward, Monday, October 18.

English Placement Tests will be on Thursday, September 23 and the preparation for TOEFL using the Institutional TOEFL Test on Saturday, September 25.

For more information and registration, call 0-5394-2896.

Gardening globetrotter spices up Prem experience

David Michaels

The Prem Tinsulanonda International School has always prided itself on being an institution of diversity. Both students and staff hail from all kinds of different backgrounds, and upon leaving Prem, one is sure to feel like a global citizen. Quite fittingly, Luke Simon, one of the school’s new interns, brings to the job a unique combination of skills and life experiences.

In a typical display of focus and enthusiasm during swim instruction, Luke encourages Harry, one of his students.

In his role at Prem, Luke organizes the co-curricular program and serves as a boarding intern and physical education assistant. Although there were early signs that Luke would be involved in sports, his path to Prem has been a meandering one indeed.

Luke grew up on a farm in Somerset, England and came close to studying sport science. However, he chose a very different route and earned a degree in landscape architecture from Cheltenham College. For the next several years, he designed gardens all over the world, including Paris, Madrid, Riyadh, and Manhattan.

In 2003, gripped by a sense of adventure, Luke embarked on a journey that would eventually lead him to Prem. While traveling, he met several Prem staff on a beach in southern Thailand and was subsequently invited to spend a day at the school. His natural talent as a sports instructor was made evident that day as he taught several physical education lessons.

Today, the Prem community feels fortunate to have Luke who currently enjoys coaching the Under Sixteen Boys Volleyball team as well as the Junior Cricket team. Asked what he is most looking forward to this year, Luke responded, “I am excited to watch the children’s skills develop.” One can be certain that Luke, the garden designer, athletic instructor, and global citizen, will not merely be watching. Rather, he is sure to be fully involved in that endeavor.

FERC donates school equipment in Chiang Mai

Rotary Matching Grant made it possible

Marc Dumur

The Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC) has donated library furniture for Wat Suan Dok School and a drinking water filter system at the Wat Sri Pingmaung School. This donation was part of a Rotary Matching Grant of US$ 20,000, from the Rotary Club of Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA in coordination with the Rotary Clubs of Chiangmai West and Chang Phuak Chiangmai.

(Left to right) Adj. Jarassee Suritip, Adj. Thitikan Sanongkhum, Rotary Pres. Geoff Hough (Chang Phuak), FERC officers Luxami Utaipol, Marc Dumur, Annelie Hendriks and Ratana Khuenkeaw attend the library furniture donation at Wat Suan Dok School.

The matching grant is now completed, which funded furniture, teaching equipment and replacement batteries for a solar system at Mae Sariang district which was reported in Chiangmai Mail on August 17, 2004.

FERC is continuously seeking donations to fund school buildings and equipment as well as scholarships. For further information please visit the website