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Handicapped youth sports held in Chiang Mai

Not quite the Lord of the Rings

Looking for ladies to participate in the ‘bunny runs’

New fitness activity center opened

Chiang Mai Pool League

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Handicapped youth sports held in Chiang Mai

Autsadaporn Kamthai

In the wake of the recent Olympic Games in Athens, around 200 handicapped northern youths, aged 12-18 assembled in Chiang Mai for the Special Olympic Games on September 10.

A boy trying to topple all the bowling pins during the body bowling competition.

The event was initiated by the Special Olympics Thailand, Northern Chapter to provide recreational activities for these children and help to boost their physical ability levels in a very enjoyable way.

The children came from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phrae and Phitsanulok. Almost one hundred volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and Rajabhat Chiang Mai University assisted in the event.

Try to hit the target!

The children enjoyed the Motor Activities Training Program (MATP) and aerobic competitions that were specially designed for them. If anyone happened to watch this sporting event, you would have said that it was the happiest day for the children. The event provided not so much competition, but fun and games and aerobic dancing for the handicapped children.

The MATP games comprised body bowling (using their body to topple bowling pins circled around them), target shooting, kicking ball through the poles and removing tennis balls.

Hopefully, this event will be held annually for the handicapped children and raise society’s awareness and more importantly, to give them happier days.

Everyone cheering and dancing.

Let’s put on make up before taking the stage for the aerobic dance show.

After Chiang Mai, Special Olympics Thailand will hold an event for these children in the south of Thailand. Prior to Chiang Mai, it had been held in and Khon Kaen in the Northeast.

Children try their best at the aerobic dance show.

Not quite the Lord of the Rings

Raising money for Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre

Mike Atkins

Having spent all week strapped on the back of a three ton elephant, competing in Hua Hin’s King’s Cup elephant polo tournament, American writer Antonio Graceffo stepped away from the paddock to take part in an exhibition boxing match to raise awareness for the elephant’s cause.

Antonio Graceffo, writer and regular columnist, did not want to miss the opportunity to raise ele-funds!

The King’s Cup tournament, now in its fourth year, saw fourteen teams drawn from around the globe competing to raise money for the Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre (LECC) in Northern Thailand. With the initial forecast of raising 1.5 million baht for the project looking likely to be exceeded, and a fantastic week’s entertainment, the tournament has been a resounding success.

Suffering for elephants – what else can you do for charity?

Graceffo, who boxes part-time and has even starred in a recent Cambodian kung-fu movie, strapped on his gloves in front of a packed crowd and gave a rousing performance. In a closely fought three-round contest, Antonio was unlucky to come out on the wrong side of a tight decision, but was happy to have accomplished his mission of letting people know about the LECC’s work.

“Sometimes charity hurts,” laughed Graceffo. “If I were Bob Hope I wouldn’t have to do this - but I can’t sing or dance.”

The next morning, it was back to the elephant polo ground to try and help his team of fellow journalists, sponsored by UK travel agency Kuoni, get through to the next round.

Looking for ladies to participate in the ‘bunny runs’

On-On Red Carpet

The last Sunday of every month, a tiny pack of mostly local Thai ladies meets for a fun, social, relaxed and very informal afternoon and evening. We meet at the Hash House Pub and our own song taew driver takes us to the countryside where “the hares” have set a run. The running does not require any particular level of fitness – anybody can participate. Usually, a “bunny run” takes 20-60 minutes, even if you decide to walk. We usually select some beautiful spots in the woods, mountains or rice fields. Sometimes the trail takes us through mud, water and prickly scrub, so you don’t want to sport your latest haute couture ensemble! The trail is marked and some “checks” are set up to confuse and slow down the fast runners.

The Chiangmai Bunny Hash usually selects some beautiful spots in the woods, mountains or rice fields for their monthly walk/run through the countryside.

After the run, we have a beer or a softie and some homemade northern Thai food or snacks. The food is one of the most important things in the Chiangmai Bunny Hash. After filling our stomachs, we have about a half hour’s “circle” ahead of us where we reward or punish each other for what we have or haven’t done during the run. This, of course, only goes on in the form of friendly teasing. Afterwards, we usually go to a local bar or restaurant featuring live music – often with karaoke – and then we return to the Hash House Pub. But if you feel you’ve had enough, feel free to take the song taew back into town after “the circle”.

You certainly get your money’s worth and it’s a great way to meet some of the local Thai ladies and make some new friends. Almost everybody speaks English and the language of the circle is always English, as is the case in all hash groups around the world. This is not for people who want to train for the Olympics and it’s not for the prudes either.

At the moment, we only have one farang woman (the undersigned) and we would love to welcome more foreign residents as well as other Thais.

In Chiangmai, we also have a mixed hash (for ladies and gentlemen) every Saturday. There are two male hashes running every other Monday and Tuesday. For more information drop in at the Hash House Pub to see if there are any “hashers” around and check information for upcoming runs on the board.

All runs starts at 5 p.m. during the summer and 4.30 p.m. during the winter. Pickup from Hash House Pub on the corner of Soi 2 at Moon Muang Rd. is at 3.30 p.m. during the winter and 4 p.m. during the summer. For more information visit:

Every two years there’s an “Interhash” where hashers from all over the world get together. This July it took place in Cardiff, Wales with 5,000 participants. Next time, in 2006, Chiangmai will be the host – planning is already underway.

Please note that “hashing” has absolutely nothing to do with drugs or marihuana. The name Hash House Harriers refers to the name of the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur where it all began in 1938.

New fitness activity center opened

Dance your way to health

Fitness Thailand has invited the public to get into shape on their 11 meters wide outdoor stage. This will be used to show off the latest in dance styles. It is also an entertainment stage sporting a state of the art audio system featuring ‘surround sound’.

During the promotion period, participants are charged only 10 baht per round of aerobic dancing at the Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium.

For more information, please contact 053410356.

Chiang Mai Pool League