Weekly Local Biography

  Scott Jones

Scott Jones appeared for the interview with his shirtsleeves rolled up in 1950’s style, some Indian-looking bracelets and jewelry on his wrists, a big grin and talking non-stop. This was a man who had to be practically nailed down before I could get him to stay still long enough to talk through some subjects. The energy was just bursting out of him in spurts that I do not believe even he can control! “Give and Live is the most worthwhile thing for me,” said Scott, and this was before we had even sat down, or he had explained just what he meant by that sentence!

Attempting to restore some order to the interview, I asked where he was born. “Music came into my life with a vengeance,” said Scott, but did then add that he was born in North Dakota, in Fargo. His father was a musician who sold insurance, and Scott began to play when he was old enough to reach the keyboard. I suppose that could be considered ‘a vengeance’, especially if they closed the lid!

By the time he was old enough to open the lid on his own, Scott was warming up the audience for his father’s musical performances, and probably passing out insurance policies as well. I do not believe the hyperactive Scott Jones could have just played the Star Spangled Banner and then sat down.

When he grew tall enough for military service he was drafted, but gained a deferment to study Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, with a minor in East Indian studies. During this time, he also joined the University Singers and sang at the Pentagon during the Vietnam war. I doubt very much that the Pentagon had sent them an invitation. However, “When you have feelings about something, music is the way to get it out,” said Scott.

He did graduate, but never put the qualification to any good use. “I keep looking for a job as a political scientist, but I’ve never seen one,” quipped Scott. I must admit I haven’t either.

However, our unemployed political scientist had already found something to do which had begun during his undergraduate years. This was entertaining and touring. Going to university colleges for soirees and then branching out further into the commercial arena for corporate events. “I didn’t have a job. I play for a living. I don’t work,” said Scott.

It is often said that when you enjoy what you are doing, then you can’t consider it work. Since Scott Jones appears to enjoy just living, he is correct. When you also find out that he is still recovering from a horrendous motorcycle accident in which he broke his neck, fractured his skull, fractured his pelvis and assaulted several other parts of his body, then again it appears that Scott Jones has every good reason to celebrate just living!

He traveled for 15 years, on the road, entertain, on the road and entertain again. He met people like Timothy Leary, so I asked Scott if he had ever needed acid (or alkaline) substances to keep going. “Performing is my craft. I never took drugs as I needed the control and facility, but I certainly had a lot of beer. When you are on the road, you are the party.”

He played on stages with people such as Roseanne Barr, who later rose to host her own TV show, but Scott found his dough was not self-raising and became more ‘commercial’ moving into sales and marketing positions where he could still let his innate energy come through in creative advertising, but he was no longer on the road.

There was another couple of reasons for this. Women and weeds. Firstly he met the girl of his dreams in Minneapolis and they were married, and secondly, “I love to garden and it’s hard to garden in a truck!”

Life continued in this vein for a few years, but then two women upset his applecart. The first was his wife who decided she had heard his jokes enough times and left, and the second was a woman who was under the influence of alcohol and arrived. Right in the space where Scott was riding his motorcycle, with the resultant aforementioned multiple fractures. 2002 was not to be one of his better years!

After rehabilitation, Scott decided it was time to get away and since he had never been to India, despite his university minor in East Indian studies, came to SE Asia first, on his way to India.

However, Chiang Mai sidetracked and seduced the traveler. India will have to wait. “I love the mountains. I’m back on a motorcycle. I love the food. I just feel at home.” He went back to the US to form a non-profit charity organization (Give and Live) with the idea being to assist worthwhile charity projects he will identify around Chiang Mai. That done, he has returned here to do some volunteer teaching, some entertaining, playing music at The Hug Restaurant in Rajadamnoen Road and generally becoming the high energy Scott Jones person he used to be, overflowing with creative juices.

Scott detailed his hobbies as hiking, wilderness backpacking, biking, in-line skating, water skiing, running, outdoor gardening, gourmet cooking, composing, stunt kite flying and motorcycling. He is probably the only man on the planet who will also attempt to do these all at the same time! He may even get more than 50 percent of them completed simultaneously, knowing his energy levels.

At one stage during the interview, Scott gave me a sheet of paper with his career objectives on the top as, “To write, to photograph, to create, to perform, to teach, to live, to give.” Whilst he has already done all these, this is a man who has just rediscovered himself, and rediscovered the joy of just simply living, so he needs to do them all again.

Scott Jones, the firebrand from Fargo, may just have found his Nirvana- right here!