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Hero’s welcome for Chiang Mai’s Paralympics champions

Aerobics fans rock around the clock

Chiang Mai Athletic Conference Volleyball tournament

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Hero’s welcome for Chiang Mai’s Paralympics champions

Autsadaporn Kamthai

Thailand’s three Paralympics medallists received a rousing hero’s welcome from thousands of appreciative Chiang Mai residents at the Thapae Gate grounds on October 8.

Ornadda Tantipat (right), wife of Governor Suwat, presents 250,000 baht to the three medallists. With Ornadda are Chiang Mai MPs Boonsong Teriyapirom (on her right), MP Pakorn Buranupakorn (2nd from right), and Kiatisak Saithai, president of Chiang Mai Restaurant Club.

The crowds were cheering for Saisunee Jana, Rewat Tana and Somchai Duangkaew at a special ceremony to mark their successes. Several local personalities, including Governor Suwat Tantipat and his wife, Ornadda Tantipat, were also there.

Chiang Mai Deputy Governor Kwanchai Wongnitikorn (right) greets Saisunee (left), while gold medallist Rewat (centre) looks on.

Many organizations and companies donated gold jewellery and cash valued at hundreds of thousands of baht to support and encourage the three athletes who are all from Chiang Mai - Saisunee from Sarapee district, Rewat from Fang district and Somchai from Mae Taeng district.

A group of disabled children from Srisangwal School gathered at the Thapae Gate grounds.

Saisunee won the gold and bronze medals in the women’s epee and foil fencing. Rewat received two gold and one bronze medal in the 4x400 meter and 4x100 meter wheelchair relay race and 10,000 meter wheelchair race. Somchai won two medals, a silver and a bronze in butterfly and breaststroke swimming.

Saisunee said that she was really proud of her performance and appreciated the people’s congratulations and encouragement. She pledged to keep serving the province by doing her best in future competitions.

Saisunee told Chiangmai Mail that more welfare and financial support should be given to disabled athletes to encourage and inspire their sporting performances. Prizes for successful athletes with disabilities should be provided to the same value as to Olympic athletes to reduce the gap and encourage them, said Saisunee.

To awaken people’s appreciation of the ability of disabled athletes, a Thailand Paralympics is planned to be held at Ratchaburi in the western part of Thailand from January 22-25 next year. Applications are now open to any interested disabled athletes or clubs to participate.

For more details, please contact Sport Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai Centre at 0-5389-6037 during office hours.

Aerobics fans rock around the clock

Saksit Meesubkwang

The “Rock on The Road” aerobic dance marathon got people jumping and pumping at the 700 Year Anniversary Sports Complex on Sunday, October 10.

The aerobic dance marathon in action.

Kwanchai Wongnitikorn, Chiang Mai deputy governor said at the opening ceremony that this was aimed at promoting health and exercise. It gave health lovers and interested people the chance to turn to exercise.

Organized by Fitness Thailand and Trendy Today, the proceeds raised from this event went to a charitable project of the Anusarn Sunthorn School for the Deaf.

A representative of Anusarn Sunthorn School for the Deaf receives a donation from the organizing committee of the Rock on the Road.

The aerobic dance marathon lasted two hours, and there were competitions for the best senior man and senior woman, and best-dressed man and woman, as well as the oldest dancer.

About 400 people from aerobic dance clubs, instructors and the general public participated. The judges were Pathumporn Suvicha from Hillside Fitness Center; Tossapol Lamud, fitness manager of Duangtawan Hotel; Rattanawadee Prommart from Corner Stone, World Club; Nara from Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel; and Sarnpetch Sorathorn from Fitness Thailand.

Chiang Mai Athletic Conference Volleyball tournament

The Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) Volleyball tournament, organized by CMIS Athletic Director Kristen Davey in cooperation with coaches and athletic directors from all schools, took place on October 4 and 5.

Grace International School (GIS) vs. CMIS in the PRC gymnasium. (Photo by Gerard Krebs, CMIS student)

Students from six international schools in Chiang Mai demonstrated their athletic abilities and sportsmanship at the tournament. The games were hosted by Prem International School, the Prince Royal’s College and were also held on the Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) campus.

Junior Varsity girls: 1st Prem; 2nd GIS; 3rd LIST
Junior Varsity (JV) boys: 1st NIS; 2nd Prem; 3rd CMIS
Varsity girls: 1st GIS; 2nd APIS; 3rd Prem
Varsity boys: 1st APIS; 2nd GIS; 3rd NIS

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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