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Student Council at CMIS in place

CMAC swim meet at Prem brings local rewards

Payap University announces international programs

Spirit Week at American Pacific International School

Autumn Moon Festival at APIS

Student Council at CMIS in place

Plans to raise school spirit

Vincent Leutwiler (student reporter)

This year’s student council at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) has been elected and they have already started to do their work for the school’s community.

The council has five executive officers: Anzie Yangmi, president, Ben Morse, vice president, Brian Hazlett, treasurer, Anna Cobb, secretary and Teera Lucksanapirak, inter-school liaison. There are also eleven other students as class representatives from grades 7-11.

The CMIS student council with Principal Terry Gamble (center, back row).

The student council has an important role and plans on improving the school spirit because they think it has dropped a little in the last few years. They hope to achieve this goal by organizing “spirit days”, days made for the students to show pride in their school and also to have fun, like last week’s Fall Festival.

They can also be contacted in case any students have concerns or complaints about the school or anything school related. The council also plans on reinstating the school’s mascot, the CMIS Eagle.

The council meets every other Wednesday to discus current topics and issues which concern the students.

The rest of the members are: Sara Emilsson and Yong Bak Jin (grade 7), Tong Teriyaphirom and Noah Zimmerman (grade 8), Caris Cooper, Patrick De Vos and Akanit Kuntolbuta (grade 9), Pete Tanruongporn, Tassanee Addink and Kim Vonbunyang (grade 10) and Mark Hoppe (grade 11).

CMAC swim meet at Prem brings local rewards

David Michaels

The Prem Tinsulanonda International School hosted the 2004 Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) Senior Swim Meet. Students from all over Chiang Mai came to compete, but it was Prem who won the competition thanks to both the size of the team and sheer willpower.

The winners of the swim meet.

The day long meet featured a variety of events. In the morning were individual freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke. The afternoon featured the exciting team medley relays that engendered great school spirit from all institutions. The 4 x 50 meter relay in the over-16 age group was certainly the emotional climax of the day.

Line up to start the kayak races.

The final races, however, did not involve swimming at all. These were the novelty kayak races in which three paddlers sat in rubber rafts and propelled themselves through the water using either oars or ‘freestyle’ with their hands. According to Prem student Russell Dawson, “Kayaking was the best part of the swim meet because there were hardly any rules and we could just have fun.”

The big crowd cheers on all the swimmers.

During the awards ceremony following the swim meet, three Prem students earned the distinction of being their Age Group Champions, with the over-16 girls and boys’ champions being Melanie Forbes-Harper and Nick Laine, while the over-14 girls champion was Sonya Shadravan.

Every swimmer gave it their best shot in each event.

Teacher Jeffrey Smith stated, “There was a celebration of the competition irrespective of the outcome of the races.” Just how youth sports should be, fun, competition, and respect all rolled together.

Payap University announces international programs

Payap University will be hosting is its second annual International Day dinner, international student art display, and international student talent show on November 4, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the Payap University Mae Khao campus. Tickets are 120 baht per person and include admission to the international buffet dinner and the student talent show. There will be a raffle of exciting prizes from local sponsors. Seating is limited to three hundred participants. For more information see ter na tional_day2004/ or email [email protected] or call 0 5385 1478 extension 7231 (please leave a message if no answer)

Spirit Week at American Pacific International School

Celebrated in good spirits

Kay Zaw Student Council President

Spirit Week was the highlight of the first quarter at APIS. Apart from all the usual dress-ups during the week, Friday brought the school’s first ever pep rally, with our very own team of cheerleaders.

Grade 10 trying to be the loudest!

Everybody was ready and excited. Artistic posters decorated the school gym. There were talented cheerleaders: Houda, Meena, Tiffany, Eunsol and Christelle from the Middle School. They cheered for the girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams and for the school.

Three of the cheerleaders in action.

There was a contest determining which grade was able to cheer the loudest. Many of the people were cheering so loudly, their faces turned bright red.

The boys’ volleyball team making their entrance.

A friendly volleyball match was played towards the end of this lively event. This was a match between the girls and the boys’ volleyball teams.

Spirit Week went well and was successful. Many people participated and had fun. This was a great way of expressing school spirit.

Cheerleaders admit to performance anxiety

Houda A. Mahidi, Grade 7, one of the cheerleaders

When we saw that there was to be an activity called ‘Cheerleading’ we signed up to try it — and we actually liked it! First we were shy about dancing in front of each other, but soon we learned some jumps and cartwheels. Later we learned the cheers and practiced them until we were (almost) professionals. However, it was our volume we had to work on since there were only five of us. We had to do our best! However, the hardest part was making the pom-poms because we had to rip the material by hand so our hands became red and sore.

Then came the Pep Rally. We were really scared because it was our first time to perform in front of the whole school. We could only do our best and hope everyone liked it.

Now we are so happy to be cheerleaders and show school spirit while cheering for our school’s wonderful volleyball teams.

Autumn Moon Festival at APIS

Kathryn Phillips and Rebecca Metcalfe

APIS celebrated September’s full moon, commonly referred to as the ‘Harvest Moon’ with a Chinese mid-Autumn Festival. Students and faculty gathered together at dusk in the amphitheater to be entertained by some of our finest musicians playing a lovely mixture of American and Thai pop songs.

Mr. Gao showing how it’s done.

Mr. Gao led the festivities. He explained that in China, the Harvest Moon marks a time of the year when people who are away from their families ‘wish them back’ and become a unified family for a moment under one full moon.

As a school family, we missed our families and friends at home as we watched a firework display and then, remembering our loved ones, lit hot air lanterns and sent them floating into the night sky.

As the lanterns became distant dots, we shared moon cakes before returning to the evening’s studies. A delightful event giving everyone a greater insight into Asian cultures.

(Rebecca Metcalfe has joined APIS this year as a Dorm Intern.)