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Victory for Provinces

St. Ebbe’s Primary School Oxford visits Wat Rong Or in Chiang Mai

Reading with Role Models

Garage Sale at Grace International School coming November 6

Rotary makes donation to schools in Hang Dong

APIS Middle School tackles obstacles

UK Soccer Academy scores in Chiang Mai

PM Thaksin reveals how Catholic education played a formative role in his youth

Victory for Provinces

Linda Buck
Photos by Eric Little

Cricketers in the provinces continued their development with a fine victory over the visiting Bangkok squad. Considering the limited resources available to the provinces teams, this was an incredible achievement.

Cricket children from Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen pose with their coaches, the Khon Kaen coach (left) and on the right, David Buck, the Chiang Mai coach.

The weekend started on Saturday with a fitness and skills program led by David Buck, director of cricket for Chiang Mai. He was assisted by coaches representing Bangkok.

This was followed by a practice game which enabled all coaches to view the ability of players. After a demanding day’s training the boys and their sponsors enjoyed the welcome hospitality at the Star Inn in Chiang Mai.

Khon Kaen batsman.

The following morning saw Dr Paes, representative from the Asian Cricket Council demonstrate basic cricket routines. Following this, a 30 over game between the provinces (Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen) -vs- Bangkok began. Bangkok won the toss and elected to field.

Bangkok enjoyed early success in the first over, but Chiang Mai batsman Bank (Montfort), and the left hander from Khon Kaen, Tam, steadied the situation and began to build a solid partnership. After the drinks interval Tam was out LBW and further success for Bangkok came with a minor collapse of the mid-order batsman.

The game was turned around again by the major partnership between province Captain Chi and Khon Kaen Sua, with some fine stroke play, which enabled the provinces to total 116. The major scorers for the provinces were Bank (Montfort) 25, Sue (Khon Kaen) 24 and Chi (Chiang Mai) 24.

Bangkok’s openers struggled to score due to some very fine bowling from Tow (K.K.), Bank (Montfort), Tam (K.K.) and Gan (C.M.). After drinks Bangkok made slow progress until at 40 they lost their first wicket. Further pressure on the Bangkok batsman was achieved with the introduction of Bank (P.R.C.) who claimed three quick wickets.

Bangkok, having no wicket keeper, used the services of a Khon Kaen player, Nut, who duly came into bat and turned the game on its head. After playing some delightful straight drives and hooks he was finally caught for an excellent 26. The remainder of the Bangkok side could not make any more impression on the Province bowlers and fell short by 14 runs.

The purpose of this weekend was to select a squad of 16 to represent Thailand in the up and coming tournament against Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore in December.

It was a very proud moment for all involved, and no doubt the boys on the Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen teams will play a huge role in the new Under 13 Thailand Squad.

David Buck said that in such a short time the provinces have shown that with limited resources, a dedicated team can succeed with commitment. The boys have come a very long way and the future of cricket in the provinces is very bright.

St. Ebbe’s Primary School Oxford visits Wat Rong Or in Chiang Mai

Linda Buck

David Buck, director of cricket, Chiang Mai, along with his fellow coaches, Eric Little and Chris Simmonds, had the privilege of escorting Norman Buckler, representing St. Ebbe’s School, Oxford, to the Temple School of Rong Or.

Ajarn Prasert and Norman

The purpose was to propose the twinning of the two schools, not only with financial help but also with cultural experiences to the benefit of the children in both schools.

The party was shown around the school by the headmaster, Ajarn Prasert, who welcomed the proposal and looked forward to further developing the relationship.

After his visit, Buckler said that he was honoured to have had the opportunity to see the school, and was flattered by the amount of time the headmaster had spent with him - especially as he was on holiday!

Buckler was very impressed with the children’s work displayed around the school, which demonstrated staff dedication. Before he left, Buckler was presented with a DVD of the school which will be shown at St. Ebbe’s on his return to England.

Reading with Role Models

Book Buddies builds community spirit at Prem’s Junior School

David Michaels

One item that both teachers and parents like to see is an environment in which students of all ages can learn and interact together. It is the sign of a strong community when the old help the young and the latter in turn have a newfound respect for their mentors.

These values can be exemplified by the Book Buddies Program in the Junior School at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School. Once a week, for forty minutes, students in Grade Four get together with kindergartners and pre-kindergartners to read storybooks to them. The program is run by the three teachers of those classes, Ajarns Sara, Amanda, and Casey.

Of course, reading is an important skill that is sharpened in these sessions, but Book Buddies goes even deeper than that. For some of the Grade Four students without younger siblings, this is their first chance to interact with younger children. Likewise, many of the pre-kindergartners do not have older siblings, and they consequently look up to their Book Buddies.

Pre-kindergarten teacher Sara Shadravan thinks that Book Buddies is wonderful for Prem, “The program fosters relations between older and younger students and builds a connection between the lower Junior School and Upper Junior School.” She commented that one can see the results when walking in the hallways and passing students on the playground. Because of Book Buddies, the children recognize each other and interact outside the classroom.

The community-building of Book Buddies is an important part of life at Prem. As these students grow older, we are sure to see the effects of this program in the years to come.

Garage Sale at Grace International School coming November 6

Attention everyone! Garage sale at Grace International School on Saturday, November 6 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Lots of food and drinks, lots of great stuff to buy - including Christmas gifts and ornaments from NGO’s! Come one and all. Fun for everyone!

Grace International School is at the World Club just off Hang Dong Road. Go to the Sameong traffic light and do a U-turn (construction right now).

Rotary makes donation to schools in Hang Dong

Members of Rotary Club Chiang Mai West traveled to San Patong to donate money to the agricultural projects of nineteen area 4 schools. Working together as partners for the last three years, the Rotary Chiang Mai West and Rotary North Berwick in Scotland successfully applied for matching funds to Rotary International for this project. The money will be used to purchase fish and agricultural animals as well as vegetable seeds.

PP Dr. Tinnkorn Sathiparat, Pres. Preecha Wongsakul, PE Frank Weicks, and PP Marc Dumur from the Rotary Club Chiangmai West sort out the paperwork.

The agricultural programs of the recipient schools uses the animals and produce they raise to supplement the diet of its students and to teach the students agricultural skills that can help them earn a living and support their own families once they leave school.

Ajarn Yuwan Pujeenaphan serves as liaison between the school district and Rotary Chiang Mai West. School district Area 4 supervises 126 public schools and services 28,000 children every year.

APIS Middle School tackles obstacles

John Keisker (student)

Mr. John and Mr. Craig, this year’s Middle School teachers, have worked at APIS for more than a year. This year sees them working as specialists in their own curriculum area across the two grade levels as well as teaching their ‘core’ subjects.

Mr. John and Middle School students get wet.

So you can see Mr. John around the campus making scientific discoveries with either grade while Mr. Craig deals with the English, Geography and History that is included in the courses. Together with the Deputy Head, Holly Gardner, they have developed a very special course for this year’s Middle School students and so far, it seems to be a huge success.

Mr. Craig tries not to get wet.

The Middle School has been doing some exciting activities so far this year. To develop self confidence and team spirit, we have been on a few outings. Our favorite has been the military camp in Mae Rim which we have visited twice in the last three weeks.

On our first visit we tackled the obstacle course. Our middle school students climbed, balanced, swung, jumped, crawled and rappelled their way through this demanding circuit in an admirable fashion. Most of them were soaking wet, muddy and tired by the end of it but were left with a real sense of accomplishment in their weary bones.

Our second visit was for the last and most frightening part of the course, the zip line. We were all very impressed with the courage of these youngsters as they held on for dear life, stepped off the three storey platform and went ripping down the line towards the landing platform. We are proud to say that all 6th and 7th graders who came that Saturday were brave enough to take the leap.

We have also had a 6th, 6th and 6th grade team bowling competition to mix the students up, giving them a chance to form some new bonds and pull together as a team. Nobody did this as well as Houda, Felix and Yong, who won the competition and a midweek trip to Robinsons.

All in all we are off to a terrific start here in the middle school and it looks to be a very promising year both in and out of the classroom.

UK Soccer Academy scores in Chiang Mai

Anna Kauffmann

Last week the UK Soccer Academy returned to the Prem Tinsulanonda International School. The five day intensive soccer training camp for children of all ages was kick-started at the opening ceremony on Saturday. Each participant was presented with an official UK Soccer Academy kit followed by a demanding but fun day of soccer training.

John received the ‘Best and Fairest Award’ from the coaches.

Every day participants were involved in learning concentrated skills and putting them into practice with fun games. Each session was concluded with a warm down, debrief and summary of the day’s activities.

Starting on the first day all the participants were involved in a mini-World Cup tournament. Four teams representing England, France, Korea and Scotland battled it out throughout the program, culminating in the final match on Wednesday between England and France. (England was victorious after an exciting game that was won by a narrow margin. A portent of things to come, perhaps?)

At the end there were presentations of certificates, evaluations and trophies.

Another UK Soccer Academy will be held at the Prem Center in April, next year. For more information please contact [email protected] prem

PM Thaksin reveals how Catholic education played a formative role in his youth

Offers to host “ASEM Youth Games” in June next year

Mike Nelson

What many people don’t know is that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, raised in a Buddhist family, is a product of Catholic education. And he is proud of it.

The PM revealed some interesting details of his private life when he gave a keynote address at the opening session of the world congress of international Catholic journalists and media specialists at Mater Dei School in Bangkok on October 13.

About 400 participants from the International Catholic Union of the Press, that has its general secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, met at the private girls’ school run by the religious order of the Ursuline Sisters.

PM Thaksin told his audience, which included Catholic archbishop of Bangkok Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchu, “Mater Dei School is, of course, highly familiar to me since my two daughters graduated from this very fine institution. I am well aware of the important role that the Catholic Church has played in the promotion of education in Thailand for over three centuries, through the establishment of many outstanding schools and universities.

“I myself am the proud product of Montfort College (founded by the Roman Catholic Brothers of St Gabriel) in my hometown of Chiang Mai.” Here he received not only a very sound education but also exposure to many noble values.

“I also found that all religions have the same objective in common: to teach their followers to be the best people they possibly can be, and to serve as a valuable member of society,” he said.

Turning to the theme of the world congress, “Media Challenges amidst Cultural and Religious Pluralism”, the PM continued, “In carrying out our respective duties, respect for different cultures, religions and freedoms is indispensable in today’s world.”

He had stressed this point at the recent Fifth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) held in Hanoi, Vietnam, he said.

“Indeed, we must make serious efforts to promote cultural dialogue and cooperation since many ethnic and cultural differences have been exploited to sow the seeds of religious and cultural conflict. These are among the root causes of much of the violence and terrorist acts that we see in the world today.”

That was why Thailand had pledged to do its part to contribute to cultural dialogue within ASEM by offering to host the “ASEM Youth Games” in June next year.

“I believe that sports is a very effective medium for promoting understanding and goodwill among our youth,” the PM said.

The media also had a significant role to play. “Virtually everyone, whether monarchs, prime ministers, religious and business leaders, or the common man-in-the-street, rely on you to some extent for their daily information and knowledge. You can therefore play a central role in building a healthy and caring society in which people are brought up in mutual understanding and harmony,” PM Thaksin told the journalists from Thailand and the rest of the world.