Vol. III No. 44 - Saturday October 30 - November 5 2004
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Taxi drivers have bad reputation in most places

I need a ladder

Is the air good up there?

Taxi drivers have bad reputation in most places

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

Songthaews provide a service that people want, but old and polluted vehicles do deserve to be removed from the road immediately. Letís be consistent - remove any vehicle if it too is breaking the law and is causing excessive pollution.

Sorry to say, in all the cities that Iíve been to this year, taxi drivers are never popular people, whether you go to Chennai, Bangalore, Brisbane, Melbourne, Bangkok, Singapore or Colombo. Or Chiang Mai for that matter. That just seems to be a hard and constant rule of modern life. However, songthaews and other taxi services provide a quick and easy way to move about without having to worry about parking or waiting for a bus service to turn up on time. Remember, every taxi passenger saves a car or motorcycle journey that would have caused more traffic and parking congestion.

Maybe you could write an article about how annoying tuk-tuk drivers can be to tourists and farang residents by constantly touting for services that you just donít want and trying to take you to places that you donít want to go to.

Keep up the good work,
Nick Hanlon

I need a ladder

Dear Chiangmai Mail team,

Your recent article/photo on the Braille signs at the city bus stops reminded me of this photo I took the other day of a ďhelpfulĒ sign that the city had erected.

This sign, a nice map of the city to help one get around, is nice - if you are atop an elephant where you could see what is on it! I have lived here in Chiangmai a year now and I enjoy your paper!

Bernard Garwood

Is the air good up there?

Hello to residents of Chiang Mai,

Iím thinking about to move to Chiang Mai. But I have asthma. Can you tell me something about the air quality in Chiang Mai?

Many thanks in advance.
Hans Arz