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Prem students model the United Nations

Local Community Service effort unites Thai and international schools

Laos University supported by colleagues from Chiang Mai

The removal of Native Americans from North America

Godspell musical in production at CMIS

Prem students model the United Nations

Sally Williams (teacher)

The Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations system. Students assume the roles of ambassadors to the United Nations and debate current global issues. Participants seek ways, through diplomacy and negotiation, in which the world community can deal with complex global concerns such as the environment, human trafficking, AIDS, conflict resolution, and economic aid.

Prem Students Jaime, Jesse, Ali, Kylie, Kikou, and Sonya represent their school at the Model United Nations conference in Bangkok.

Last month eight lucky students from Prem Tinsulanonda International School were invited to participate in a weekend conference organized by the New International School of Thailand in Bangkok. Representing countries as diverse as China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and the Netherlands, the Prem team debated and discussed ways of solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.

In Bangkok, Prem students simulate a United Nations conference.

They were amongst a group of 151 students from other Bangkok schools, who were known as ‘delegates’ at the conference, and represent not necessarily their own views, but those of their given country. They go into their respective committees to canvas support in attaining solutions to the issues that would be supported by their country’s position. This requires much background research and preparation on countries and their current events, as well as confidence in standing up and addressing an audience.

Although most were new to the Model UN and public speaking, all participants thoroughly enjoyed the day and experienced a great deal of personal growth especially as confidence grew when policy statements and resolutions were delivered. Our Colombian delegate even won the chair’s superlative for the ‘most outspoken’ on human trafficking!

The Model UN is an ideal forum for students in making new friends and ultimately in enhancing awareness of some of the world’s problems. Participation gives first hand experience in decision making processes and diplomatic work at the United Nations. Despite being just a simulation; the value in such an event is in the reflection of the problems in our world today, and with fresh ideals, continues to give hope for the future. These informed students after all, are members of our up-coming generation of voters, decision-makers and maybe even in some areas, leaders.

Local Community Service effort unites Thai and international schools

Anna Kaufmann (Intern with the Visiting Schools Program at the Prem Center)

It was an exciting day for the Year 8 students from the Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) School in Indonesia and Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PTIS) when they took part in a cultural exchange and community service effort.

Community service and cultural exchange between the students at PTIS and a school from Indonesia.

The students met each other at the Prem Center in the morning before splitting into two groups comprised of both SPH and PTIS students. While one group departed for ‘Ban Muang Pha Maharaj 5’ local school, to paint the cafeteria and school fence, those students who remained at the Prem Center took part in a cultural exchange between the two countries.

The students learned Thai dancing led by Nalee Intharanun of the Voranun Music School in Chiang Mai and Ban Muang Pha local Pavinunt Sopa.

Afterwards the SPH students presented a classroom video depicting life in Indonesia as well as a local Indonesian dance, in which the PTIS students participated.

Both groups met at ‘Maharaj 5’ and, along with the students of the local school, enjoyed lunch outside. After lunch it was back to work for everyone, one group participating in a similar cultural exchange as the morning one, while the other completed painting the school.

The day was deemed a great success, everyone involved benefited from the opportunity to learn about another country and its culture as well as contribute to the local community.

Laos University supported by colleagues from Chiang Mai

Saksit Meesubkwang

Chiang Mai University has donated 30 computers, two laser printers and textbooks to the National University of Laos and the newly established Souphanouvong University in Luang Prabang. The handing-over took place at the CMU president’s office on October 28.

CMU president Assoc Prof Nipon Tuwanon (third right), hands over a gift to the vice-governor of Luang Prabang province, Vongchan Phromsawat (third left).

The CMU and National University of Laos signed an agreement towards academic cooperation and have close relationships, especially in the fields of engineering and architecture. The recently organized “Conference on Engineering and Architecture for Sustainable Development in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region” attests to this.

The CMU hopes the computers will increase the students’ opportunities in learning IT and strengthen their academic careers.

The removal of Native Americans from North America

Tomu Oshidari G12 (Japanese student studying at APIS)

This poem was originally written for our Independent Research Project (IRP) class. Currently, we are learning about the Native Americans’ history and culture. I have learned some interesting facts, so I decided to put the knowledge into poem format and write it from a Native American point of view.

I did not want to make the expressions so straightforward so I decided to use much metaphor. For the Natives, the winter was the season with little food. It was not a positive time. I connected that with the coming of the white people and their destruction of Native American culture.

The snow covering the land is the white people taking Native Americans’ land. Winter’s coldness represents the brutality of the whites. The hail is the gun the whites used.

Snow melted into water of anger has the whites introduced the liquid of sorrow, anger, happiness, alcohol. The buffaloes (sacred animal of some tribes) were hunted down and the eagle (now the symbol of America, then the symbol of the union of some of the tribes) was stolen from the Natives.

‘Vanish along with silence’ reflects the fact that where Native Americans once lived peacefully, the whites have built a major, noisy, railroad.’

Snow is starting to cover our land

Winter will freeze our hand

In the coldness we will perish

Even the fiercest warrior cannot survive their hail

It took everything from us,

Took everything from us

Snow melted into water of anger

Happiness and sorrow is what we encounter

Buffaloes disappear and eagles stolen

Our people vanish along with the silence

It took everything from us

took everything from us.

Godspell musical in production at CMIS

Performing arts team working hard

Vincent Leutwiler (student)

The CMIS performing arts team is working hard under the supervision of Miss Jonnell Uptin on this year’s CMIS musical Godspell.

The musical, which was written by Stephen Schwartz, was first performed in London in 1971. It is a hippie musical about Jesus and his disciples and the music is from the sixties and seventies. Godspell tells the story of the last seven days of Christ’s life.

The musical was originally written in English but the team has decided to translate parts of it into Thai as well as this year’s concept is ‘CMIS gives back’, so they wanted to give something back to Thailand. The key parts of the story are in English and in Thai so that a non-English speaker understands it but a non-Thai speaker will not be missing any details either.

The performing arts team practices almost every day during performing arts class and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They go through each scene carefully making sure the optimal effect is delivered and of course that everybody knows his or her lines.

The 26 actors will perform ‘Godspell’ at the Kad Theater at Central on December 3 and 4 and will then go on tour to the north of Thailand in Fang and Chiang Rai from December 6-11.

Miss Jonnell who is currently working on this musical also directed ‘Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat’, as well as ‘Alice’.