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Bernina opens second factory in Lamphun

Houses fit for an emperor introduced to Chiang Mai homebuyers

Bernina opens second factory in Lamphun

Karin Hawelka

On October 28, the Thai operations of the world-famous sewing machine manufacturer Bernina opened its second factory in the Northern Region Industrial Estate in Lamphun.

Factory tour with (from left) Hans-Peter Erismann (Swiss ambassador) and wife Freda, Mrs. Milly Somm, Hans-Peter Ueltschi and Klaus Hawelka and wife Karin.

Hans-Peter Erismann, the Swiss Ambassador, Hans-Peter Ueltschi, owner of the Bernina group from the headquarter in Switzerland; Udom Phuasakul, Governor of Lamphun, and Klaus Hawelka, Managing Director of Bernina (Thailand), welcomed 100 distinguished guests at the opening ceremony.

(From right) Udom Phuasakul (Lamphun governor), Hans-Peter Ueltschi, (Bernina) and Klaus Hawelka (MD Bernina Thailand).

The production subsidiary of the Bernina group started its operation in Lamphun in 1990. The Bernina group develops, produces and sells worldwide high quality sewing machines. In the new production building, 70 pre-assembly work stations and seven assembly lines are set-up. Approximately 100 of the almost 300 employees are working in this new building.

Houses fit for an emperor introduced to Chiang Mai homebuyers

Nopniwat Krailerg

The homebuilders, the Emperor House, has targeted Chiang Mai and the northern markets, introducing itself at the Central Airport Plaza November 10-16.

Atmosphere at the Central Airport Plaza.

With the slogan ‘the House of the Emperor’, Emperor House says it builds top class residences costing over 15 million baht which are designed for exclusive customers.

Luxurious houses have been designed to attract well-to-do residents in Chiang Mai. Models of various types of Emperor Houses and classic furniture imported from Italy were on display at the booth at the Central Airport Plaza.

Surat Kueng-hakij, managing director of the Emperor House, said that the company targeted Chiang Mai, the North’s economic center, after similar projects had been launched in Bangkok and Pattaya after it realized the high purchasing power here in the north.

Surat said he expected a good response from Chiang Mai after the company received acceptance from the Bangkok public.