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Chess Tournament at Lanna International School

Hard working students win scholarships to study in the US

Cub Scout Troop 731 heads out to plant trees

Saint Martin and the lantern walk

Chess Tournament at Lanna International School

Boris Fischer

Lanna International School (LIST) was the host of another chess tournament for students from the different international schools around Chiang Mai. Gary Johnston from LIST made sure that the outside playing area was under shady canopies and the sports field and basketball court was available and open for students who wanted to run around or play in their downtime.

Even though more boys were seen playing, the concentration of the players was equal.

The Elementary and Secondary Chess Tournament could already be called a success looking at the numbers of players. Seven per grade level were allowed and the elementary tournament included grades 2-6, plus the high school was grades 7-12. Each student played a minimum of two games, and if a student lost the first game, he was pooled into a consultation bracket.

The prizes were medals for the best of each grade, trophies for the elementary and secondary tournament champion, and ribbons for all participants. But it was not winning what counted it was participation and seeing so many youngsters taking part in a game which is still seen as a ‘sport’ for old geniuses or bored retirees. The youngsters proved everybody wrong with the enthusiasm they showed despite the heat of the morning.

The students were on time, checked in at the judge’s table and were assigned a board, for which they had 30 minutes to play a game. If a game did not finish in that time, the students decided who was called the winner, by who had the most pieces on the board.

Thanks went to all of the schools who were kind enough to bring chess boards to the tournament to assure that there was not an excess of players and shortage of boards.

In the elementary tournament, the grade 2 and 3 round robin resulted in a three way tie between Bright from Lanna, Juchan from Grace and Alex from the German School.

The grade 4 championship when to JT from Grace and the consolation winner was Ben T. from Grace.

The grade 5 winner was Narit from Lanna and the consolation went to Sun from Grace.

The grade 6 round robin resulted in a tie between Dhara from Grace and Daniel C. from Grace.

The high school did not have the same number of students that entered the elementary tournament. Thus a round robin was held between students in grades 7-9 and 10-11. The winners of each were Poompong from CMU and Yon from the German School. They played each other for the high school championship – this ended in a draw and thus both shared the title of high school champion.

Hard working students win scholarships to study in the US

Autsadaporn Kamthai

Seventeen students in the North have received scholarships from Trans-World Education (TWE) as part of its “High School Exchange Program in USA” program.

One of the Thai exchange students who received a TWE scholarship to study in the US.

Piangpis Jinakart, from Chiang Mai University’s Demonstration School, received the first prize of a USD 3,000 scholarship for her high school fees in the United States.

Wijak Sopannakarn from Lampang Assumption College, Pannachet Tantakitti from Montfort College, Natthawat Kongprasert from Montfort College and Pongpas Apirakyothin from Prince Royal College each received a USD 1,000 scholarship. Another 12 students received scholarships of USD 500 each.

All seventeen were accepted after taking the TWE examination last month. They will attend a government school and stay with American host families.

TWE has over 18 years’ experience in student exchange affairs and has been approved by the Council of Standards for International Education Travel and Exchange Program.

Application forms for the next project are available at the TWE Chiang Mai branch situated on Chareonmuang Road, tel. 053 302 638 or 053 302 111.

Cub Scout Troop 731 heads out to plant trees

Sandra Saowapon

On Saturday, November 6, Cub Scout Troop 731 headed out the Seomung Highway, past the Queen Sirikit Gardens, to the Mae Rim Forestry Department Office to plant trees and learn about the forests in Chiang Mai province.

The group saw how seeds were planted and what the young (1-3 month old) seedlings look like. They learned that these small seedlings are transplanted into individual black plastic wrappers, filled with soil, where they continue to grow and set out a root system until they are about one year old and ready to be planted in their permanent environment.

Cub Scouts from Pack 731 get a close-up look at seedlings before heading out to plant trees of their own.

The Forestry department shades all its young seedlings and plants with shade cloth. Inquiring, the Cubs learned that the shade cloth filters out about 50 percent of the direct sunlight. The forestry station had kindly set out the plots using a spacing of about four meters for us to plant about 100 young trees. We learned that placing the young trees too close together would mean thinning or transplanting the trees at a later date.

Cooling off in the stream after a hard day of tree-planting!

It was most interesting to have a look at the root system of the young trees we planted. We could imagine how much more extensive each root system would become, given time and no limits of which direction or how far the roots could extend themselves for stability. Finally, we learned that while our request to participate in the tree planting part of forest conservation was thoughtfully honored by the Forestry Department this month, one year old trees are typically planted at the end of the hot season so that nature, not man, will take care of the trees’ water requirements during the rainy and cool seasons!

Cub Scout Troop 731 is a group of about 25 boys aged 7 to 11 who are students at one of several International Schools in the Chiang Mai area or part of the home schooled community. This group meets each Monday evening at Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) at 6.30 p.m. and would certainly welcome newcomers. Contact CMIS if you require further information in this regard.

Those earning the Cub Scout World Conservation Award this year or next, gained a hands-on feel for conservation as it relates to rejuvenating the local forests. While we left the Forestry Department to water and care for the trees we planted on November 6, all were thankful for the opportunity to be part of an ongoing conservation effort here in Thailand.

Our Boy Scout Troop 731 acknowledges and extends a big thank you to the Mae Rim Forestry Department.

Saint Martin and the lantern walk

Half a cloak is better than no cloak at all!

Dominique Leutwiler

This year’s lantern walk from the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) was held at Mooban Wangtan, where the children could proudly put their lanterns on display.

Singing together and listening to the story of Saint Martin.

It has already become a tradition that the Kindergarten organizes the event for all the children up to Grade 2 to enjoy an evening with friends and family and to celebrate Saint Martin.

The legend of Saint Martin goes back to the 4th century when on a bitterly cold day Martin rode past a poor beggar who was dressed in rags. As Martin was a soldier he was in armor but over this he wore a large military cloak. Nobody seemed to notice the poor beggar but Martin cut his cloak in two with his sword and gave half of it to the beggar. In countries around the world Saint Martin is still remembered every year.

Every child had made his own lantern and showed it off proudly.

This year’s event began with a buffet in the middle of a field at Ban Wangtan. Parents prepared food from different countries and the children were busy playing with all that space in which to run around. After sundown, the 30 minute walk around the Mooban was celebrated with songs and little plays telling the story of Saint Martin. Everybody made their own lanterns which had taken many hours in the past weeks.