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School for Life ‘royal’ official opening

Bakery Music Company anniversary concert in Chiang Mai

School for Life ‘royal’ official opening

Princess tells children to never stop dreaming!

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The official opening of the School for Life was presided over by HRH Maja Synke Princess von Hohenzollern, who is associated with the Free University in Berlin, Germany.

H.R.H. Maja Synke Princess von Hohenzollern during her ten days stay at the School for Life. (Photo by Rita Haberkorn)

The School of Life is a project for AIDS victims, orphans, and children from ethnic minorities, such as Akha, Lisu, Lahu, and Yao. Many of the 50 children who are there were previously street children who lived in traumatic situations.

Founder Dr. Jrgen Zimmer believes the School for Life is a model that can change the lives of the poorest, and he is hopeful that change will move more rapidly with the political developments in Thailand. Thai partners in this project are the Rural and Social Management Institute (RASMI) and the foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement (TRRM) under royal patronage.

HRH Princess von Hohenzollern was fascinated by this innovative project and its results, and stayed for ten days at the school to gain first hand experience to know where help is needed.

In her very touching opening speech she addressed the children directly saying, “It is a pleasure for me to meet you and to see what great little characters you are. I am deeply impressed with your courage and your will to live.”

“Everyone of you is very special, and talented in many ways. Your dreams, needs, and wishes may be different, but they all can come true. Sometimes it needs much work, power, and patience to reach our goals. I will support you as well as I can and will help you to make your dreams true. So every night, when you go to sleep, remember that there is a princess that sends you lots of love, support, and energy. It would make me very happy, if you promise me to never stop dreaming your dreams, to never stop trusting in your talents and to never in your life stop believing in that these things can become true. You are all in my heart.”

The School for Life will not teach the children in ordinary classrooms but offers discovery learning in which the children will receive an international education in organic farming, tourism, body and soul, culture, and development with applied natural resources, and appropriate communication for children. They will learn what they can use in their environment, but most of all; they will learn to think by themselves and to never be afraid of trying out new things in order to achieve. Questions such as, “Is the jungle like a big growing supermarket? How can all the different hill tribes live together and understand each other without losing their individuality?” are just some of the queries they will handle.

The School for Life is on the Suan Suoi Fha Sai farm, 45 minutes outside Chiang Mai. It belongs to ‘Joy’s house’, (Joy Worrawittayakun) who acts as the unofficial mother to all the children.

Bakery Music Company anniversary concert in Chiang Mai

Autsadaporn Kamthai

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bakery Music Company, the “B-Day Bakery Music Independent Day” will be held for northern fans on December 18 at the Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai.

The Bakery stars perform many of Bakery’s hot songs to excite Chiang Mai people to attend the concert.

According to singer Nop Pornchamni, who will take charge as show director, the six hour concert will be filled with almost 100 songs to entertain fans, with various artists from Bakery Music such as P.O.P, Modern Dog, Triumph Kingdom and Pru performing.

Kamol Sukosol Clapp, a member of Pru, said, “Chiang Mai will be the second venue for the concert, after Bangkok, to allow Bakery fans to join the celebration.”

The song “Pass the Love Forward” has been edited by Boyd Kosiyapong for this special concert. The CD featuring this song will be on sale, with part of the returns from its distribution being given to help the orphans at Ban Chaiyapruek Foundation in Bangkok.

The Bakery Music Company Limited was formed in 1994 by four friends - Kamol “Suki” Sukosol Clapp, Cheewin “Boyd” Kosiyapong, Somkiat Areeyachaipanich and Salinee Panyarachun.

Tickets have been available since November 19 at the Thai Ticket Master, Central Airport Plaza for 1,200, 900 and 600 baht.