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Just follow the smoke

Just follow the smoke

To the Editor;
I moved to Chiang Mai from Phuket 2 years ago and have been shocked to see the increase in traffic and pollution in that short period! I donít think the traffic is responsible for all the pollution but it would be nice to enforce the emission laws on the buses and tuk-tuks as they seem to be the main offenders.

When I was on the Cambodian border recently near Sa Kaeo the Thai tuk-tuks there had 4-stroke engines, were very quiet, clean and emitted no trail of smelly smoke. They were also painted well and all seemed to be in great condition. Why is it here they are in such a state of disrepair? Who is responsible?

Banning all traffic inside the moat and having a free shuttle from an outside parking lot and around the restricted area may be a good idea - it works in other countries.

Also, the last couple of weeks everywhere I drive someone is burning something. From what I see it is for no reason, like grass beside the canal etc. Is it not illegal to burn stuff and did the King not issue a statement asking the Thai people to stop this unnecessary practice? Seems the army and government workers are the worst. On the way to Mae Rim they are having huge burns daily. Is it illegal and if so who is supposed to enforce it and why arenít they? It would be easy to catch, just follow the smoke!

A pity to spoil the best time of year in Chiang Mai with unnecessary pollution.
Ian Rauner