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Theerawat Bamphen School in Mae Rim celebrates new library fund and a new building

A birthday party to remember

Prem and Singapore’s Canadian International School joint IB Economics excursion

Theerawat Bamphen School in Mae Rim celebrates new library fund and a new building

Nopniwat Krailerg

Theerawat Bamphen School in Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai performed the merit making ceremony to celebrate the new 3-storey building ‘Boon Waj Rin’ on December 18. The new building is built in preparation for the school’s secondary education expansion that is expected in the next semester.

Theerawat Bamphen School’s students and teachers parade in the money tree procession.

Apart from the new building, a library fund was recently established to improve the school library and science laboratory rooms. A ‘money tree’ was raised to ask for donations.

Traditional Thai dancing by the Prathom 2 (Grade 2) students.

On December 18, the procession of school students and teachers moved from Wat Par Darapirom and carried the ‘money tree’ to the school. They participated in the procession performed the Thai traditional music and Sabudchai drum beating. At the ceremony, the students performed ‘Ram Darb’ (sword-dance) and the ‘Fon Leb’ (nail dance). A Lanna traditional fair, ‘Kad Mua’ was set at the school.

Ajarn Teerawat Sahasawien, director of the Theerawat Bamphen School, presided over the ceremony.

A birthday party to remember

Aladdin and the lamp; a fairytale come true

Staff reporters

It was like straight out of a fairytale, the birthday party for Cue Wongmalee’s eleventh birthday. The biggest surprise ever was waiting for him, as his parents had not only invited his class, but also children from the neighborhood villages, children who lived nearby, children who are not as fortunate as Cue.

Only a small elephant but he certainly could make noise!

The garden was transformed into an amusement park, and hours of fun, games and gifts awaited everybody. Even a baby elephant walked around, ready for everyone who wanted a ride or just play with him. A lucky tree corner, a movie cartoon corner, Bozo the clown, a joker, and balloons everywhere, nothing was missing.

Almost like a harem, Cue in the midst of all the beautiful genies.

But the biggest surprise came for Cue when he was suddenly rushed away and told to jump into an ‘Aladdin’ outfit. Aladdin? The boy with the magic lamp.

Aladdin Cue, and the wondrous lamp were carried in by four strong men from the Sbun Nga show troupe.

For Cue it was even more. He was carried back to the party, rubbed the tiny lamp and many beautiful genies appeared to entertain everybody with the most extraordinary show a child could ever imagine. A Disney-like fantasy parade, some extravagant Thai dances, and a huge birthday cake for him and his classmates. And as another special guest, Cue’s first and fourth grade teacher had flown up from Bangkok, ‘Kru Dao’, leading all 250 children through the refrain of Happy Birthday.

Who can eat the apple without using hands? The little baby elephant could and he was the lucky recipient of all those half eaten apples from the children.

Prem and Singapore’s Canadian International School joint IB Economics excursion

David Michaels

The Grade 11 International Baccalaureate (IB) Economics class at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School (Prem) visited several businesses and financial operations in a field trip around Chiang Mai. In conjunction with an IB class from Singapore’s Canadian International School, this effort was undertaken as part of Prem’s Visiting Schools Program.

Students from Prem and the Canadian International School, Singapore learn how classroom knowledge is applied to business in the real world.

At their first stop at Nong Hoi’s Royal Project, the students learned about the development of local, sustainable Hill tribe economies. The class then visited the Four Seasons Resort, and discussed its position as the first luxury hotel in the Chiang Mai region. One of the questions posed was, “Will the establishment of new luxury hotels in the area draw more clients to the market, or rather create competition for the Four Seasons?” Issues like this were on students’ minds throughout the day.

Prem IB Economics students analyze luxury market competition at the Four Seasons Resort.

The next stop was the Chiang Mai Adventure Travel Company. Using Bird Flu as an example, it was shown that the travel market is highly volatile. Students learned that with fewer tourists in Asia, a business dedicated to serving people’s leisure needs can be one of the first to suffer.

The class next visited the San Kam Paeng Craft Village in a study of the economics relating to Thai products, such as umbrellas and lacquer ware. As a contrasting experience, the final destination was Central Shopping Mall for a look at several multinational corporations.

While the purpose of the field trip was primarily academic, the students also had enjoyed it, being able to see the practical applications of classroom theory.