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Thais from top to toe - all for one

Kudos to the Body and Mind Detoxification at McCormick Hospital

Peace on Earth...

Thais from top to toe - all for one

Dear Editor,

As a frequent visitor to Thailand, I think of it as a second, or is it third home? I’m British, but resident in China, so I prick up my ears when I hear any news about Thailand or Britain.

The picture we get overseas, of events, is of course different to reality. Many ‘farangs’ hearing of the recent troubles in Southern Thailand will no doubt have mental images of a war zone, or perhaps something like Northern Ireland in ‘the bad old days’ of the 70s and 80s. The news just made me a little sad, and made me remember a personal experience I had in Chiang Mai, which paint what I believe is an accurate picture of Thailand as a nation of people.

Earlier this year, in Chiang Mai, on the day I was due to return to China, I found my wallet was missing. I left my rucksack in the hotel, and retraced my route on the bicycle, checking the road, but no wallet.

I had my return tickets, so I could get back to Hong Kong, but it was going to be 24 hours with no food or drink, as I had only about 20 baht in coins. Since the wallet had my credit card and ID card in it, I decided to report it lost to the police. The police were very friendly and sent out to the city hall for an interpreter, from whence two young ladies soon arrived. After taking all the details, the officer asked me if I had any money. I said no, but I had got my ticket back to China, and without further ado, he took out 100 baht and gave it to me and the young ladies did the same. I asked them for their address so I could return the money, but they said there was no need to return it, but finally one lady gave me her name.

I went back to collect my rucksack and when I picked it up - my wallet was underneath. I was able to repay the policeman and the ladies.

Something similar happened to me in the South and even though 2000 kilometres separates these events, and people from the North and South, they share the same honesty and support for their fellows – including foolish foreigners like me. I am not naive, or young, and I have been battered and robbed in my life, but I would be very surprised if Northerners and Southerners don’t look after each other as they have looked after me. I just hope the world sees the same image as I do.

Farang John

Kudos to the Body and Mind Detoxification at McCormick Hospital

The Editor,

I want to bring something special to the attention of your readers: The Body and Mind Detoxification at the McCormick Hospital which I attended as the only foreign patient. The kindness of the staff of the McCormick Hospital overwhelmed me. All are still in the same way so nice, helpful, kind and very polite as I came to know the Thai people more than 40 years ago.

Not only that you will learn a lot about Qigong, Ascetic, Meditation, healthy food, Yoga, Kirlian Photographie and Water Crystal Experiments, you also receive treatments of acupuncture, Thai and oil massages. Although there were such a lot of treatments, we had enough time to relax in our single rooms, with scented candles, flowers that made it cozy and more relaxing. We also got a nature-sponge and a mixture of “Makham”, “Kamin” (Tamarind, Turmeric) and honey to scrub our skin and massage our body when taking a shower.

Because of the healthy food, the exercises and the daily enema we all lost weight and we felt light and fresh on body and mind!

And of course - English spoken is too at McCormick!

Merry Christmas to everybody,
Anchalee Potrz-Frempong

Peace on Earth...

Here’s wishing:
The management and staff at the Chiangmai Mail, and all who read this very fine publication have a Very Happy Christmas and for us all a Peaceful and Caring 2005 and beyond.

That the elected and appointed leaders of the various nations around the world get their heads together, and lead us all along the path of Peace, Love, Harmony and Goodwill.

With the hand of friendship extended to you all,
Brian E Haffenden
Western Australia