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RGB Thailand - an international movie experience

Kad Dhara - a new shopping experience in Northern Thailand

RGB Thailand - an international movie experience

Tessa Shockey

DreamMakers Movie Productions, a U.S. based independent film group, is filming one segment of a three part compilation entitled RGB Thailand. RGB, Red, Green, and Blue, is a joint effort by directors from Croatia, Brazil, and Thailand.

The RGB project will be available over the Internet and will travel to film festivals for review. The Thailand portion is being filmed in various venues in and around Chiang Mai.

Robbie Toscano holds Logan Hesse at gunpoint in one scene.

Chiang Mai resident Renee Weygandt is the director of RGB Thailand and wrote the script. RGB is an example of guerilla filmmaking - self-financed and independent. Renee commented, “We have to learn to make do with what we have and be creative. This is more of a team effort.”

The cast and crew are truly international with representatives from the United States, South Africa, Italy, and Holland. American Amelia Hampton, a Grace International School (GIS) senior, plays the lead role of Angel Mercier. Amelia has preformed in two GIS stage productions as well as a video series produced by Voice of the Martyrs.

Cosmo Landsberg and Amelia Hampton in a scene from RGB Thailand.

Logan Hesse, also an American, plays Angel’s love interest, Jake Moretti. Logan has performed in the theater, commercials, films, and a comedy show. Logan relates well to his character, “I think if I ever met Jake, he’d be my kind of guy.” Italian Robbie Toscano is the villain of the movie.

The crew for RGB Thailand includes South African Mark Stoneman as the ever-resourceful cameraman, American Jocelyn Durene is the makeup artist, and Dutch-American Cosmo Landsberg acts and is the stunt-coordinator. The actors also double as stage crew when not acting, which is typical for a guerilla style movie shoot.

Angel Mercier is a troubled teen that is looking for answers. Her father is a stranger to her and her mother is dead. Desperate, Angel runs off to Thailand to find her father and some answers. What she encounters there is more than she bargained for. Amelia Hampton said, “The storyline is quite unique. It’s not a stereotypical boy meets girl movie - there’s serious complications.”

Late nights and long hours were routine on set. It was stressful at times but enjoyable. Robbie Toscano said, “(I enjoyed the) learning process, to learn how things are made.” The actors and crew are looking forward to seeing the end result of their hard work.

Kad Dhara - a new shopping experience in Northern Thailand

Marion Vogt

There is a new venue in town, something exclusive, something special, something for elite customers as well as a place for people who want to select something out of the ordinary for a loved one.

Prarob Mokaves, executive director of Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, Warawan Jilanun of Lamphun, Viparadee Phuvanatnaranubala, ML Preeyapun Sridhavat, hon. consul for Peru; and Nareerat Chantaramungkorn.

The Kad Dhara shopping village is located in front of the recently opened Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Resort. It is designed to look like a local market, in midst of a small, ancient-looking village. Traditional winding pathways lead the buyer around the marketplace, and as everything at the resort, it has been built with an eye for detail.

Namprao Suwanmongkol, Cholada Suwanmongkol, Viparadee Phuvanatnaranubala, Chiang Mai Governor Suwat Tantipat and Prarob Mokaves, executive director of Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai.

Shuttered wooden shop houses, unique fashion and jewelry shops, even a Jade museum and a bookshop. A coffee corner, a very stylish Fujian Chinese restaurant at the end of the street, overlooking the winding narrow streets and making it possible to watch the shoppers looking for little treasures. It is laid back, hassle free and absolutely stylish.

A small but delightful caf้ and bakery lets shoppers sample the celebrated cakes and pastries of Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, and, as Managing Director Sun Subsaeng mentioned during his opening address, it truly reflects the traditional lifestyle of times gone by. Kad Dhara offers peace and reflection, exclusivity and uniqueness.

Are they looking for Valentine’s presents? Sun Subsaeng, managing director Dhara Dhevi, and Suwat Tantipat, governor of Chiang Mai at ‘Classic Lanna Thai’ Boutique, one of the many high class shops at Kad Dhara market.

(From left) Hagen Dirksen, Hon. German consul, Nareerat Chantaramungkorn, exec. vice president Niyom Phanich, and Wanphen Dirksen next to Chiang Mai Vice Governor Prinya Panthong and his wife.

 Even three of the International Chefs of Dhara Dhevi Resort came out to stroll through the Kad Dhara market place.