Vol. IV No. 4 - Saturday January 22 - January 28. 2005
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Tsunami charity party raises 637,000 baht

Tsunami charity party raises 637,000 baht

Sandy Clark
Photos by Marion Vogt

Steve Yarnold and John Morgan, along with Wachara Tantranont, plus more friends including Phil, John, Bart, Mark and Dr. Howard, dreamed up the concept of an evening which saw the Chiang Mai community collect over 637,000 baht in just one night – and with a preparation time of only 10 days!

The rooftop of Hillside Condominium 4 on Huay Keow Road was laid out like a fair, with a British bottle stand, a ‘Roll the dice and win a motorbike’ stand, hot air balloon stand, and a colorful stage where the many entertainers performed for free.

The action packed night began at 7 p.m. with the opening by the three MCs, Michael Vogt (Chiangmai Mail), Pim Kemasingky (Citylife), and JJ from Mae Rim who welcomed everyone, acknowledging the enormous support from all the sponsors, giving due credit to the committee members and to the guests who made it possible that all 300 tickets were sold out in less than a week.

At the beginning of the night, 245,000 baht had already been raised, and the target was 400,000 baht; however, the final total exceeded everyone’s wildest hopes. The auctions were nail bitingly exciting with people even outbidding themselves. The raffle books sold like hotcakes, with one person who does not want to be named, buying three, but not three ‘tickets’ but three books, which means he bought 300 raffle tickets!

Thanks go out to all the sponsors including main sponsors Wachara Tantranont (all the food and two drinks per person), Amora Rydges Hotel, Amari Rincome Hotel, Amari Watergate Hotel, Pinnacle Resort Jomtien Pattaya, The Legend Chiang Rai Resort and Spa, The Four Seasons, Ban Sabai Spa Village Samui and Chiang Mai, and River Ping Palace.

The result was outstanding. 637,750 baht in total which will be transferred to H.M. The King’s Foundation for Tsunami Relief. Prize-winners are listed as accurately as possible, but all prizes can be claimed by calling Steve at 0 9555 9179 or email steve_yarnold2000 @yahoo.com

(From left) pianist Sid Richardson with Celeste Tolibas-Holland, Deborah Thompson and Gisela Lohl.

After 36 consecutive annual holidays in Thailand, Allan and Dorothy Gellie finally settled in Chiang Mai, sitting next to Leslie Marmo (right) from the Public and Marketing Committee of the Melbourne Thai Cultural Festival.

Rolling the dice at the bike stand. Philip watches his mother Mary who came from England with his sister Sally.

Prinya Panthong, vice governor of Chiang Mai, drew the first 10 raffle prizes, with the MCs, Michael Vogt (at the rear), Pim Kemasingki, and the lovely JJ in front.

It was a nail biting auction for the one week stay at the luxury Villa in Phuket, won by (from left) Colette, Armin and Anne Schoch, next to the Villa’s owner John.

The thermometer went up, and up, and up. The target of 400,000 baht was more than easily passed.

Esther Ting from River Ping Palace surrounded by her friends during the auction.

The winner of the stereo CD and VCD player, sponsored by Khun Wachara, was Ron Smoley (second from left).

Watchara Tantranont hands a cheque for 615,000 baht to Prinya Panthong, vice governor of Chiang Mai. Even more money came in after the governor left, and the amount went up to 637,000 baht. (From left) Miss Senglah, Pim Kemasingki, Phil, Brian, Watchara Tantranon, Prinya Panthong, John Morgan, US Consul General Bea Camp, Steve Yarnold, Michael Vogt, John Wright.

The Chiang Mai community really got their heads together and selflessly dug their hands deep into their pockets.

Heads or tails? The entrance fee went to charity and the correct guess was rewarded a bottle of Gold Label Whisky.

The very supportive Chiangmai Happy Hash House Harriers came in a group of 30.

Popular Chiang Mai singer Sumatree was the first highlight.

Lars and Ram Magnussen with a friend enjoy the evening bidding and playing.

Playing the ‘bottle game’ were (from left to right) Cory Croymans-Plaghki, (committee member of the New Life Foundation) with her guests Lies Van Grinsven, Juliet Nieuwlands and Martin Nieuwlands from Holland.

No Prize         Wining No.                                Winner

1 Voucher - Rydges Hotel Superior Room 2 nights 2221

2 Voucher – Stefano’s Restaurant – 500 Baht 0901 Claude

3 Annual subscription – Chiangmai Mail 1926 Vatcharanur

4 20 vouchers – Bully Ball Bowling 0670 Kiwi

5 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome 1632 David Hardcastle

6 Lunch for 2 Chillis Restaurant, Rydges Hotel 2134

7 Doll’s Chauffeur car 4 hours city tour 0651 Colin

8 V I P season ticket to CM Classic Concerts 1161 June

9 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome 0329 Mr. Milt

10 Voucher for 1000 Baht – North Wheels Rent a Car 1275 Kowen

11 Voucher – Rydges Hotel Lunch for 2 at Chillis Restaurant 0513 Austin

12 Large Lacquered Bowl – Living Space 0725 Sotovaun

13 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 0264 Milton

14 Annual subscription to Chiangmai Mail 0839 Claude

15 Lunch for two at Four Seasons Resort, Chiang Mai 0971 Claude

16 Voucher for 1000 Baht – Soho Bar 1019 Claude

17 Food Voucher, 800 Baht – River Ping Palace Restaurant 1026 Claude

18 Voucher for 1000 Baht, North Wheels Rent a Car 1005 Claude

19 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 2127 Sexton

20 Voucher – 2 Nights stay in Deluxe room, Rydges Hotel 0143 Kowin

21 Voucher – Rydges Hotel Princess Suite 2 Nights 0686 Sylvi Vekve

22 Voucher – 1 day Kao Hom Cookery School, Mae Rim, 1191 June

23 Annual subscription to Chiangmai Mail 1266 Kowin

24 Voucher for 1000 Baht, Giorgio’s Restaurant 1181 June

25 Massage and facial at Ban Sabai Spa, Chiang Mai 1171 June

26 Lunch for 2 at La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 1597 Wanpen

27 Dinner for 2 River Ping Palace Restaurant 1525 Jan

28 Bioenergetics and Reiki Treatment, Asian Healing Arts 1534 Amy Roberts

29 Jacket from WE TV 2094

30 Voucher for 500 Baht, Absolute Hair Studio 0032 01 - 1829253

31 Rydges Hotel, Superior Room 2 Night Stay 1911 Noland

32 Lunch for 2, Chillis Restaurant, Rydges Hotel 2216 Lister Hannah

33 One years Family membership at Amari

Rincome Swimming Pool 0663 Nienke Parma

34 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 2016

35 Inner Peace Spa, Package Value 2,900 baht 2269 CG Bea Camp

36 Annual subscription to The Chiangmai Mail 0440 TIT

37 Voucher for 1000 baht – Pasta Cafe 0963 Claude

38 Dinner for 2 River Ping Palace Restaurant 1636 09 - 2651045

39 2 nights at Rydges Amora Thapae

Hotel in a Deluxe Room, 2225

40 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 1691

41 Voucher for 1000 Baht – North Wheels Rent A Car 2522 Wim Fagel

42 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 0889 OVE

43 Spare Rib party for 10 pax incl. 10 l of

German beer at To Nobody Restaurant 2407 Tuk Tuk

44 Lunch for 2 Chillis Restaurant, Rydges Amora Hotel 1701 Juliet

45 Black Sequinned Box – DNK Int. Co. Ltd. Hang Dong 1567 Esther Ting

46 One Case of Tiger Beer from ‘The Pub’, 1626 053 892065

47 Voucher – Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 0246 Michael

48 Annual Subscription to The Chiangmai Mail 1133 Kiwi

49 Voucher for 500 Baht – Pasta Caf้ 1236 Burke

50 Lunch for 2 Chillis Restaurant, Rydges Amora Hotel 1141 Kiwi

51 Voucher – Salon de Pond Hairstyle, Manicure, Pedicure 0224 Mr Ed

52 Lunch for 2 La Gritta, Amari Rincome Hotel 0030 06 118 5545

53 Voucher for 1000 Baht, Absolute Hair Studio 0932 Claude

54 Voucher for 500 Baht, Pasta Caf้ 1241 Burke

55 Voucher for 500 Baht The Home Restaurant 1350 Little

56 Lacquered Platter donated by Living Space 0227 Mohamed

57 Voucher for 500 Baht – The Home Restaurant 2424 09 757 0228

58 Jacket Donated by the Import Shop, Hillside Plaza 2244 CG Bea Camp

59 Vouchers for 1000 baht – Bookworm Book Shop 1654 Mr. Billmas

60 Voucher for 1000 Baht Giorgio’s Restaurant 0528 Austin

61 Voucher 2 persons at River Bank Cooking School 2239

62 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 0628 David Thomas

63 2 Nights The Ambassador Suite, Rydges Amora Hotel 2143 Paddy

64 2 Nights stay at The Pinnacle Resort, Jomtien -Pattaya 1703 Juliet

65 1 Night for 2 persons, Amari Watergate, BKK 0801 Claude

66 Sony Video and CD Player HI FI Stereo 0320 Ron Smoley

67 2 nights at Suan Bua Resort and Spa 0124 Mr. Warren

68 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 1515 Gisela Lohl

69 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 1112 Julie Hastings

70 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 1574 Esther Ting

71 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 1651 Trevor Gilbert

72 Voucher for 500 Baht Siam Spa Hillside Condo 4 0662 Dr. Guenther Faltin

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