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Asian University holds annual physics workshop

CDSC sports fest at CMU

On the cutting edge of education

Two new attractive residents at Chiang Mai Zoo

East meets west – Sleeping Beauty and Manohra Fantasy

Asian University holds annual physics workshop

Asian University held its annual physics workshop at the Chonburi campus last Friday, January 14. Over eighty participants came from schools and colleges all over Thailand.

Two well-known physics teachers gave the main presentations: Associate Professor Anuntasin Tachagumpuch spoke about “Solutions to physics questions and sample physics university entrance examination papers.”

Together we can figure this out…

The second presenter, Ajarn Ram Tiwari, gave a talk on “Learning science with fun and happiness in line with knowledge, applicable to daily life and science activities.”

Delegates included physics teachers and students from various schools including: Prince Royal College and Montfort College (both Chiang Mai), Satit Piboonbumpehn School, Burapha University, Princess Chulabhorn College, Assumption College (Sriracha), Prachinkanlayanee (Prachin Buri), Kaennakorn Wittayalai (Khon Kaen), Phibul Wittayalai (Lopburi), Satit Kasetsart University, International Program (Bangkok), Satit Srinakharinwirot Prasarnmit (Bangkok) and the American School of Bangkok.

Physics can be fun.

This year the participants were able to attend the Nobel lecture given by Professor Riccardo Giacconi before attending the workshop.

Every year Asian University holds seminars and workshops led by distinguished scholars in Mathematics, Physics, English, Guidance and Counselling, etc. These give participants the opportunity to listen to new ideas and to exchange views with their peers. Time is always allocated for discussions and other hands-on group activities.

CDSC sports fest at CMU

Kristina Ostermann, Student trainee

The Christian German School (CDSC) annual sports competition, for Classes 1-10, took place at the main stadium of the Chiang Mai University on January 8, 2005.

Kevin, Grade 7 exhausted after a long day of sports.

The competition was in age groups and covered throwing, sprinting, long jump and endurance runs for both boys and girls. It began at 9 a.m. with class teachers leading their students to the different tasks. After each class was finished one task, they were given a short break to relax until they were ready for the next leg of the competition. The times or distances were converted into marks and totaled. Certificates will be awarded to those who achieved a satisfactory level.

Parental enthusiasm was high for the event, with parents encouraging their children and some parents even participating.

On the cutting edge of education

Sherryl Joseph leads workshop at Prem

David Michaels

Last weekend’s International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) workshop at Prem featured several accomplished leaders in education, including Sherryl Joseph of New Zealand. Sherryl has taught in many international schools, including Vienna, Munich, and Kuala Lumpur. She has a law degree as well as experience working in the business world. While teaching at the Munich International School, she was one of the original writers of the Primary Years Program (PYP).

Sherryl Joseph (left) one of the leaders at Prem’s recent IB Primary Years Program workshop.

Sherryl’s passion is education, and specifically, finding ways to share the IB and PYP across the globe through the use of emerging technologies. Her vision is to bring the internet into classrooms all over the world so that students in rural Thailand and Melbourne, Australia, for example, can study the same topics and share ideas instantaneously.

As one of the founders of the PYP, a continual contributor to the IB, and a visionary in her field, Sherryl Joseph is a leader in the past, present, and future of international education. In that role, her contributions to the PYP workshop at Prem were invaluable.

Two new attractive residents at Chiang Mai Zoo

Jan Schmidt and Kristina Ostermann (Student trainees)

Chiang Mai Zoo has a new attraction! Two white Bengal tigers arrived in Chiang Mai on Children’s Day this year. Since then, more than 1000 people have been visiting them each day. The one and a half year old tiger twins, named Kiaw Mook and Kiaw Kaew are both female.

Rossukhon Chuicomwong, head of public relations division of Chiang Mai Zoo is still beaming with excitement

Rossukhon Chuicomwong, the head of public relations, said she is very happy with the Zoo’s new residents. “The tigers are very popular with the people and I am proud to have them, brought from Bangkok. Children and adults are fascinated by the giant cats,” saod the beaming Rossukhon Chuicomwong.

The Nashville Zoo in America, gave six Bengal tigers to Thailand in 2002, two of them were given to Dusit Zoo in Bangkok and the other four went to the Khao Kheow Zoo in Chonburi.

These Bengal tigers gave birth to four cubs. Two of those baby tigers, Kiaw Mook and Kiaw Kaew were given to Chiang Mai Zoo this year.

Under good conditions, these rare white tigers can live up to 20 years of age and usually live on the Mainland of Southeastern Asia.

The next attraction at the Chiang Mai Zoo will be two or three Koala bears, native in Australia.

East meets west – Sleeping Beauty and Manohra Fantasy

Staff reporters

Tchaikovsky’s favorite classical ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the energetic Asian love story ‘Manohra Fantasy’ has been brought to Chiang Mai by the Government Lottery Office together with the Chiang Mai Ballet Performing Group and the Chiang Mai Ballet Academy.

ML Preeyapun Sridhavat is the Artistic Director of this double bill production. Artists include the winner of the 25th International Dance Competition for Ballet and Jazz held in Perth, Australia, a professionally trained ballet dancer from Tashkent, Russia and guest dancers from Bangkok City Ballet. Also performing will be Maneenuch Smerasut, Thailand’s top singer accompanied by the singers from Niyompanich Starmakers.

Performances will be held on March 20, 2005 at 1.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Kad Theatre (capacity 1,550 seats) in Chiang Mai. Tickets are 500 baht, 300 baht, 200 baht and 100 baht (as well as special group rates). Proceeds will be donated to the Tsunami orphanage, the Northern Mentally Retarded Welfare Center, under the Royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen and the Thai Red Cross.

For further information contact 053 260 273, 053 306 357 or 01 881-1114.