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MICE in Chiang Rai

Superb Chamber Music Concert at Four Seasons Resort

From Ascot to Mae Rim

MICE in Chiang Rai

Tetra Pak, Track of the Tiger and the Anantara Resort supply the cheese

Staff reporters

A three day MICE event was held in Chiang Rai, co-managed by Tetra Pak and Chiang Mai based ‘special events’ operator Track of the Tiger.

Mahout training for highly trained managers was one of the more physical challenges at this MICE team building event.

The event, held at the Greater Mekong Lodge Conference Center included a live video-conference with a speaker from America asking and responding to questions. This apparently was a first for the Golden Triangle.

A mental or a physical challenge? Bartender training at one of the Anantara Resort & Spa lakes.

Track of the Tiger’s team building program, ‘Baht Builder’ was given high marks by all the participants, who spent the afternoon undertaking a wide range of physical and mental challenges in an effort to win more “money” than their opponents.

Six local hill tribes from villages along the Golden triangle performed at the Anantara elephant camp. It was a chilly evening!

As a novel and northern touch, the first evening’s dinner was set in the grounds of the resort’s elephant camp, especially decorated for the evening, and guests dined on bamboo trestle tables while dance teams from six of the local hill tribes performed.

The Sbun Nga Show troupe and the Tetra Pak managers all came stunningly dressed for the party.

Optional activities during the MICE event included mountain biking programs, mahout training sessions, massage school training, cocktail workshops and a golf tournament.

The gala dinner, an extravaganza on the hilltop lookout, saw the 80 participants in the national costumes of the cluster of countries represented. Entertainment was provided by the Chiang Mai show dancers of Akadet Nakkabunlung (Pom) of Sbun Nga, with music by Chiang Mai’s reformed Jonathan Band.

Getting in the mood for team building physical challenges with the Track of the Tiger trainers.

Track of the Tiger has shown that northern Thailand can provide a high standard of MICE products and services at lower prices than those available elsewhere in the region.

Superb Chamber Music Concert at Four Seasons Resort

Annelie Hendriks

The Chamber music concert at the Four Seasons Resort was a quality evening, right from the outset, with all the guests being personally welcomed by the new GM Andrew Harrison and his wife Francette and even their eight year old daughter Nikita contributed to that.

Musical maestros M.L.Usni Pramoj, Tasana Nagavajara, Kittikhun Sodprasert, Siripong Tiptan and Lt. Apichet Payonlert

The musicians for the evening were under the leadership of M.L. Usni Pramoj, and they played Beethoven’s String Quartet in B flat, Op 18. before the intermission and following that with Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A.

New GM of The Four Seasons Resort, Andrew Harrison and his wife Francette thanked the performers.

The musicians M.L.Usni Pramoj, Tasana Nagavajara, Kittikhun Sodprasert, Siripong Tiptan and Lt. Apichet Payonlert, all experienced musicians in the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Navy Symphony Orchestra, gave flawless performances. Chiang Mai folk who appreciate fine music really appreciate the fact that the Four Seasons Resort have made this an annual treat.

The filled room at The Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

The evening was also a charity treat This year the Thai Business Coalition on Aids (TBCA) will receive the donation. Since Thailand has more than 1 million people infected with HIV, and in Chiang Mai province alone there are 6000 orphans whose parents have died of the disease. The TBCA, a non-profit organisation, is supporting these children and gives them the opportunity to live with their grandparents in the communities. For more information see; www .abconaids.org.

From Ascot to Mae Rim

The British annual silly hat day comes to Thailand

Linda Buck
Photos: Marion Vogt

Probably one of the best sights on Saturday last were the faces of the army personnel on duty when 50 visitors attended Ascot Ladies Day, at Mae Rim Race course. Dropped jaws and double-takes were everywhere when the ladies in the party arrived, wearing hats that would not embarrass royalty at the celebrated Ascot Race Day in England.

Some took it more seriously than others epitomized by Robert Tilley who brought not only his wife (with hat behind him) but also his binoculars.

For readers who are not aware of this tradition, for one race meeting in the year’s calendar of events, this day is for the ladies. It allows, and encourages, ladies to wear their best outfits, but more importantly their favorite or most outrageous hats. This ensures a spot on the 6 p.m. news on the B.B.C!!

To raise funds for junior cricket in Chiang Mai it was decided to ‘borrow’ the idea. The officials at the racecourse, although they thought we were mad, smiled and said yes. The army could not have been more helpful, they even white-washed the ‘Royal Box’ before our arrival! In true Thai tradition they even reduced the cost of entrance and gave us programs to sell to our guests, as it was for charity. They might not have understood our idea, but they understood why we were doing it, and that was all that mattered.

The excitement mounts as the horses cross the finish. Did I lose or did I win?

Everyone entered the spirit of the day (some more literally than others!) and it was a truly magical afternoon. The ladies looked stunning, with many hours having gone into the designing and making of the hats.

(From left) Carol Street, organizer of the outrageous day at the races, Linda Buck, Erica Crutchley and Sabrina and Savana.

Chiangmai Mail’s Marion Vogt wore the most outrageous hat - there were no European greetings of kisses on the cheek, no one could get that close, but first prize went to Ruth Eastmond, who not only had a different hat for every race, but she had hand made every one of them.

It was champagne, strawberries and cucumber sandwiches and hats. (From left) Lilay Wunnenberg, Lindy Pohl, Ruth Eastmond, Cheyrl Penney and Erica Crutchley.

Despite that hats, some of the ladies nearly lost their shirts, losing on every single race, but others went home at least 1,000 baht better off. However, the main winners on the day were the children. The total raised for the children was 13,000 baht.

A big thank to the army for allowing us to hold this function. Our biggest thank you is reserved for the guests that attended, without you these fundraising events could not work.

Look forward to seeing you all at the next event. Sunday, February 27th at the Gymkhana Glub, ‘Everything stops for Tea’. For further information contact Linda Buck on thai bucks 2003 @loxinfo.co.th or telephone 07 191 3807.