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Pollution getting worse

Koala or Marsupial?

Pollution getting worse

Dear Sir,

Like every winter we come to Chiangmai for one, two or more months, and that since five years, since we are retired. And I gave you my opinion about traffic of your city already several times. We like your City very much, the friendly people, the cultural activities, the historic and religious background, etc.

What I want to write about is the traffic and air-pollution: I was very happy last year to know that city bus no.10, and I hope you go on with more public transport.

This year I noticed more traffic lights and specials for pedestrians. Very good too.

But since long I criticize tuk-tuks, which make so much noise during night and day, and produce more pollution than even a big truck.

The taxi meter and the “song teao” should be satisfying for Thai and farang customers, no more tuk-tuks please. The air is so bad along the canals and elsewhere, that it might be a reason for me not to stay anymore in Chiangmai. Beware of lung-problems for everybody.

Best wishes for your public transport projects.

Paul Peschon, Gaillard, France

Koala or Marsupial?

Dear Editor:

Please acquaint Saksit Meesubkwang that the Australian Koala (your article on p2 of Chiang Mai Mail Jan 29.05) is not a Bear. It is a Marsupial. He will only get many Chiang Mai Australians offside if he persists in so misrepresenting it.

Ric Richardson
Editor’s reply:

You are quite correct that the Koala is a marsupial, but even though it is indicated as such in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the OED entry is “Koala, (in full koala bear), an Australian bear-like marsupial”. If the OED wants to call it a bear, then I am happy enough to do the same. Editor.