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No wine before 5 p.m.


Freedom of Speech

Big Thanx!

No wine before 5 p.m.

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

RE: No Wine Before 5 p.m. (Chiangmai Mail 29 Jan). I essentially agree with your reader Sibylla regarding the seemingly newly enforced alcohol purchasing rules currently being applied at the major Hypermarkets, etc.

However having lived in Thailand for a while, we all know there is always a way round lifeís little inconveniences, and while the signs displayed do indicate that sales of Alcohol are not permitted between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., if you read the small print - for example in Carrefour (in English and in Thai !), you are allowed to purchase Alcohol during this period if you purchase a minimum of 10 Liters so I guess the answer is to entertain in style. Have a good party.
Frank Dean


Dear Editor,

I will be relocating to Chiang Mai in late February and I am writing to see if you might be in a position to provide me with some information.

I may wish to become involved in some charitable and community events in Chiang Mai after I get settled. Could you perhaps advise me how I might best become acquainted with the various Chiang Mai charitable and community organizations and their calendar of upcoming events?

Thank you very much for your assistance. I have been reading your publication for several weeks and find it very professional and informative.

Jonathan LeBlanc Roberts

Paris, France

(Editorís reply : Dear M. LeBlanc,

Chiang Mai has the full gamut of Service organizations, NGOís and other charity groups. Their addresses can be found through the Clubs section of the newspaper. Contact us again once you arrived, and we will provide you with any further information needed.)

Freedom of Speech

Mr. Jones,

I did not appreciate your characterization of my President, George W. Bush. You have no idea of the greatness of the man. Iím glad youíve chosen to live in another country. But I want you to know that the next time Iím in Chiang Mai, Iím going to look you up and change your face.
Roger Kuyrkendall

Conservative Republican
Scott Jones replies:

Well, Mr. Kuyrkendall, we have a couple things in common: 1) weíre both glad I live in another country. 2) We both have the luxury of freedom of speech. However I donít share your violent streak. When youíre in Chiangmai, perhaps we could meet at The Writerís Club where people exchange ideas, disagree or agree and talk about issues in a civilized manner. ďChanging my faceĒ wonít alter my mind or my heart.
Scott Jones

Human Being

Big Thanx!


Big thankx! Just read the excellent reportage of the Skal Club revival efforts in CNX recently and want to shower you with gratitude and appreciation for your great commitment to spreading the word. Itís really heartening to know that your community based newspapers are right behind our collective efforts and that via your informative articles and pictures you are creating interest amongst your readers and the tourism industry alike. Way to go and all the very best in keeping up the good work.

Brian Sinclair-Thompson, General Manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Swiss International Air Lines