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River Ping Palace Resort and Restaurant organises Artwork Exhibition

Happy Birthday Dude

“Fairytales and Folktales”

River Ping Palace Resort and Restaurant organises Artwork Exhibition

Watcharapong Jingkaujai and Editorial Staff

An art exhibition was organized at the River Ping Palace Resort and Restaurant on Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai, by the two artists Chang Lek and Galen Garwood.

Artur Amayut “Chang Lek” and his self portrait

Galen Garwood is a painter, printmaker, photographer and filmmaker from the United States. He first came to Chiang Mai in 1998 to work on an independent film about the plight of Asian elephants and to raise both awareness and funds for elephant conservation in Thailand.

Chang Lek (little elephant) was born Artur Amayut, 24 years ago, in Wawi, a small Akha village in the district of Chiang Rai. Garwood hired Chang Lek to help him in the studio. Chang Lek has had no formal training in art whatsoever but he has a keen eye. He decided to do his own paintings when Garwood left the studio. Garwood said, “I knew he had a natural, intuitive gift to be encouraged. I felt it important not to impose any Western notions about painting, but rather to let his work unfold through his own intuitive processes.”

Chang Lek told Chiangmai Mail that the principles of art came from the internal mind. Each painting was unique and could be not copied. Some paintings took less than an hour but some took longer, such as “Chang Lek”, which took 3 weeks.

Atmosphere at the art exhibition

They discussed showing some of their works both here in Chiang Mai and America, and channelling the profits to a charitable fund for the tsunami victims. They had heard there were Akha living in the south that were affected by the tsunami. They have both decided to donate profits to the Akha Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to help preserve the Akha hill tribe traditions as well as programs for education and food and to be focused on any program set-up for Akhas living in the south displaced by the tragedy.

Happy Birthday Dude

Becky Lomax

Cindi and Steve Novkov gave Richard Dixon a surprise birthday party at their home in Sansai. Guests gathered upstairs and greeted Richard with the traditional “Surprise!” when he entered. After much laughter, the group adjourned to the beautiful garden by the river, for music and a feast of delicious Thai food prepared by Manat Chowmuang. Guest musicians serenaded the partygoers, and Richard himself took over the microphone and sang “oldies” that were familiar to the group.

Cindy and Steve Novkov, (front) guest of honor Richard Dixon, Ric and Corinne Fowler. Happy Birthday Dude!

A fireworks display spelled out Happy Birthday Dude, and the evening ended with Richard and his guests placing krathongs into the nearby river and sending khamloys into the night sky. Guests came from Chiang Mai, Phayao, and Bangkok in Thailand, and from the United States and Bhutan.

“Fairytales and Folktales”

commemorating Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th anniversary

La Luna Gallery

La Luna Gallery in Chiang Mai is joining the worldwide celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Danish storyteller and poet Hans Christian Andersen. On the actual date, Saturday, April 2, the exhibition “Fairytales and Folktales” will be opened by HE the Danish Ambassador to Thailand, Ulrik Helweg-Larsen, at 2 p.m.

“The Nightingale” by Christian Develter

The exhibition will run until May 15, 2005 and include paintings, photographs and - as something new - carpets. In the evening there will be a Fairytale-dinner at The House Restaurant.

“Fairytales and Folktales” will have beautiful ducklings in high heels and mermaids in despair. There will be small girls with matchsticks and huge giants with evil intentions. There will be innocent girls, jealous girls, goddesses, elves, fairies and a lot of queens!

Seventeen artists from eight countries, but based in Thailand and Malaysia, will present their interpretations of some of Andersen’s fairytales as well as other local sagas and epics, including The Ramakien.

Participating artists are Supachet Bhumakarn, Lim Ah Cheng, Diem Dangers, Christian Develter, Panuwat Hoonunrung (Neung), Jane Iverson, Klaus Koenig, Doris Kraushaar, Siriwan Lohachweewa, Komkit Mekmok, Pilaiporn Penrith, Jittiwut Sriyang, Jason Tamthai, Jirapat Tasanasomboon, Alexander Tinti, Louise Truslow, and Soon Lai Wai.