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Chakri Dynasty commemorated on April 6

Eggs and bunnies instead of stars and stripes

Fourth Bow-Wow Dog Fashion Show

Chakri Dynasty commemorated on April 6

Banks and businesses to close in observance of holiday

Chakri Dynasty - Chronology of the present-day Dynasty of Thailand

King Buddhayodfa
the Great (Rama I)

The first King of the Chakri Dynasty moved the capital city from Thonburi to Bangkok and built the Grand Palace that houses the Emerald Buddha. Helped release Thailand from Burmese control after Ayuthaya succumbed 14 years earlier.

King Buddhaloetla (Rama II)

The first great poet king of the Chakri Dynasty, renowned for his literature.

King Nangklao
(Rama III)

Extensively encouraged international trading and education, enhanced promotion of Buddhism and built many temples.

King Mongkut
(Rama IV) 1851-1868

Modernized Thailand in both commerce and education. Known as the “Father of Thai Scientists” and famous for his astrology.

King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V) 1868-1910

One of the most beloved and revered kings, He abolished slavery, extensively contacted the Western world, modernized the government, education, transportation, and communication. His diplomacy skills saved Thailand from being colonized during colonial period.

King Vajiravudh
(Rama VI) 1910-1925

A great poet king. Continued the work of Rama V in modernizing Thailand. Promoted education and established the Boy Scouts in Thailand.

King Prajadhipok (Rama VII)

Granted the Constitution to Thailand in 1932. Thailand changed from Absolute Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy.

King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), 1935-1946

A direct grandson of King Rama V. Known as the father of modern Thai medicine.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej
the Great (Rama IX)
1946 to the present

A true monarch of the people and guiding light for the whole Thai nation. Saved Thailand from many crises, dedicated to raising the living standards of the poor, especially in remote regions.

Chakri Day (April 6) was first instituted by H.M. King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in the year 1919 to commemorate all the Kings in the Chakri Dynasty, which started with Rama I and continues to this day with Rama IX, H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.

The reigning Kings in the House of Chakri brought peace and tranquility to the people within Thailand’s borders and successfully protected the Kingdom, maintaining sovereignty and integrity through crucial periods threatened by European colonization and two World Wars.

In commemorating Chakri Day, the national flag is proudly displayed by the people of Thailand and both government officials and members of the community participate in traditional ceremonies, making offerings of flowers and garlands at the many statues of Kings in the House of Chakri.

The Chakri Dynasty, or the House of Chakri, followed the reign of King Taksin the Great, when He abdicated due to poor health. The Chakri Dynasty was ushered in on 6 April 1782 when a close aid of King Taksin, General Chakri, marched back into Thonburi and assumed the throne as H.M. King Buddhayodfa the Great. Each Monarch thereafter has had “Rama” as part of their title.

Banks, government offices and most business offices will close on Wednesday, April 6 in observance of this special day.

Eggs and bunnies instead of stars and stripes

US Consulate community celebrates Easter

Michael Vogt

It was actually one of those days were you rather stay in an air-conditioned room, or at least in the shade. But the morning heat could not keep any kid away from arriving even earlier than scheduled for the Easter Party, organized by the Chiang Mai US community.

In addition to the compound kids, the community also invited the children from the Rejoice Centre (children affected by HIV and AIDS) and their caregivers, and how much they all ‘rejoiced’! There were ring tosses and ping pong balls, they had to put the tail on the bunny and to toss bean bags, there was magic, Bozo and balloons, games galore, races and fun for all, adults included.

The appearance of the Easter Bunny was a special delight for all, and the children could receive first hand information from Bunny himself (or should that rather be ‘herself’?) how best to race with eggs on a spoon and be fastest.

Everyone involved in the party, small and not so small, had a great time with many fun things to do. Nice to see also that the ‘older’ community children were permanently on hand to help the little ones, not only with the games, but also getting drinks and food for them. Obviously, the morning ended all too soon, and the big question still remains to be clarified - does the Easter Bunny lay eggs, or not?

It seems that the Easter Bunny ran out of eggs, and was punished for it. However, we can reassure you that neither children nor animals were harmed in the process.

Toss the ring over the bottle was one of the popular sports - and everyone was a winner.

The adults had as much fun as the children, if not more. CG Bea Camp (on the right) throws a balloon, filled with water, at David Summers.

The Easter Bunny showing the very attentive children how to carry an egg on a spoon.

Who runs fastest without dropping the (raw) egg?

The race is on!

Funny hats made from balloons were also hot items for the Rejoice children and their caregivers.

Fourth Bow-Wow Dog Fashion Show

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Dogs are intelligent, honest and have good relations with humans, other than postmen and paper delivery boys. During school vacation and on Sunday March 27, Kad Suan Kaew Department store organized an occasion for dogs and their families to get out of their kennels, entitled “4th Bow Wow Fashion Dog” on the outdoor field. Starting at 10 a.m. there were many dogs and their lovers attending the competition for puppies, six months to three-year-old dogs and those over three years.

The dogs’ health was checked by students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University.

In the afternoon, fashion conscious and color coordinated dogs paraded on the catwalk (sorry, dogwalk). The colorful winning dog was strangely hued and the winning fancy dog appeared having decked out its owner in similar northern Lanna local costumes called “Maw Hom” together with jasmine necklaces, beating many other entries who came in short pants.

Maw Hom, the lucky winner of the competition.

Air pollution in Chiang Mai; even dogs wear masks nowadays.

Not really sure where to look.

A hot dog!

I believe I can fly ...

Actually, I couldn’t care less!

The 2nd runner-up in the “Dog and human look-alike” category.

3,000 baht for the “Fancy Dog” category first prize winner.

All the lucky winners of the Fashion Dog Competition assembled on stage.