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Porn calls boost telephone charges

IT summer shopping with Chi Chang promotion

Students of Maejo University place first in TT&T Junior Web Master Award

Porn calls boost telephone charges

CAT TELECOM gives warnings

Nopniwat Krailerg

Sarayut Apinyawatcharakul, marketing manager of CAT TELECOM, has warned customers calling overseas to beware of unreasonable call charges. High fee charges may be a result of customers who are unaware of their being charged by pornographic websites, games or song websites to which they may have connected through their handsets instead of their regular Internet Service Center. That is, he claimed, the main reason for unreasonable charges.

“English language icons usually appear, and some users cannot understand the meaning so they just click on, resulting in the exorbitant charges. There is nothing illegal happening, but in fact, the customer is transferred to an overseas ISP, and therefore the user has to pay a much higher fee at the end of month. Some of the customers do not realise and this is the number one complaint to CAT TELECOM. We recommend the customers stop receiving overseas calls if in doubt,” Sarayut said.

Some customers paid overseas call charges by replying to a missed call via the 001 system instead of 009 systems. It is better if customer call the number recorded in their Phone Book and uses the 009 number.

Furthermore, customers will be charged higher rates if they do not hang up or switch off the telephone properly, as sometimes happens. To avoid this problem, customers should check that the telephone is hung up and listen for the disconnection signal.

IT summer shopping with Chi Chang promotion

Staff Reporters

“Chi Chang Beach Mania” summer promotion

April is beach holiday month at Chi Chang Computers. Sumalee Lukuan, marketing manager of Chi Chang said, “Keep good memories during the summer with Chi Chang’s technology.” The way she sees this is to take complimentary photos in front of a beach backdrop if customers purchase goods over 9,000 baht, plus special discount vouchers valued at 3,000 baht for a number of retail shops. The promotions include a special price for Sony Cybershot cameras, and customers will receive additional items and complimentary training courses.

Call for more information at Hip Gadget by Chi Chang 0 5390 3946-7, airport branch 0 5390 3624-5, Phanthip Plaza branch 0 5328 8290-1, HP Experience Center 0 5328 8902-3, IBM Business Solution Center 0 5328 8294-5, and Acer Notebook Professional 0 5328 8296-7.

Students of Maejo University place first in TT&T Junior Web Master Award

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

On March 25, TT&T with a SIPA announced the result of the TT&T Junior Web Master award at Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel with Thongchai Wongriangthong, deputy governor of Chiang Mai, handing out the prizes.

Surat Kaewyai, a senior student of Faculty of Statistics, Maejo University, receives the award from Thongchai Wongriangthong, deputy governor of Chiang Mai.

Of the 14 finalists from seven educational institutes, Surat Kaewyai, a senior student of the Faculty of Statistics Maejo University won the first prize and received a notebook computer and 10,000 baht from the undersecretary of Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The second prize was taken by Dusit Sununta, a third year student of Business Computer Major of Far Eastern College and Khanitpol Kwuan pleug, a sophomore student of E-Commerce Major of North Chiang Mai University.

Suroch Lumsum, director of marketing of TT&T said, “The new generation pays more attention to technology as seen by the participants were all from universities or colleges. There were not only computer students but from all disciplines.” Wongriangthong, deputy governor of Chiang Mai.