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Beware of electrical theft

Beware of electrical theft

PEA on the lookout

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Recently, a number of devious individuals and groups have contacted business organizations and factories offering to modify or change the electricity meter to save electricity costs, and a number of unscrupulous people have agreed.

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) warns that adapting or changing the meter will not reduce the electricity fee but rather increase it in the long run, as on top of paying for the modifications, the organizations will also eventually have to pay a fine and the fee depending on an estimated actual usage of electricity. People are warned not to allow these perverse persons to defraud the authority as they will become accomplices in an illegal act, in fact larceny.

They will be charged as criminals and will receive no further electricity supply. The Authority advises that if individuals or companies are approached by anyone claiming to be an officer of the Authority, even to read their meter, they should verify the certification documents issued by the Provincial Electricity Authority as such scoundrels could be “casing the joint” and may try to extort illegal payment for usage.