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How many teeth do you have?

Learning English the fun way at Varee Chiang Mai School

Inter-School Math competition at APIS

The Dancers’ Company will show off for charity in Chiang Mai

Prem Kindergarten set for architectural genius

“Puss in Boots”

Stage performers needed for “The Musical Concert”

How many teeth do you have?

Ute Winkler

To make dental education a little less serious and a little more fun, the first graders of the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) decided to visit the dental clinic Dentaland on March 23, under the supervision of their teacher Winnie Hofmann and a mother.

This must be monster teeth!

Dr. Nick, the leading dentist of the clinic welcomed the children and told them all about milk-teeth and proper dental hygiene. . His question was “How many teeth do you have?” and on a huge set of artificial teeth the children started to count. He explained that three to five year olds have only 20 teeth but grown ups should have 32, whereby when people get really old the number goes down again.

The children were also shown the teeth of various animals and they also got to ask a lot of questions. Not everyday do the children get an opportunity to see teeth from elephants, hippopotamus or bears.

The children were allowed to help and get first hand experience

After this fun introduction, one child was chosen to take a seat on the chair and the child-specialized dentist explained the whole process of getting a check-up and which instruments are used without making it sound like a painful experience but more like an interesting fun afternoon. A child’s first visit to the dentist can determine his attitude towards dental visits for years to come. A relaxed child with a relaxed mother and an understanding doctor as Dr. Nick, can lead to a lifelong relief for children and parents. Dr. Nick also showed them several fun things like the light which turns on by a snap of the fingers and the sun glasses to protect their eyes from that light.

To neatly round off the trip, each child was allowed to choose a little gift, received a refreshment and a balloon and they took a souvenir photo together.

The kids from the CDSC are now sure they won’t fear the dentist anymore, so a big thanks to Dr. Nick and his team for a great afternoon at the dental clinic.

Learning English the fun way at Varee Chiang Mai School

Staff Reporters

Children at Varee Chiang Mai School experienced fun activities with Canadian staff from Pacific Academy and Australian staff from Macarthur Anglican School last month.

Children learned English through games, songs, and took part in various other activities including swimming.

By the end of the camp, the children had gained confidence in speaking and were not afraid to use English with foreigners or even among themselves.

Inter-School Math competition at APIS

Dr. Naji Mahidi

Saturday, March 19, saw the Auditorium at APIS buzzing with brainpower as teams from APIS, Grace International School, Chiang Mai International School and Prem battled their wits against each other to solve mathematical problems.

The satisfied winners with Dr. Naji Mahidi

As individuals and teams, they faced questions such as “80 coins are placed in a straight line on the ground. The distance between any two consecutive coins is 10 meters. How far must a person travel to bring them one by one to a basket placed 10 meters behind the first coin?

Boy, Semi and Meng put their heads together

What was going on? Five teams were entered, with one scoring team from each of the schools. Every school had chosen its best mathematicians and the results were close, but, on this occasion, APIS was proud to be the winner of both the individual and team competitions.

In the team competition, APIS scored 243 points, Prem was second with 223, and Grace took third place with a total of 216 points.

In the individual competition, the top scores were:

1st Semi (APIS) with 72%

2nd Pat (CMIS) with 67%

3rd Jinki Lee (GIS) with 58%

The Math Department thanks Khun Bua, Keith Wecker, and Ms. Gardner for their help and support. We are also very grateful to the math departments in all Chiang Mai international schools for preparing and sending their teams to make this event a great success — one that we intend to repeat next year with more schools competing.

The Dancers’ Company will show off for charity in Chiang Mai

Pencil in Saturday May 7, for an unforgettable experience!

Inda Buck
Brigham Young University

The Brigham Young University Dancers’ Company presents an unforgettable evening of motion, color, fun and artistic energy. These entertainers perform with a high level of discipline and an athletic, dramatic style. Led by creative artistic director, Rebecca Wright Phillips, the company continually wins awards for its outstanding repertoire. The company will perform at Kad Theatre, Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Complex on Saturday May 7, 2005 at 7 p.m.

The Dancers’ Company Alisa Poston demonstrates the expanse of the company through her magnificent leap. They perform a wide modern dance repertoire, including dramatic jazz, humorous and lyrics works.

The proceeds from this event will go to School Funding for Orphans and the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance.

Cordy Jordan and Kelby Debenham from the Dancers’ Company show off their dynamic abilities.

Tickets are priced at 100, 400. 500 and 1000 baht and are available from the Information counters on the ground floor at Kad Suan Kaew, tel 0 5322 4444; at Suriwong Book Centre, Tel 0 5328 1052 and from the ‘Chiangmai Ballet Academy’ at Tel 0 5330 6357.

For more information please call Linda Buck 07 191 3807 or Cheryl Penney 01 764 7987.

Prem Kindergarten set for architectural genius

David Michaels

Crawford and friends discover an architectural model on Prem’s field trip to Chiang Mai University.

Recently, the Early Childhood Program K3 class at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School took a field trip to the Chiang Mai University (CMU) Faculty of Architecture.

CMU professors gave a presentation on drafting skills, and the children were shown how to make technical drawings, step by step. Each student was given their own kit, including a drawing board and a complete set of draftsman’s tools. This trip was undertaken in conjunction with the Primary Years Program Unit of Inquiry on homes and light.

“Puss in Boots”

Bangkok Community Theatre presents interactive children’s play for the young and young at heart at The British Club

Bonnie Zellerbach, Bangkok Community Theatre (BCT)

Bring your little ones to BCT’s purr-fectly inventive version of “Puss in Boots” to be performed in The British Club’s ‘Suriwong Room’ (Silom Soi 18 Bangkok) on May 28 and 29, 2005, twice daily at 1.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. and on June 4 and 5 three times daily at 11 a.m., 1.30 and 4 p.m.

This unique type of live theatre in the round stimulates the imagination and involves the audience in the action throughout.

Although designed for children 4 to 9 years old, parents will also enjoy this unique type of live theatre in the round, which stimulates the imagination and involves the audience in the action throughout! Children are encouraged to come dressed in costume to add to the fun.

With mayhem and mime, cats and kings, “Puss in Boots” promises to be a memorable family experience. But don’t delay! Seating is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are one price at B. 180 each and will be available from May 5, at CD Warehouse on the 3rd floor of The Emporium.

For more information, please visit the BCT website at, email [email protected] or call 09-166-4786.

Stage performers needed for “The Musical Concert”

The Voice Studio

The Voice Studio Chiang Mai is preparing for another of their professional and innovative productions. Full of enthusiasm, following his latest trip to America, Ajarn Tianchai Sooktiang, the director of the Voice Studio, returned with many new ideas.

Together with Ajarn Nakarin Jaiklah (“Nut”) his teacher for the ‘Dance and Drama’ section, they went to the San Francisco Dance Center for Rhythm and Motion as well as the City Ballet.

Ajarn Tianchai Sooktiang, director of the Voice Studio full of ideas how to make musical history in Chiang Mai.

To incorporate all the new experiences and ideas, a “Musical Concert” will be produced, planned for the middle of this year. If you are able to sing, have a basic stage ability combined with a natural love to perform in public, this is your chance!

The Northern Symphony Orchestra also needs musicians for two dramas at the Lanna Hall in Central Airport Plaza in June and young and creative people are needed. From Hip Hop to Latin Jazz Cabaret to Thai Contemporary Dance and Jazz Dance. Chiang Mai needs you!

For more information, contact Voice Studio Entertainment on the third floor of CM Computer Building or call 0 5341 0123, 0 1716 9008, 0 1602 4441.