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APIS Taekwon-Do Club first ITF grading

Vespa Rally in support of the Keu Daroon Foundation

Hilltribe sports start April 24

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University athletes win at Pibul Games

Karen hill tribe boxing

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Chiangmai SportRoundup

APIS Taekwon-Do Club first ITF grading

Trish and Rocky Rounthwaite (International Instructors)

“Standing Room only!” That’s how one spectator described Thailand’s first International Taekwon-Do (ITF) grading held at APIS in March. “You should have seen the discipline. The kids were great, they were happy, and had great skills! I didn’t know they had it in them, and all in such a short time,” said another.

APIS Taekwon-Do Club first ITF grading

Fifteen APIS Taekwon-Do students successfully tested in front of their peers and distinguished guests that included Suan Bua Resort and APIS owner Kuhn Bua, Headmaster Keith Wecker, Deputy Head Holly Gardener, Thai Headmistress AJ Panthip, and Admissions Director Kath Phillips. Dorm Parent Trish Rounthwaite, a 4th degree black belt and International Instructor in Taekwon-Do wore her other cap as an International examiner. “33 years school teaching and 30 years involvement in Taekwon–Do makes her more than eligible to take on the role,” says 6th degree black belt husband and Dorm Parent Rocky Rounthwaite. “And isn’t it great to see women take a leading role. Perhaps that’s why most of our international successes have been women?”

Nine demonstrates a high kick

Ages of the candidates ranged from seven years to adult. Spectators were treated to the formal side of Taekwon-Do that included patterns, step and free sparring, self defense, and board breaking. This was followed by a high powered demonstration of flying kicks, power breaking (bricks), and self defense before an enthusiastic audience.

“We have always taken prior learning into account”, said the examiner Ms. Trish. “Though not required, a number of these students have been training six days a week in preparation for this event. That has shown in the results. New students will be enrolling shortly for the next intake. Dependant upon the effort, a grade 10 student could well be a black belt by the time he/she graduates from school.”

White belt to yellow stripe - Therasak Musu (Ken), David Dobrowolny, Felix Yompuk, Kittinan Jiamjariyaporn (Nine), Lee Han Bin (Hanbin), Pawarej Taworntawat (Win), Ciritpol Sunprugksin (Sun), Kittipoj Sewetchot (Singfa), Apiwat Rattanajatuphron (Boss).

White belt to yellow belt - Kachen Techahadsadin (Bew), Phynawee Taworntawat (Binn), Bulakrn Taworntawat (Ben).

White belt to green belt – Vuwatg Sautavibgsa (Viwath).
White belt to blue stripe - Craig Young, Ananthron Vinijtaopatom (Tape).

Vespa Rally in support of the Keu Daroon Foundation

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

The JJ Vespa rally was held on April 3, with the Chiang Mai JJ Market behind it. 100 fire-breathing scooters joined after being decorated in different styles. Vespa is a favorite among youngsters, and this rally encourages unity amongst Vespa lovers and keeps them from riding up and down main streets terrorizing the native population with their mini-put-put bikes.

The start of the rally

The activity was also to make the riders aware of traffic rules, wearing helmets and to turn on headlights for their own safety. The other purpose of this rally was the donation of 50 baht for each Vespa to the Keu Daroon Foundation, which is taking care of abandoned AIDS children.

The opening ceremony saw the Vespas leaving JJ Market to go to Mae Rim district, Saraphi district, plus a number of activities before returning to JJ Market. In the evening, there was a parade of Vespas around the city, and a competition to find the most beautifully decorated scooter.

Vespas on display

Hilltribe sports start April 24

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Various Royal Agricultural Stations and Royal Project Development Centers are combining to hold the second local Hilltribe sports. HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani, the president of the Royal Project Foundation will preside over the opening ceremony on April 24 at Huay Luek Royal Project Development Center in Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai.

Supicha Kaewthamarat, general works management officer of the Royal Agricultural Station said, “There are 18 kinds of sport which will take place, such as Kong Keng relay race, crossbow and dart shooting, a pitch and toss game played with a bean nut snuffbox, and others. Each kind of activity is a sport or game belonging to a certain tribe. There will also be cultural markets from the six Royal Project Development Centers, with vegetable planting demonstrations, product selling and hill tribe souvenirs.”

You can see 13 kinds of hill tribes wearing their own costumes; including Kachin, Lawa, Palong, Akha, Hmong, Karen, Tai Sam and Red Lahu and hill tribe performances hardly seen anywhere else these days.

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University athletes win at Pibul Games

To host the next games in 2006

Staff reporters

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University recently won four cups at the Pibul Games, a competition between various Rajabhat Universities and the hosts, Pibulsongkram Universities.

Asst. Prof. Ruangdech Wonglah, president of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, was proud to receive the games’ flag, accepting the honor to host the next games to be called the “Doi Suthep Games” in March 2006.

Asst. Prof. Ruangdech Wonglah, receiving the game’s flag from Dr. Sawang Phoowibul, president of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University.

Karen hill tribe boxing

Karen fighters display their culture in Omkoi district, Chiang Mai

Saksit Meesubkwang

Weeradech Somwan, Omkoi district chief officer

“Most Omkoi residents are Karen hill tribes living in the mountains 1,800 meters above sea level. They have an exclusive lifestyle and culture, living with nature without ambition. Karen like boxing and always join boxing competitions with thousands of cheering Karen spectators,” said Weeradech Somwan, Omkoi district chief officer.

Consequently, Omkoi district office is organizing a veneration of the elders on April 18, together with the First Karen Boxing Competition by inviting all Karen boxers to attend.

There will be 25 fights under the rules of the Thai Boxing Association, and 10,000 spectators are expected. Furthermore, Karen culture will be on display for people to experience, including cooking of Karen food, and displays of traditional Karen sports activities.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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