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Resort helps restore Pra That Chum Mueng Temple

BOI encourages northern SMEs to cooperate in trade with Laos and southern China

Government approves electricity purchase from Laos

Resort helps restore Pra That Chum Mueng Temple

Management, helpers, workers proudly gather in front and on top of the almost renovated Wat Pra That Chum Mueng Temple.

During the past ten years, Chiang Mai, and in particular the District of Mae Rim, has given the Four Seasons Resort not only a very warm welcome, but has also given unfailing co-operation and support, helping the success of the resort.

As part of their Ďgiving back the kindness activitiesí the management looked at the small Wat Pra That Chum Mueng which they could see from the lobby of the resort. As the temple is occupied and maintained by a lone monk who looked a little worn out, the resort staff has taken it upon itself to assist with the painting and general maintenance of the temple to preserve this place of worship.

BOI encourages northern SMEs to cooperate in trade with Laos and southern China

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Chiang Mai Northern Region Investment and Economic Center 1, together with the Board of Investment (BOI) and 10 northern provinces in the economic square project have established a project for trade cooperation between Thailand, Laos and southern China, passing through the border in Nan province, to persuade SMEs businessmen to survey the trade route during May 9-14.

This project will expand the opportunity of trade investment in member states of the Mae Khong River basin, such as Laos PDR. and southern China.

The survey will start from the Thai border at Chalerm Phrakiart district, passing Nan to Luang Phrabang and Udomchai sub-district in Laos PDR, and go up to Chiang Rung in Yunan precinct, southern China.

It will be to the advantage of Thai SMEs to consult and exchange opinions with government representatives, trade chambers and businessmen of both countries, to add opportunity of trade expanding in Mae Khong River basin.

Government approves electricity purchase from Laos

Plans to purchase electricity from Laosís Nam Nguen 2 Project edged closer to fruition recently when the National Energy Policy Commission gave the green light to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the proposed deal.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-Ngam told reporters after a meeting of the commission that the meeting had approved the draft MOU on the project, which is expected to be signed in the third quarter of the year, with the first electricity from the deal flowing into the Thai system by July 2010.

The Nam Nguen 2 Project will produce around 2,310 million units of electricity a year for Thailand, at a cost of 1.99 baht per unit for the duration of the 25-year contract.

The project, which will be funded by a consortium calling itself South East Asia Energy Co. Ltd, will entail 107 kilometers of electricity cables in Laos being connected with a further 93 kilometers of cables on the Thai side of the border.

One quarter of the investment in the project will come from the Laotian government. The scheme is being touted as beneficial to both countries, with Thailand gaining the ability to meet its energy needs, while Laos will gain much-needed revenue. (TNA)