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70 is only old if you are a tree

70 is only old if you are a tree

Sandy Clark

Seventy and still sexy, seventy in years but 20 in spirit, seventy and still spectacular, outgoing and kind, sharp and classy, these are only some of the quotes heard last Saturday when Dot Delaney celebrated the 49th anniversary of her 21st birthday.

Long time friends who helped to celebrate. From left: Roy Hudson, Pipa and Andrew next to Dot and Tom who also had their 51st wedding anniversary the very next day!

Friends and family members met at the Payom Room of the Amari Rincome Hotel, welcomed by Tom and Dot, who was ‘visible’ from afar in her long, black, sleekly extravagant outfit. If you know the old saying; “To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living,” you know by looking at Dot that she has mastered that task to perfection.

Dot, Ruth Eastmond and Anja de Jong share a moment reminiscing ‘or maybe’ just sharing a moment of friendship and laughter.

Surrounded by grandchildren, not lounging in chairs but on the dance floor, rocking to the sounds of ‘la bamba’ and ‘mambo number 5’, chatting with a great number of friends who share her love of life, or dancing with Tom, her husband for exactly 51 years, perfectly in unison, that is Dot.

When Maurice Bromley said in his birthday speech, “She looks much too young for the age she claims to have, but I wish that many more people would have that love of life and that positive spirit,” guests raised their glasses to concur. Dot moved constantly from table to table, a little chat here, a picture there, everyone felt most welcome.

From left: Linda Buck, Kitty, Caroline, Sheridon Street, Les Greenough, Chanel with ‘grandma’ Dot, David, Anne Dawson and Richard Bartholew.

The musical duo played everything from old Louis Armstrong evergreens to rocking seventy hits that got people in the mood, and the relaxed atmosphere lasted throughout the evening. The old saying proves to be true again, that the rich are indeed the ones who have friends.

‘Rocking all over the world’, the international group of friends did not get tired while the music entertained with evergreens from the 60s to the 80s..