Vol. IV No. 18 - Saturday April 30 - May 6, 2005
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Kingdom of Thailand celebrates Coronation Day May 5

Whist being crowned King of Thailand, the 9th in the Chakri Dynasty (Rama IX), His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great took a sacred oath to rule with Righteousness, for the Benefit and Happiness of the Siamese People, which He has done magnificently, garnering tremendous respect from His people. King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the longest reigning monarch in the world. Long Live the King! (Photo: Courtesy of the Bureau of the Royal Household)

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Much anticipated bus service postponed

Chiangmai hotels


Precious mural at Nong Bua Temple, Nan

Admiring old Thai paintings carries the viewer back in time to experience ancient lifestyles and stories of the past, and the murals at Nong Bua Temple, Tambon Pakha in Thawangpha, Nan province, is one of Thailand’s most important art heritage.

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Tenth Prasard Thong Takraw Cup continues to May 4

The Chiang Mai branch of the Sports Authority of Thailand, in cooperation with the Takraw Sport Association Chiang Mai and Prasard Thong Temple, have organized the “Tenth Prasard Thong Cup”, which started April 23 and will continue to May 4. The tourney is for Takraw players to compete to represent Chiang Mai province for the Fourth Takraw Thailand League later this year.

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We love Thailand Kids Camp

A week of fun at Tap La Mu

Four months have passed since the December 26 tsunami cost so many lives and did so much damage in southern Thailand. Much has been done in the way of cleanup and rebuilding homes and livelihoods. But there is still much to do in the area of caring for those who experienced this disaster - especially the children.

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Outstanding repertoire to be shown at Kad Theatre on May 7

Chiang Mai is in for a treat on May 7 when the Dancers’ Company from Brigham Young University takes things that were once only possible in the imagination and brings them to life. Balancing natural, fluid movements with exciting techniques, the company performs a variety of contemporary dance styles in its creative repertoire of classical, humorous, and spiritual works.

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