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It isn’t so bad after all

It isn’t so bad after all

Dear Frustrated Female,

Re: Chiangmai Mail No. 17, Mailbag letter, Ethics: I just had to answer immediately when I read your letter today as I agree and can confirm everything you experienced during your first 5 months in Thailand. But just to make you happy, it will not get better, but worse in regards to living as a ‘farang woman’ in Thailand. The only advice I can give you is: Make sure you leave the country as often as possible. Believe me, you are very sensitive at the moment but in other countries all is also not sunshine and apple pie. Maybe on a different scale but definitely as many ethical irritations as in Thailand. And you will be happy every time you arrive again at CNX airport.

Try to block disturbances to your equanimity as you will not change anything even though you might try hard to ‘educate’. Take Thais as they are as the product of a different cultural base and concentrate on other things. Firstly look to the positive, the tolerance, graciousness and friendly natures of most Thais, then the low-priced living conditions, the very cheap flowers to decorate your home, the relatively large selection of first class restaurants with affordable prices in Chiang Mai, the cultural experiences, the theatre, movies, and a community of expats who are mostly more than willing to include you in any activity of your choice. I bet if you address this issue again you will find out that it isn’t so bad after all.

Ellen (lived here for 5.5 years already)