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In the heat of the day

Tenth Prasard Thong Takraw Cup continues to May 4

Cycle from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

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In the heat of the day

Adam Head
Watcharapong Jingkaujai

“Well,” to quote Robin Williams, “It’s hot, damn hot.” He was in Vietnam, not too far away, but it couldn’t possibly have been hotter than a Chiangmai Sunday at the end of April. AT MIDDAY!

Is it Ronaldinho? No, it’s marksman Adam Head on his way to goal yet again.

And yet the brave, much maligned lazy oafs that we call the Farangutans, still took it upon themselves to turnout in the heat, their trademark all-white strip dazzling in the bright light.

No-one therefore blamed the opposition goalkeeper for wearing sunglasses, altho’ James’s speed of light feints down the right flank would have only compounded his misery.

The match kicked off to the cheers of a lone spectator. The rest of the crowd had wisely elected to stay inside with the air-con on full crank, bringing to mind Noel Coward’s poem about mad dogs and Englishmen.

But the Farangs are not just comprised of Englishmen, that’s not even half of it. And it was the American Randy that dominated the early stages of Sunday’s game. His running and comfortable ball-playing belied his recent lack of match practice, and helped shore up a midfield “shawn” of the regular talented central duo.

Thus it was that that after an open first quarter, the Farangs took a deserved lead.

Adam received the ball wide on the left, skipped round a couple of challenges, and snuck in a low side-footer at the near post. One-nil, and what a beauty!

Our opponents, Jamjuli (whatever that means), responded soon after with an individual goal of some class. Their quick-footed centre-forward received the ball some distance from goal, but strong running and an excellent driven finish brought the scores back to level for half-time. It was enough to leave our poor centre-half gasping for water.

The second half looked for a time as if it would produce a close match, but as time progressed and the heat exerted it’s toll, it was the Farangutans who held the most discipline and desire to win.

Not to mention ball-playing skills. Excellent work down the right flank from Tim, James and Lee produced a wonderful through ball for Masao down the right channel. Beating the advancing goalie to the ball, Masao lobbed the ball perfectly over the keeper’s head to meet the run of his co-striker into the penalty box. Adam duly slid in to notch his and the Farangutan’s second of the game, and from that point there was no turning back.

More chances came and went, and it was no surprise when FFC went two goals clear. James unlocked the Jamjuli regard down the right wing before unleashing a pinpoint ball across the six-yard area. Leandro, offensively minded despite the heat, was on hand to lash the ball home, and earn his first goal of the season.

Another first arrived ten minutes later for striker Masao. Picking the ball up in a crowded penalty area, he slammed in a finely struck shot to give the Farangutans a deserved of 4-1.

And there it was, our first “comfortable” win of the season. Just give us a whole week to recover.

Congrats to men of the match Randy, Adam and Albert. And congrats to the whole team for turning out in the oven-like conditions.

And last but not least, thanks once again to our kind sponsors the U.N. Irish Pub and the Chiangmai Mail, and Ambre Solaire.

Tenth Prasard Thong Takraw Cup continues to May 4

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Takraw is a very traditional and fast-paced game.

Most of the action takes place in mid-air.

The Chiang Mai branch of the Sports Authority of Thailand, in cooperation with the Takraw Sport Association Chiang Mai and Prasard Thong Temple, have organized the “Tenth Prasard Thong Cup”, which started April 23 and will continue to May 4. The tourney is for Takraw players to compete to represent Chiang Mai province for the Fourth Takraw Thailand League later this year.

Competitions are divided into general male, general female, male not over 21-years, male over 40-years and Takraw crossing hanging ring—altogether 56 teams are joining the competition.

At the opening ceremonies, various dignitaries offered the usual homilies about the importance of Thai youth, exercise and sportsmanship.

Cycle from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Jeffrey Studebaker

Bangkok bicycle tour operator Spice Roads will introduce an ambitious 10-day tour from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, on October 23 to November 1.

The 950km ride avoids main highways, following well-paved side roads through historical destinations such as Lampang, Sukhothai, Kampang Phet, Nakorn Sawan and Ayutthaya, where riders will stay at three- to four-star hotels.

General Manager Struan Robertson said riders should be moderately fit. “We will be on the road a minimum of five hours per day, but the road bikes we are using can cover the distance quickly and anyone who is in decent shape could handle it,” he said.

The company’s cycling trips have been popular primarily with visitors from Europe and the US, “but recently we are seeing a growth in interest from the region, especially from Australia and New Zealand”.

Following the inaugural trip the tour will be added to the operator’s regular schedule, running three times yearly beginning on January 8, 2006. Prices will be set at US$950.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai runs on Mondays every 2 weeks. If you need a lift from the Hash House Pub on Moon Muang Road (corner of Soi 2) at 4 pm please Call 09 99 358 27 before 3 pm.

CUM H3 is a male run. Pick-up every Tuesday at 4 pm from Fish ‘n Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road (opposite Irish Pub). A fun run for males. No committee.

CSH3 is a mixed hash. Runs every Saturday. Pick up from Hash House Pub on Moon Muang Road (corner of Soi 2) at 3.30 pm.

Chiang Mai’s Happy H3 is a new club with a mixture of traditional values and progressive thinking. Very democratic, good runs and “on on’s” guaranteed. On on on at Clubroom. Pick-up from Fish ‘n Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road, 4 p.m. every Saturday.

BH3 female hash (Harriettes) runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month. Pickup from Hash House Pub on the corner of Soi 2 at Moon Muang Rd. is at 3.30 p.m. during the winter and 4 p.m. during the summer.

For more information visit: http://www.

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!