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Celebrate Rotary

Creating beauty in Suan Silp

Thai Animal Guardian Association opens branch in Chiang Mai

Celebrate Rotary

Rebecca Lomax

It’s a small world out there and it is a small world in International Service Clubs like Rotary. Rotary is an organization where you put ‘service above self’ and ‘lend a hand’ but where it is also possible to visit a strange country and phone up the nearest Rotary Club and you are sure to meet people with the same interest in mind.

Dr. Anusorn Kunanusorn, Peter McKenzie-Brown, Hody Eekwout

Friends from Rotary Club Chiang Mai West met recently at the Riverside restaurant to welcome Trudy and Hody Eekwout from the Netherlands, who are visiting in Chiang Mai. Members also took this opportunity to say farewell to Sirikorn Rochanasak (“Bo”), who will soon be traveling to the United States. Sirikorn graduated from both high school and university in the U.S., and is looking forward to the opportunity to travel in the country and visit with old friends.

Sirikorn Rochanasak (“Bo”) looks forward to his trip to the United States.

The Eekwouts are visiting various sites in and around Chiang Mai to assess their needs that Rotary Clubs in Europe may help address. They are particularly interested in the vocational needs as Trudy is currently employed by a vocational college whose mission addresses not only the needs of students in the Netherlands but also the needs of students in developing countries.

The meeting is an example that all Rotary members should encourage people around them to open their hearts, and try to promote friendship and understanding. Chiang Mai alone has 10 Rotary Clubs and all have dedicated members of the community who share their free time to make a difference for others, not as fortunate as themselves. The English language Rotary Club Chiang Mai West meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Amari Rincome Hotel for a dinner meeting.

Khin May Lwin Aunc and Trudy Eekwout

Creating beauty in Suan Silp

Watcharapong Jingkaujai

Nowadays in this busy world, most people forget art, because modern technology plays a more important role in our lives.

There are few places to share opinions among artists or art cognoscenti. Fortunately, there is one place surrounded by the beauty of nature, where one can find and experience art; this place is called Suan Siln Ruang Tawan, located not far from the city of Chiang Mai, covering an area of 30 rai.

Art works among the natural atmosphere

An art exhibition entitled “Create beauty in Suan Siln” ran at Suan Silp Ruang Tawan, Tambon Sanpeesuea, from April 8 until April 28. The exhibition is presenting the work of Chiang Mai and adjacent province’s artists.

Art works inside Suan Siln Ruang Tawan

ML Saksin Kasemsan, senior artist who belongings to Suan Siln Ruang Tawan, said, “I wish this exhibition could be a market of art so that all artists are able to share their opinions, as it is difficult to find an art center especially in Chiang Mai.”

The artists hope that the visitors will relax during days off or weekends by viewing art works combined with nature, and they plan to display art works from different walks of life and topics over the next months. Some of those artists are willing to teach children during vacations for no fee; however, the children have to provide their own art supplies.

Thai Animal Guardian Association opens branch in Chiang Mai

Grant Waldman

The Thai Animal Guardian Association, with headquarters in Bangkok, has just opened a branch in Chiang Mai. The office is located at 118 Charoen Prathet 8 Road. The director is Witt Noisapung.

The purpose of the organization is to rescue dog and cats, neuter them and try to find loving and caring homes. In the meantime, the animals are housed on 7 rai in Sen Sai. The dogs have free run and only the sick dogs are kept in isolation till they are better. The cats have their own house and are not kept in cages. Plans are underway to make a small lake for the dogs to swim in and cats are always welcomed!

According to Khun Witt, he will accept dogs and cats whose owners can no longer care for them and any street dog that is not taken care of by the local people. The Thai Animal Guardian is a non-profit organization and donations can be made to the Thai Farmers Bank, account #4062252044. Receipts are given for each donation.

To prevent the dumping of dogs and cats at Sen Sai, Khun Witt will take phone calls at 01-764-3584 and come and pick up the dog or cat. Pictures of the animals will be available at the Office on Charoen Prathet. But please call before you come. All those who are interested in adopting, will be screened to make sure their homes are suitable for the animal.